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I am supposed to be upgraded due to the current network only supporting about 1mps with a following wind and guess what they are planning on FTTP.  So far we have fibre to the end of the drive so the next challenge is to get it to the house - 150 metres away from the road.  I think the options are

1. dig a duct in: will take me 2 days work and a bit of diesel and a lot of mess plus the risk hitting existing services or hand digging around them ( which I hate)

2. suspend the fibre from a pole - I don't like that because of the cost of the pole and it limits clearance for machines (I need to cover a field)

3. use one of these point to point internet thingies (Ligowave thingie...)  which is a couple of hundred quid and I have a convenient brick build meter cupboard to use near the road where the fibre arrives.

I'm thinking of going for option 3: cos I can fit pretty quickly and it saves a huge amount of disruption. 

Any thoughts from the experts here? 

thanks in advance

General Car Chat / any recommendations for body repair near coventry?
« on: 10 December 2015, 20:36:55 »
got a Vectra b with a minor rear end shunt. boot floor is a bit crumpled but the main chassis members are straight as the towbar took most of the force.  I'm happy to replace tailgate and bumper myself but need someone to straighten out the floor well enough to get the tailgate striker plate back into position. 

Any suggestions around the Coventry area  much appreciated!

General Car Chat / astra H 1.7cdti cambelt interval
« on: 20 February 2014, 19:27:07 »
does anyone know the right answer?

some people ( google that is ) say 100k miles, others say 80k  depending on power out put of the lump.

some numpty has also written " chain" on the cover - makes me worried ( a lot) as its already on 115k. 

General Car Chat / MOT centre - coventry or worcester
« on: 12 September 2013, 12:15:41 »
anyone know of a reliable place in coventry or worcester?  my usual place is not available.

i seem to remember a few on here are MOT testers - just wonder if they are local to me?

thanks in advance

here's the problem: got a brake drum on an ifor williams trailer.  they are sealed unit bearings and try as i might, I cannot pull the drum off.  I've tried a universal hub puller - that's not strong enough.  It's been soaked in penetrating oil and walloped a lot as well.  any ideas?  Anyone within reasonable distance of coventry with a heavy duty puller that wants a challenge?

Any help is appreciated

General Car Chat / audi a6 allroad - front brake change
« on: 15 April 2013, 08:21:38 »
I've got to do a disc and pad change on an A6 allroad ( 2006 C6 platform).  I've tried looking for the torque settings for the caliper carrier bolts and the caliper bolts themselves but cannot find them anywhere.  does anyone have the info to hand?

Anything difficult/unusual to look for?

Omega General Help / missfire under load - dispack?
« on: 13 April 2013, 19:08:40 »
ok so it's just developed a missfire under any load at all.  feels like it is missing quite badly so I am guessing 2 cylinders

my money is on dis-pack - am I right or barking up the wrong tree?

not looked at anything yet but thinking of pulling thre plugs out to see if two are wet.

General Discussion Area / anyone know about towing hitchs?
« on: 24 March 2013, 14:48:56 »
I've got a bradley doublelock which is I think 10 years or more old.  It is a loop handle type.  There is a hole beneath the loop handle that looks like it takes a pin to " double lock" then handle but I'm guessing.  It's an inherited trailer.  does anyone khow what goes in to lock the handle down?


General Discussion Area / welding near coventry
« on: 17 March 2013, 17:05:05 »
Hi - is there anyone in the cov area who can help with a bit of welding?  I've got a 97 vectra b that needs about 2ft replacing in the offside crossmember - currently got a big hole in it?

beer tokens clearly available!!!

thanks all in advance


I've got a transit luton body, aluminium sides, resting on 4 oil drums.  The floor is pretty rotten.  the thing is I want shot of it with minimum hassle.  what's the best way?

anyone want it?

Seeley VSE130 cam locking kit and offset ring spanner for the adjusters, only used twice.

Can be collected in person from WR6 postcode or CV7 otherwise I can send via courier at cost price

45 for the kit and spanner, plus 6 for the courier.

PM for more info

General Car Chat / car transporter/trailer in the midlands
« on: 18 November 2012, 13:58:39 »
  i need to transport a car to suffolk in a month or so (and bring another back). one of them is SORN'd so I need a full trailer not an A frame. 

does anyone have one for loan (in return for beer tokens of course...) in the midlands/coventry area?  I know its a bit of a long shot....

There's a second hand cam locking kit for sale on a well known site - being the stingy git I am, i don't want to over pay but would like to have one around.  Any idea of the going rate these days?

General Discussion Area / olympics
« on: 24 May 2012, 08:35:25 »
don't know whether it has been raised before but why is it that they bl**dy torch is always followed by a BMW

could then not get a decent british car to follow it?

and can't they have a few britiash characters to walk with the torch - in my mind I keep seeing Rab C nesbitt with it, lighting a fag and sitting in the pub.

General Car Chat / Front pads and wear sensors
« on: 05 May 2012, 15:02:21 »
Anyone know what the current TC price is for these?

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