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General Discussion Area / One for the Tool Box - 75p
« on: Yesterday at 14:27:46 »
4PCS Double Side Screw Extractor - GUN METAL HIGH SPEED STEEL, free delivery available 75p  :y

General Car Chat / Broken Cambely Question ~ Astra G 03 1.6 16V
« on: 16 August 2018, 23:11:03 »
Astra G 03 1.6 16v, not sure which engine type yet, but question is if the Cambelts snaped, will it be damaged Vaives, or near miss.?

Assuming its a Belt and not Chain?


Ive got a couple of 12 Months NowTV (Entertainment) or 12 Months Prime Video Pass slots available, which I probably will hardly use, anybody on here fancy sharing these with me for a small monthly fee or share / swop for there own different packages, ie, Cinema, Netflix etc.

Send me a PM if interested

General Discussion Area / That Wheeler Dealer Chap
« on: 19 July 2018, 18:22:13 »
Mike Brewer, I knew he was a Trader from the old days, but didnt realize he still at it, Based in Luton and another Branch in Sheffield.

by the way, He's got no Omega's so dont bother searching for one.

Web here -

General Discussion Area / The Rise and Fall of Nokia (Mobira)
« on: 11 July 2018, 18:25:19 »
One for the Fans really or Haters, Documentary currently on BBC iPlayer "The Rise and Fall of Nokia" I found quiet interesting, you got to hand it to them really, started from a handful of People in Finland, from Nothing to Something and Back to Nothing again. Brought back some memories  :(

A lot of it is in Finish, so Subtitled, very quicly by the way so keep up at the back.

Halfords Advanced 8 piece Screwdriver Set, Lifetime Guarantee, Was 20 now on Offer at 6

6 Offer,
Go through TopCashBack or Quidco for Online Order or Click and Collect
At Checkout use Code = EXTRA15 for 15% Discount
Checkout Cost 5.10

Your TCB or Quidco cashback will bring it down to under a Fiver;)

Good for the Boot Tool Kit at this price, the Discount Code can also be used of most of the Tools at the mo as well.  :y


General Car Chat / Halfords 10 and 15 Quid - up to Half Price
« on: 24 May 2018, 17:20:02 »

2 Ton, Was 20 now 10.

3 Ton, Was 25 now 15.

Also 1 Ton per Ramp, Was 60 now 30.

General Car Chat / Halfords 50 Quid.
« on: 23 May 2018, 15:04:33 »
Reduced from 140,         .......and dont forget your Quidco or TopCashBack discount aswell

Or this one for 85 Reduced from 170

or if your in the money, 165 reduced from 450

General Car Chat / Price of Petrol this week WTF.
« on: 22 May 2018, 23:17:31 »
Is going on, filled up at my Local Shell last week, 122.9 drives in tonight, 134.9  :o >:(

General Discussion Area / Sending a Fax Overseas - Paperless.
« on: 26 April 2018, 16:59:07 »
Need to send a Fax Overseas, about 2 Pages, Dont Ask!, and no, they have PC and WiFi but dont accept Electronic Documents so its  Phone and Fax Machine only.

There used to be all sorts easy ways, email to Fax, WinFax, blah blah, but all seem to be subscription based these days.

Any good ones out there?, Free would be good from the PC or Phone App, I can probably sort out the International Call Rate by going through a VOIP Service although Im not convinced a Fax will work, ie, VOIP quality etc.


General Discussion Area / Win10 Keeps Signing Me out.
« on: 24 April 2018, 16:29:59 »
As above no reason at all, only been doing this since a recent update about a week ago, did a System Restore to earlier, still the same.

Can be busy typing in Word or on the Web etc, then suddenly, logs me out so its not through lack of activity . Sign back in again and it puts me where I left off, so its not a Full User Sign Out or Restart more like a quick Sleep, Boot Timer is telling me theres is No Boot Time Activity only DeskTop Start Time involved when it does this.

The Machine (Lappy) is clean as a whistle, hardly any Start Up Apps, Virus and Malware Free and gets weekly Maintained.

Its driving me Mad, just does it Add Hoc, when it feels like it, Checked all the Power and Sleep settings all now set on None, High Performance on Battery and On Charge.

Out of Ideas now, any thoughts.

A fair few peeps ask on here about improving the WiFi Coverage, so thought this may help someone out for 13.

A Closing Down Sale Item. so reduced to clear, cant vouch for it personally but cheap enough price wise.

ScrewFix, Reduced from 14.99 to 4.99

Ive had these before there good quality spanner set, very good for tight areas and keeping a set in the Glove Box, I actually carry a similar 10 and 13mm in my jacket pocket for Batteries etc  :y

Havent checked TCB or Quidco, you may get some cash back as well.

General Discussion Area / Lost In Space 2018
« on: 17 April 2018, 22:01:25 »
Kind of feel like a Kid again posting this, well, if memory serves the Original Series was on a Friday, late afternoon, cant remember what year but remember I used to rush home from School to watch it. Any way managed to, er, cough, get hold of the first 10 Episodes from the 2018 version, came out last Weekend I believe.  ::)

Watched the first 2 Episodes, cant make my mind up yet, anybody else been or planning to watch it.   :-\

General Discussion Area / WD40 and that Red Tube thingy.
« on: 10 April 2018, 19:42:43 »
Its no substitute for Olive Oil and       .......its No Good for blocked Ear Wax issues.   :'( ::)

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