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Test Zone / MOVED: Omega de cat
« on: 18 July 2019, 09:50:10 »

General Car Chat / Bimbo Brains
« on: 09 July 2019, 14:02:06 »
Having retrieved the Battlebus this morning, I parked it on the road outside my house.  Now our road might not be very busy, but its also not very wide.

So Bimbo Brains, the daughter of the woman who lives nearly opposite, has just arrived home, and parked outside her house, essentially blocking the road.

What goes through the minds of Gen Z people?  FFS

Its our fault, this is the society with bred and cultured  >:(

General Discussion Area / Thieving bastards
« on: 09 July 2019, 12:33:44 »
In this case, RM. But other couriers are as bad/worse.

Why do they feel that a handling charge of 8 is justifiable on a customs charge of 3.

Think of their profits when/if we leave the EU.

Thieving bastards.

General Car Chat / Sounds tasty...
« on: 27 June 2019, 17:19:42 »
...or knackered ;D

Something has just parked down the end of my road, clearly spitting fire on overrun.  I must take a look when I wedge myself from my bath.

General Car Chat / The race...
« on: 20 June 2019, 17:09:26 »
I ordered some pads from both ECP (on their economy delivery) and egay last weekend.

Which do you reckon will arrive first?

General Car Chat / Vectra-B, Corsa-C, Saab 95 freebie droplinks
« on: 01 June 2019, 16:09:53 »
I have a pair of old, but unused, Merle HD 5582 droplinks in the original, but opened, boxes.

Egay ads appear to suggest for Vectra-B, Corsa-C and Saab 95.

If they are of any use to anyone here, let me know...

General Discussion Area / Apologies for this mornings outage
« on: 30 May 2019, 13:30:51 »
Approx 6:45 - 9:15.  Zen Internet had a major wobble, and I was one of the victims.

But on the upside, I personally never lost my access to it ;D

General Car Chat / Countrywide/Flogas
« on: 21 May 2019, 18:02:52 »
Or whatever its called this week.

Mongs. The lot of them.

That might well be the nail in TBE's coffin. Shame, as we looked underneath a couple of weeks back, and it looks pretty good.

General Car Chat / JLR Wheelnuts
« on: 12 May 2019, 18:31:07 »
Probably one for Mr DTM....

Are LR and Jag wheelnuts the same?  As LR ones are an awful lot cheaper...

I'm going to have to order some euro style plates. Oh 'dangle berries'.

Any good, cheap suppliers? Presumably I need front and back.

General Discussion Area / OOF webserver
« on: 28 April 2019, 19:36:11 »
Anyone seeing issues with the OOF webserver temporarily disappearing?

I *think* its my wifi, but just want to be sure its not anything more serious.

General Discussion Area / Another oppswit ebay seller
« on: 06 March 2019, 18:38:09 »
They sent the wrong part.  Rather than send the right item, or let me send it back for a full refund, they are insistent that I should accept a (undisclosed) partial refund and keep the wrong item.  I have suggested this is unacceptable on 3 separate occasions now, after they keep suggesting I should be happy.

Then they get properly shitty when I leave them negative feedback.  WTF do they expect?

General Car Chat / GPS week rollover
« on: 13 February 2019, 17:53:55 »
Not sure how this has passed me by, esp in a professional capacity, but its unclear if it will impact satnav?  All sites seem to regurgitate the same US government bumpth.

TomTom state it will impact many of their older units, but very little else.

I wonder how the NCDC will deal :(

And for all those who say Google Maps works for you, I'm glad. Even if you're wrong.

General Car Chat / Snow Disruption
« on: 01 February 2019, 18:37:19 »
A few inches of snow, and the country stops.

Back in the 70s and 80s when 6" of snow in the winter was commonplace most years, and schools were never closed as "snow days" hadn't been invented yet, there was rarely such disruption.

Watching the local news, it seems they are showing lots of 3 series beemers wheelspinning away.

So that got me thinking (in the vain hope that people aren't getting even more stupid)

We know BMWs are universally shite in snow. Always have been.  Yet other RWD cars seem to be less prone to getting stuck. Is it because beemers have rock hard suspension and wide tyres, much like many FWD modern shitboxes.  We know wide tyres are generally poor in the wintery weather, runflats are poor in the wintery conditions, and rock hard suspension is poor in wintery conditions.

Is it simply this?  Or are people just incapable?

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