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For Sale: Diff and driveshafts from 3L V6 3.7:1 ratio, less than 90k no noise or whine.  Removed from a '96 manual Elite.

75 collected from FK10 Scotland, can probably post for around 30 extra.

Can mail photos if required (it looks like any other Omega diff)

Hi folks

The clear plastic bezel around the drivers door lock has disintegrated on my '99 mini facelift and is allowing water inside the door when it rains.  This is the part that effectively forms a seal between the lock barrel and the door handle plate.

Anyone got a spare, happy to buy a complete door handle and since this part is not colour coded the colour makes no difference :)

Part 21 as highlighted.


After a working pair of BOSE front door main speakers to keep as spares - I've had both fail previously (also had the amp fail in the past but I have a good spare).

As title, need a BOSE amp for a '99 pre-facelift.

Dampness in the boot has killed the current one.


I've come across a facelift 2.2 petrol CDX going very cheap that is almost entirely rust free - tiny amount of surface rust at lower edge of rear door shuts that could easily be stopped in its tracks.

Trouble is, the current owner is removing the engine and gearbox for a classic car project.

I have a spare 3L V6 engine and box, but is it an easy transplant?

Guessing the front clip will need to be changed out, but what about things like the exhaust hangers, inner wing mounts for header tanks, etc.?

As title - need a headlight washer pump for '99 pre-facelift

If anyone has any of the sliding tube things that bolt onto the underside of the headlight (GM # 90510268) I'll take those too

Time to get these out from under my feet..

For sale, stripped 3L V6 engine with approx. 140k miles which had suffered head gasket failure on cylinder no.6, cams already sold.

3L V6 bottom end, good oil pressure, compression was good before head gasket failed.  60

3L V6 heads with straight valves.  50 each

Or 120 for the bottom end and both heads.

General Car Chat / Calling Mr gonads
« on: 01 June 2016, 17:07:43 »
Steve, trying to pm you but your inbox is full.


Looking for a pre-facelift driver's side xenon headlights shell don't need ballast or motor or bulb, don't care if adjuster broken, just need a good casing to complete a repair.


I've ended up with a complete top mounting rubbers and spacers for estate rear shocks - genuine VX.

Part numbers

25 posted within UK.

For Sale: Pair of 3.0 V6 GM frontpipes with cats and lambda sensors which were working fine when removed - 150

Omega Gallery / 9L V18 Omega
« on: 30 January 2016, 21:46:31 »
3 x 3L V6 Omegas - 2 of which have since sadly passed

Brand new front and rear bumper shells in primer/black top edge, genuine GM Elite bumper shells - 30 each collected, difficult to post without damage, happy to discuss options.

These are the colour-coded ones - having the lower valance of the bumpers colour-coded (Elite style) makes a big improvement to the car's looks.

These are part number 1 in the diagrams below, also have part number 4 for the front only (currently in Polar Sea Blue for 20). 

Complete manual gear lever (with good gear knob) modified to give around 35% less shift distance, will fit all manual Omega models, the gear shift mechanism is universal.

50 collected, 60 posted in UK.

Pretty straight-forward to change over.

I bought spacers for the top of my Bilsteins on the rear of my saloon - part number 90447246.

They come in a pack of 5 - obviously in case you need to do 2 cars  :D  so I have some spares.

2.50 each posted.

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