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Omega General Help / Write up for removal of a 2ltr cylinder head.
« on: 30 October 2018, 11:03:13 »
Hi sorry to bother everyone.  But I was wandering if anyone can help? The wife had her car trailered home last night, with a head gasket fail, looked this morning mayo is in the rocker cover and dipstick.  I would like to do the gasket change myself. I have read and re read the Haynes manual, but it jumps all over the place and isn't very helpfull. Has anybody done a writeup, for a 2lt DOHC X20XEV, Head removal. It is in a 1995 model.  If not what is the easiest way to do it? Also would a couple of oil changes,then dropping the sump remove the sludge.

Thanks in advance, for any help. It is gratefully appreciated.


Omega General Help / Compression test
« on: 28 October 2018, 09:21:45 »
What fuse/s and or relay/s, do I have to remove to do a compression test on a 1995 2.0lt so it doesn't try to start.


Omega General Help / Help needed Please
« on: 27 October 2018, 12:51:36 »
Admin please could you move if in wrong place. Thank you.

I know it might be a long shot, but is anyone near to Darlington, that would be happy to take a look at the wifes car?  I am in Scotland and unable to get there.  She is losing coolant, but cannot see from where. I am not sure if it is the dreaded Heater Bypass Valve or something worse, like Head Gasket.  It is a 1995 2ltr.  She is panicking because she has to be home on Monday. I have told her not to drive it. If anyone can help, I would be very gratefull.

Thanks in advance

Omega General Help / 1995 omega remote fob
« on: 08 October 2018, 11:10:35 »
It's along shot, but can you still get the old style fobs, that are seperate to the key. I am looking for a spare one, as the wife keeps loosing hers. It is just 2 buttons. If you can does anyone know what the part number is? Itlooks similar to this.

Thanks for the help.

Omega General Help / Wheel play at 9 and 3 oclock
« on: 13 August 2018, 11:03:52 »
Can anyone answer this for me, I have looked online but get different answers.  When the front wheel is off the ground I can wobble the front wheel, when at 9 and 3, with the wheel off I can move the brake disc at 9 and 3. There is no movement at 12 and 6 with the wheel on. Does this point to ball joints, top and bottom or wheel bearing?

Any help appreciated.

Hi Daz

Could you send me your tel no again please? Also the best time to ring you.


Omega General Help / Throttle body for X20XEV
« on: 23 July 2018, 17:34:11 »
Hi can anyone help me? I am trying to find out if the throttle body off any year 2.0 16V engine, will fit my wifes 1995 2.0 16V engine, with automatic gearbox and no Cruise control? I am looking to get one to do up then swap it, with hers. I have found one off a 2000 model, but the person said he cannot gaurantee it will fit. This is the one I am looking at.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Here's a strange one for everyone. Maybe someone might be able to answer it for me? The Central locking fuse on the wifes 1995 CD Estate keeps blowing randomly, it works for a couple of days then just blows the fuse. The central locking doesn't seem stiff locking and unlocking no problem. A while ago it had the lazy locking symptom on the drivers door, but after spraying the locks and motor with lubricant (it was the none sticky type), it worked OK and still seems to be, it just keeps blowing the fuse, random now. My thought is that even though the locking motor is working, it is on its way out so causing a overload. does this sound reasonable? Other people have suggested maybe the heating element is shorting, as it is on the same fuse. The heated seats haven't been on due to the hot weather, so would the fuse still blow if they are not on? What wires to the drivers and passenger seat do I have to disconnect to see if it stops blowing the fuse? The lights flash when pressing the fob, just doesn't lock, check fuse and it's blown. It has the correct rated fuse.

All help is appreciated.

