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Topics - VXL V6

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Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted: 3.2 Starter Motor
« on: 30 March 2019, 12:57:24 »
Just gauging the cost of a used unit (as I would get it refurbished before fitting) against a new warrantied unit....

General Car Chat / Signum 1.9CDTi
« on: 21 January 2019, 20:06:11 »
Anybody have any experience or knowledge of these cars with that engine?

What to look out for etc.

General Car Chat / Another thanks to Serek and SOS Automotive
« on: 16 January 2019, 17:49:30 »
Refurbished Diff (new seals, fresh fluid and coat of paint) fitted, aircon pipe replaced and further repair put in place, tyre repaired and cam cover gasket replaced. :)

Many thanks as always :)

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted: SRS ECU
« on: 09 December 2018, 18:18:05 »
From a facelift car which doesn't have Child Seat Detection (ie. Late Elite).  :y

Can repair buttons if needed but need the circuit board.

Omega General Help / Child Seat Detector
« on: 02 December 2018, 19:34:45 »
Can this be disabled? Can't find a definitive answer.

Airbag light keeps illuminating and the code refers to this module. Can the appropriate connection be removed and the CSD option be disabled? Plenty of Elites around without the CSD so surely there must be a programming option on the ECU?

Really don't want to get into dismantling the seat on this car if I can help it.

General Car Chat / Thanks yet again to Serek and SOS Automotive
« on: 17 October 2018, 19:31:25 »
For doing the rear crank seal, Gearbox service, Lambda relocate and Aircon.  :y

Ok, failure to obtain MV6 springs leads me to ask the question, does anyone have a set of Police spec springs for a saloon that they want to sell?  ::)

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / CID - With a rash....
« on: 03 October 2018, 13:30:34 »
Just testing some NCDC / CID bits I've acquired, has anyone seen anything like this on an LCD panel before? It looks like damp has affected it rather than dead pixels....

Genuine GM 93182438 - Brand new in box - 5.00

I know they are rarer than rocking horse plop but does anyone have a set of front MV6 LSC springs with lowish mileage on them?

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / CID De-pair
« on: 25 September 2018, 23:41:45 »
As i'm having a senior moment, should you have a paired CID that you know the pairing code for but you don't have the HU, can you de-pair and put the CID back into delivery mode using Tech II?

General Discussion Area / Thanks TB!
« on: 14 September 2018, 20:21:58 »
.for giving the project a once over with the Tech II, very much appreciated.  :y

Part number: 12992647

Looking for four but will buy more if you have them  :y

Camcover gaskets, cam seals, front crank seal, cambelt kit, auxbelt kit, water pump, oil cooler plate (replaced whole cooler) and a couple of surprises - oil leak from oil filter housing to block seal. Fortunately Serek had the necessary seal in stock.

I'm bound to have missed something!

Many thanks, really appreciate the amount of work done today  :y

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