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Omega General Help / Wont Tick Over
« on: 11 December 2009, 11:46:34 »
Hi all

it has been a long time since i posted on here (good i guess)

Car is an Omega B estate 2.0l 16v LHD (German) 1996. (pre face lift)

It is running like a dream on motor ways etc... apart from in the last week it is having problems ticking over. It started with the revs dropping to about 500 at traffic lights and was lumpy. but now it stalls on me when i dip the clutch approching the lights, i now have to toe and heel it whilst at the lights which as you can guess is a pain.

In the past the revs have sat at 2000 sometimes when i have left the moter way and sitting at the lights, to solve this i used to remove a thin black plastic pipe from a round disk affair near the top of the engine and then reconnect it, this seemed to solve this problem, but as it was not very often i did not worry too much about it.

So any ideas as to where i start to fix this problem,

Thanks in advance


Omega General Help / Break pads (Warning)
« on: 18 October 2008, 12:02:26 »
Hi all

Ok i had to get the car MOT'ed this week, a few things needed doing first so i took it along to my local mechanic.

The car needed 4 new break disks and pads aswell as the handbreak shoes and assembally, also some bushes at the front suspension needed replaceing (the car was knocking a fair bit just from normal driving) at first i thought that the exsorst was loose, so all this work plus the Mot cost me just under 500 quid (which i think is a fair price)
But since the work has been done, when starting the car i get the breakPads warning come up on the onboard display, this i can get rid of just by pressing the button on the stalk, but the CHECK warning stays on. Has he forgot to put the sensor cable back into the new pads or does the computer need to be told that it has new pads, there was no warning that the pads were gone before the work was carried out, shall i just pop back to him to sort it out, or is it easy enough for me to do?



Omega General Help / O-B Computer display: Staying on
« on: 08 March 2008, 18:17:41 »
Hi all

Today my outside temp readings were all over the place eg... starting of at what i guess was the correct temp then just counting it self down  by a half degree at a time down to -7.5°, so i guess that the temp sensor needs replacing, well that is what i thought, but now the computer display will not turn off when i lock up and leave the car, it is still lite up like a christmas tree (in a dark car) for the last hour or so.

Any ideas ?


Omega General Help / Where is my Radio Antenne
« on: 15 December 2007, 10:04:57 »
Hi all

Been a while since i have been here Good thing i guess, car has been running fine.

The car is a 1995 Opel Omega 2.0l CD Estate (German Left Hand Drive)
Now since i have been lending the car to my brother inlay my radio reception is a big fat ZERO, i have bought a new radio and it is still ZERO reception, now the car does not have a external antenne on it, so i am guessing that it is in-bedded in either the front or rear screens, i can not see any sign of it on the windscreen, but not really sure what i am looking for, so i think that it maybe in with the heated rear screen. I can not see any damage to the element in the rear screen and the heated screen works perfectly.
 ;)So if it is in bedded in one of the screens could you please confirm which one, so i know which one will accidentally get a stone flicked up at it from another car, or Vandals throwing stones at it, in which case i will be needing a new screen from the insurance ;)

Or any other ideas less drastic.



Omega General Help / Windscreen Washer Nozzle
« on: 03 February 2007, 10:49:01 »
Hi all

Opel Omega B 2:0L CD 16v 1995 Estate LHD

Ok the washer nozzle on the passenger side has just been dribbling water for a while now, i have tried to clean the nozzles with a pin and also connected the pipe to a compressor and blasted air through it, in the hope off clearing it, all failed to clear it.
So i went out and brought a new one from Opel.

I went out to the car to replace it, only to find that the one on the car although looks the same as the new one from the top (outside of bonnet) underneath the bonnet the one on the car has 2 wires going to it and looks a fair bit bulkier that the new one. The new one has no wires on it.
I have not took the old one out yet as it will probably break when i do, but what are the wires for? does the new one sit in to the collar that the wires are connected to or have i brought the wrong part. Is the collar some sort of heater or something?

The Haynes book just says to disconnect the wires and press the tabs in to remove the nozzle.

Thanks for your replies


Omega General Help / My idel speed seems to be a bit wayward
« on: 19 January 2007, 20:48:19 »
Hi All

Car 95 Omega B estate LHD 2L 16v

My idel speed seems to be a bit wayward.
It started a few months ago whilst i had the car over in Ireland, when when leaving the motorway and the revs drop down to idel speed, my revs were hanging at about 2000 rpm, flick the the gas pedel made no difference ie... the revs would go up when i flick the pedle but would only return to 2000 rpm, the only way i could drop the revs is to  lift the clutch a bit whilst in gear, then let the revs drop to normal approx 900 rpm then they would be ok for the remainder of the trip.
It has gotten worse now, and seems to do it approx 70% of the time when the car comes to a stop, i can still drop the revs via the clutch, but the next time i stop they would be at 2000 rpm again, it does not do it all the time but most of it.
I have had no warning lights come up on the dash at all. This problem does not really bother me, but i have to get the car MOTed and i am sure that it would fail the emissions test if reving so high.
I want to have a look at it tomorrow, if the weather is good, so do you guys have any idears on what to look for and where to start?

I also want to adjust the handbreak, the handbreak handle comes up to high, now on my omega A all i did was adjust the cable at the handbreak handle end. But i asked for a price for it to be done along with some other work from Euro Master (German Kwick Fit) and he said that on the Omega B it can only be done at the Handbreak shoes, IE removing the break disks, is this true, or was it a ploy just to try and get more money from me?

Thanks for any help



Omega General Help / Stutters like a pig, at 4500 rpm
« on: 15 September 2006, 08:54:32 »
Hi All

I am new here, i hope that this is in the correct section.

Ok i have a lefthand drive German Omega B estate 2.0L 16v Ecotec, 1995, 85,000 miles.
Driving the other night, everything was normal, then the dash light came on, the picture of an engine with a lightning strike in the middle. I guess this is the one that tells me to go to Opel and let them plug my car into there computer to see what is wrong with it, at a very high cost no doubt.

Anyway with this light on all seems fine, UNTIL i hit 4500 revs and then it stutters like a pig. It has done this in 1st 2nd and 3rd gears (i have not tested 4th and 5th as i was almost home) once it stutters i change gear and it drives as normal, like a dream. All though it does seem a bit guttless at the lower end, very flat spotty from pull off, but once going it is ok I also noticed that the engine temp was a little higher that normal it was reading 95° instead 0f 90°, i don't know if that is relevant or just coincidence.

Thanks for your help on this.


Newbie Welcome Area / Hi from Me
« on: 15 September 2006, 10:08:36 »
Hello all

Ok i am new here, but what i have seen so far, looks like i will be popping back quite a lot.

I live in South West Germany, although i come from Croydon Surrey, UK

This forum was recomended to me by somebody on a different forum.

My car skills are limited, 20 years ago i had no problem fixing cars, changing gearboxs, clutchs, and if they did not start, a good idea what the problem was, but now days what with all the electronics and the general lack of room to do anything with, i find myself struggling a bit, but thaks to forums like this, i am willing to have a go.  :)



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