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General Car Chat / I always know when she's broken the car
« on: 14 March 2018, 18:05:39 »
By the fact I can hear her bongo tunes from 2 streets away.  Her fix to strange noises, turn the radio up  >:(

I jump in it, turn radio off, move about 2 foot, park it back up, order some rear pads.

*sigh*. Women.

General Car Chat / Well, I wasn't expecting that
« on: 04 March 2018, 18:44:32 »
Opened the garage today, as most of the snow against the door had thawed, only to be treated to an 18" snow drift about 2 feet inside the garage :o


General Car Chat / I guess thats bust..
« on: 03 March 2018, 20:09:06 »
Just nipped down to Tiffins to pick up a takeaway, and its a bloody blizzard out there again and settling again, so much for rain!  TBE was impeccably behaved, as expected :)

Anyway, the outside temp started at 7C and rose to 10C, so I guess I need to get another.

I seem to recall they are cheap, so not worth bothering 2nd hand?

General Car Chat / Mrs TheBoy bought me a little pressie
« on: 03 March 2018, 10:28:58 »
Whenever the Old Bag nicks my car to go anywhere, she always grumbles there isn't a bag in it to carry some of her purchases. So she rectified that by going to the shop she has onsite.

So the Old Bag bought me a Bag for the Jag

Now, I'd never admit this to her face, but its actually quite a good idea, so I might get her to pick up a couple more  :-X

General Discussion Area / Whilst walking to collect the car, part 2
« on: 28 February 2018, 18:09:57 »
Walking past the secondary school (chuckling at an E Class not able to get moving), I notice the entire playground is now a carpark, instead of netball markings, just parking spaces.

I know there was a 2nd playground at the front of the school, but as I walked past that, I notice that had been converted to a carpark. And the old staff carpark still a carpark.

Where do the kids play now at break time?

Not a dig at teachers or TAs (a new invention since I last went to school), just a period of reflection on modern society...

General Discussion Area / Whilst walking to collect the car, part 1
« on: 28 February 2018, 17:51:11 »
Walked past a Sky installer/repairer swearing away loudly, clearly a bit miffed, that the whomever had installed the dish had mounted it above waist height.

He weren't happy, and I couldn't help it, but I chuckled. Which annoyed him further ;D

General Car Chat / The Jags sound system
« on: 27 February 2018, 17:03:57 »
A bit of angry music came on the wireless, and being in the mood for bongo bongo, I turned it up.

Jesus, its proper loud.  I had wanted to try it at full chat to see if there was distortion, but my head couldn't take it ;D

General Discussion Area / Middle class cooking
« on: 25 February 2018, 17:53:37 »
Knowing we have some poncers on here, WTF is Quinoa?

...means all roundabouts are getting traffic lights on them, because people are too scared to use a roundabout correctly  >:(

The roundabout on the A43 by Tescos here is now getting traffic lights  >:(, and we've seen what a cock-up of traffic that causes when the knob jockeys did it at Towcester on the A43.

It WILL be coming to roundabouts by you soon.  Which will cause more delays, cause more congestion, and more pollution.  And all because a) people cant drive, b) dogooders have forced start/stop systems into law based on some ill informed evidence that it reduces pollution.

General Discussion Area / Bloody fuses...
« on: 13 February 2018, 19:15:41 », not that pesky fuse19 fella ;D

Plugged in my wanky Anker USB charger thing earlier, and was greeted with a huge bang - big enough I thought I might have to go for an exploratory wipe in case some poo leaked out.

I have a socket with a 4 way extension lead plugged into, which in turn has one of the UPS's, the powerline adapter and a further 6 way extension lead (which is conveniently placed for stuff that gets plugged in and out regularly).  It was in this 6 way one that I was plugging in the Anker shite.

It took out the 13A fuse in the plug of the 6 way, the 13A fuse in the body of the 4 way, the 13A in the plug of the 4 way, and the ring main trip.

What it didn't take out was the 3A in the Anker's plug.

Need to buy some more 13A fuses now, I've depleted my stock ;D

General Car Chat / Rumbling noise from rear
« on: 12 February 2018, 18:56:26 »
Speed dependent rumbling noise, but doesn't change when going left or right.

Wheel bearing still family favourite?  If it was a prop bearing, that would be a much higher frequency presumably?

General Car Chat / Screenwash
« on: 11 February 2018, 10:20:01 »
What are peeps using. Now the Halfords -20C stuff is at a silly 5.63 (trade), I need to start looking at other options, esp given the way Mrs TB gets through the stuff in TBE.

TripleQX is out, as the remaining 25l of unopened stuff got chucked.

Any other brands people use work well, both on cleaning performance and resistance to freezing?  Round these parts, there are no independent type factors, its all Halfords, Euroshite and GSF etc.

General Discussion Area / Heating advice
« on: 12 January 2018, 18:04:06 »
I had to drain down central heating to replace a part (DTM - had to replace olives as well, else it weeped), and what came out was black-ish, but also had black bits in as well.

Worth running a cleaner through, then drain again, before refilling with 2 bottles of inhibitor?

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