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I have 2 x rear sensors that are intact and worked fine on the cars with no warning on display, a tad dirty but I'm not attacking them with a wire brush to make them pretty as we know they are a bit delicate, both still on original brackets

32 each posted

I also have 1 x front that again worked well with no warning but sensor arm needs a couple of cable ties to stop it popping off .....derisory offer welcome  :)

4 x CDX alloys with the expected scuffs and marks fitted with a matched set of Michelin Alpin tyres all showing between 6.5-7 MM tread and no sign of any repairs, obviously a blisteringly hot spring is the perfect time to advertise these tyres  ;D

100 and collection only

Omega General Help / 140 amp Alternator
« on: 15 April 2020, 11:37:17 »
Just took the alternator off the V6 breaker and noticed it's a 140 amp, not come across this before as they are usually 120, where they 140 from factory?

2 x  downpipes with aftermarket cats welded in, emissions were fine. 
2 x centre pipes, virtually new
1 x single exit backbox, virtually new

40 the lot collected as it ain't getting posted for all the tea in China !

Nowt special but will be breaking it over the next couple of weeks, I believe the exhaust is new from cat back. Gearbox sold

Spare wheel 20 to comply with rules 

Cars for Sale & wanted / Wanted, scrap Omegas, NW area
« on: 10 April 2019, 16:41:51 »
As above really, looking for knackered Omegas around Merseyside, similalrly any manual models spotted in scrappys please let me know

General Car Chat / Focus brake bleeding
« on: 26 January 2019, 16:17:40 »
Howdy y'all

Having a bit of a mare here, I've completely drained the brake system on a 59 reg focus to change the axle, I've refilled it and pressure bled the system with a gunsons Ezibleed but can I buggery get a hard pedal, shoved a litre through the system and not getting any more bubbles out but still no braking  >:(

I have some software that will bleed the ABS system and am planning on trying this in the morning but any other suggestions welcome

General Discussion Area / I Daniel Blake, film on Sat night
« on: 05 January 2019, 16:54:45 »
Cracking and very true to life Ken Loach film on BBC2 9:45 pm, I would be interested in the thoughts of anyone who does 

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Z22XE engine, 2.2 petrol F/S
« on: 02 December 2018, 12:09:26 »
Was supplied as a brand new replacement a few years ago by VX and has covered 80k , ran perfectly before car was broken up. 170 , is sitting on a pallet so can be couriered

Omega General Help / Seat compatability
« on: 26 November 2018, 20:53:15 »
I'm thinking they won't but would 02 CD seats work in a 97 2.5 TD?

General Car Chat / Main dealer/ shoddy work
« on: 18 November 2018, 09:58:12 »
The 2.2 I am breaking currently had a brand new engine fitted by a local main dealer which I imagine would have cost a small fortune, I removed the gearbox yesterday and was surprised to see it being attached with a variety of odd bolts, nuts and bolts not even of the right size and worst of all a couple of manky old exhaust studs had been cobbled into it , disgraceful

Omega General Help / Engine loom connectors, undoing?
« on: 06 November 2018, 21:17:25 »
The three bigguns near the battery , whats the undo technique ?

Got this coming in for breaking, manual gearbox box kit spoken for

Locking motors 22 each to get things rolling

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Anyone got a strut ball nut thing
« on: 20 September 2018, 20:27:55 »
I'm in need of one nut/ball stud type thing that the bonnet strut attaches to, also the same on estates for the tailgate strut , 13mm nut with a ball on, cheers if you can help

Omega General Help / Roll pins
« on: 25 August 2018, 17:48:37 »
Need to replace 2 roll pins that hold the manual gearbox rods together but by christ what a pin in the arse it is, seems the hole is 4 ml ( sized with a drill bit) but can't get a 4 ml roll pin into the bloody hole, any specific technique required ? Tried squeezing it with mole grips to no avail

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