It probably has already been answered on here but I cann't find it. So here goes, I have a 02 2.6 that seems to lose coolant from the coolant tank so you can see the top of the thing inside the tank, after standing for nearly a week enough to put on the coolant low warning. After putting the ignition on without starting the car, pressing the brake to remove the check message, it is replaced by the coolant warning one.  I have looked for physical signs both inside the car up under the dash, in the footwells near the HBV as best I can using my hand to check for leaks. Smelt the coolant in the coolant tank for petrol smell nothing, just had a oil change and no water contaminants in it. No oil contaminants in the coolant. The car doesn't overheat and stays at normal temperature, also heater works on hot and cold no problem. I have looked underneath the coolant tank incase it is leaking from underneath, but nothing can be seen. No white or steam coming from the exhaust when the engine is running.

I know when the car is turned off there is no vacuum, so would the HBV be allowed to leak, because of no Vacuum going to it(if that makes sense)? There is no sign of escaping water from it, when the car is running.

Thanks for any replies. I do have a HBV to replace it, I just thought I would ask more knowledgeable people.

Omega General Help / Part 90467543
« on: 05 June 2018, 20:26:19 »
I was wandering, I know Vauxhall don't sell this part anymore, but searching on Google it came up with the same part for Saab. Has anyone tried local Saab dealer to see if it is the same part and if it is available for sale?  I read on the old forum pages about someone suggested using a rubber O ring in its place, has anyone tried it and if so does it work, if it does what size O ring is needed?

Omega General Help / Oil filter conversion Part Number
« on: 01 May 2018, 10:16:28 »
Can someone tell me if this is the correct part, for the conversion from paper cartridge to normal oil filter.  This is the part number VAUXHALL FITTING - 90144360, this is the part I was told fits and is a direct replacement for the 90412159 by vauxhallpartsuk-ltd? I have also looked for the seal between the housing and engine block and cannot find it, as was told no longer sold.
I have a 2002 2.6, with the paper cartridge but after all the stories about the body turning and other stories, when trying to undo the top and not knowing the full history of my car, I was thinking of converting to screw on filter, while doing a oil change.

Link to part:

Thanks in advance for all help.

Hi wander if anyone can help. I went out today and when I went up a steep hill (Gleniffer Braes, Average grade: roughly 7 %), near to me. The car was fine untill I got about half way up, then the oil light flickered dimly. So I turned round and nursed it slowly down, when back on level ground it still flickered dimly every now and then. Switched it off and left it for around 3/4 hours, started it and drove home slowly watching for the light. It didn't come back on. I then had to move it slightly from where it was parked, Oil and all other lights went out and stayed off. Now waiting for a while to check the oil level, even though no warning came up for it. Could it have been that with the incline and maybe the oil being hot from the climb and  low but not enough for the warning to come up on the display, going slightly to the back of the sump causing it? The temperature gauge only rose a little bit from where it is normal, then came back down to normal and stayed there when driving down and back home.

Any suggestions will be gratefull. I hope it is simply due to the climb and it isn't something drastic.  Don't seem to be having much luck with FL models, always had PFL and had no where as much trouble.


General Car Chat / Does anyone do body panels anymore?
« on: 11 April 2018, 13:41:42 »
I have been looking online for body panels, such as full sills for Omegas. I cannot seem to find any. Does no body do Aftermarket ones for them? I can find body panels for older make vauxhalls. It just seems a bit crazy, considering the places that the were exported to.

Omega General Help / Part to change over to screw on oil filter
« on: 04 April 2018, 17:27:43 »
I am looking to convert my 2002 2.6 to screw on filter. After trying different places, for the threaded part PN 90412159. Vauxhall Superstore have said this part will work. can anyone tell me if it will work?

Thanks in advance

Omega General Help / V6 Breather seals and O rings
« on: 22 March 2018, 13:37:11 »
Hopefully someone can help?  I am looking to do a breather clean on my 2.6. I have rang the local dealer who say Breather bridge to plenum seal - 90467543 is no longer sold and there is no alternative.  Could anyone tell me if they have found an alternative or where I can get one?  They stock Breather bridge to throttle O ring - 90500983 but have to pay 9 up front for 5 of them.

I would prefer to get the plenum seal if I can, as the way my luck goes the one on the car will be damaged when taking the piece off.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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