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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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There causing too much Global Climate Footprint thingy aparently, so what we going to do then run the Home Heating with Electrickery?

General Discussion Area / But I had right of way, She said
« on: 14 February 2019, 17:17:20 »
So, following a Corsa down a Side Street, Cars parked both side on the Road so all a bit tight, then I notice another car pulling out in front of the Corsa, my reaction is to slam the anchors on thinking she was about to do the same, but she didnt she just drove straight into the other Car, in fact I dont remember seeing Her brake lights coming on at all.

So now stopped behind the Corsa, I gets out like you do, no ones hurt, bonus, and in the chit chat, ask the Corsa Driver "I know its the other Drivers fault, but did you not see Him then?", yea, She replied, "But I had right of way, so F@ck Him".

A bit gob smacked I asked the question again, but in a different way, same answer followed by, "Not my fault, not my problem, He pulled out in front of me"

Im kinds guessing that although a slow speed crash both cars will be written off due to age. And we wonder why our Insurance premiums keep going up.  ::)

General Car Chat / Autoglym Washer Shampoo 5 L - 6 Halfords
« on: 09 January 2019, 12:22:50 »
Autoglym Pressure Washer Shampoo 5 Litre currently at 6 quid at Halfords, was 17.50

Good price and good stuff this, Ive used it many times on all sorts of things, Cars, Engines, House Windows, Garden Stuff etc, (Note, its not Snow Foam or Polish), its a good all rounder Shampoo / Detergent.  :y

Can be used in a Wash Bucket with Sponge as well if you dont have a Pressure Washer.

General Discussion Area / That Captcha Thing - Moan of the Day
« on: 19 December 2018, 16:28:29 »
Trying to Login to one of my Online Accounts.  :'(

Done the Traffic Lights thing, 3 Times now, done the Mountains, the Bikes, the Shop Fronts, more Mountains, Bridges now, Cars, Street Signs and wait, the Traffic Lights again,    .... still cant Login.   >:(

And when I do manage to get in, I will be deleting my account and taking my business elsewhere.  >:( >:(

If you verify you PayPal Account with either your Passport or Driving Licence or other National Photo ID, PayPal sell the Photo and its corresponding Info and Data to Microsoft US Corp, which then gets used and Stored for MS next generation of Facial Recognition Program which is specifically aimed towards the US Federal Government, UK and other Euro Govs.

If your in Asia, same deal really PayPal sells it to Baidu for the Baidu Eye Project (Baidu is the Chinise Goverments Controlled equivalent of Google, as Google is still currently Banned in China).

Just thought Id mention it, so smile your on CCTV.  ::)


As tittle, possible need more than one.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted Front Windscreen
« on: 22 November 2018, 20:05:15 »
Ideally near ('ish) to me, can Travel to collect, can also remove or help to remove.

Ideally needs to be be a Rain Sense auto wipe screen, but thats a Hard Ask, so a standard one will do, I will modify the screen to suit.

Needs to be in reasonably nick, to aid removal, ir no cracks, Anyone got anything?

General Discussion Area / Quest HD on Freeview
« on: 12 November 2018, 19:52:36 »
Dont really watch much telly these days for obvious reasons, do tend to watch programs on Quest now and then though that are of interest, Anyway found out by accident that Quest in HD is Broadcast on Freeview on CH 114 or there abouts.  ::)

Just thought Id mention it in case there other Members that like me cant keep up at the back on this modern Technology malarkey.  ::) ;D

This is big News at the moment and quiet rightly so as far as Im concerned, in a Nut Shell Icelands Christmas TV Ad was to run up to Christmas as awareness of Iceland's now refusing to sell Any Products that contain Palm Oil, due to the destruction it leaves behind on our Planet.

And what do the UK Censors do,  ...they Ban it as its Too Political,   F@cking Muppet's.

Decide for Yourself, Video here -

General Discussion Area / Win10 keeps switching Off Virus Protection
« on: 09 November 2018, 14:02:13 »
Win10 Pro, up to date, no other VP installed other than the Win10 on-board one, sometimes after a reboot, everything fine, then after about 5 mins it alerts me your Virus Protection is switched off.

Go to Settings/Security/blah blah all settings are correct (ie, Green Ticked, No Action Needed) apart from Virus and Threat Protection, Action Required, go in this and its reporting "Your Virus and Threat protection is Managed by Your Organisation" ie, unable to change Settings, this is the same whether logged in as Admin or not.

Any thoughts?, Ta.

General Discussion Area / Very Clever Triply Ambiguous Object.
« on: 01 November 2018, 18:03:59 »
The two outer Objects are a reflection of the Center One ?, try and work it out first or watch the Video for more info.

General Discussion Area / Omega - V6 or 4 Pot in the Video ?
« on: 27 October 2018, 14:49:47 »
Cant decide, turn the volume up before playing the Video, you just about hear the Engine half way through the Clip under the Music.

Omega Drive in the Irish Country Side -

No doubt some will say WD are shite and should never buy Re-certified Drive from the Manufacture but I thought for 39 (with Code and Free Shipping) was good value, also got another 7% plus a 2.50 bonus off that with Quidco, if it tracks.  :y

Wont be using as a Main Bak Up Drive probably 2nd or 3rd just in case scenario or try it on the TV Port for Recordings?. By the way, dont think these are Sata Drives inside but the later dedicated USB Hardware in case your thinking about breaking into the encolosure  :-\

1TBs available for 24 and 3Tb for cant remember now, use Code 5OFFWDUK for 5 off an already Discount Offer Price.  ;)

Well, kind off.

Was in one of the Whetherknives having a drink with some Mates, the part where we were sitting was quiet a comfy soffa in a kind of Brick and Brack and massive Book Case on the Wall, one of my Mates comented on whether the Books were worth anything and would there be any Vaulable Auction Classics hidden in them,          ......then there it was, staring at me, tucked away between a load of other Books, 'The Vauxhall Omega Haynes Workshop Manual'  ;D

Wont say what happened next.  ;)

Found this hidden away in the World Wide Wait, its a Free Emissions Tool below to check the Euro Emissions Standard of your car against the Vehicles Reg Number, which will be handy for all the Up and Coming Emission Tax Charging currently being rolled out or planned in Cities around the UK and the Planet.

Its actually an APi Plug In but works as a stand alone if you use the My Link, handy on the Phone, save as Favorite or Add link to Home Screen from the Browser.  :y

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