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It might be a long shot, but is there anyone breaking or know someone breaking a Omega, near Darlington UK. I am looking for a passenger side front door. The car it is for is a 1995 estate, but I have been told the facelift doors work.
Thanks for any help.

Sorry if in wrong section. Please could admin move it if it is. Thank you.

Could someone tell me if the window motors are the same drivers and passenger side front, through all the years? I have some later doors to fit on a 1995 Omega, and thought I might be able to use the motor on it, instead of having to take the one off the original doors. I have the wiring looms off the 1995 doors.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Can anyone tell me if replacing the old windscreen with a new one, if the rubbers that go around the outside of the screen should be replaced?  It is on the wifes 1995 Omega Estate.  National Windscreens did it, as that is who her insurance company deal with.  They fitted the new screen, but said the gaps at the bottom are due to it having had a replacement screen sometime, also the bloke said it is slightly split due to age. The rubbers according to what I have read on here are original, as they are split into seperate pieces, not two pieces like the later ones.

The wife wants to contact the Insurance company to complain, but I thought if we had some confirmation that the work is not correct, we would have something to prove it.

I have attached some pics of the work done.

Thanks for any help.

Drivers side the rubber is buckled slightly and you can see in the bottom corner, the gap between the side rubber and the bottom rubber.

Gap on passenger side.

Masking tape used to hold rubber until the sealant sets.

Hello I hope that someone can help me. I have a coolant leak in my 2002 2.6 omega. I have changed the radiator because it was cracked near the top hose, thanks to advice from on here. I have checked around the infamous HBV but cannot feel anything. I have tried driving the car with heaters off to see if it makes any difference, but it still loses coolant. I cannot see any drops of antifreeze underneath the car when parked up. Where are the obvious places that leaks occur on these. I feel like getting some K-seal for it. LOL

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Omega General Help / Cylinder Head Coolant Flange Gasket
« on: 12 May 2019, 16:31:54 »
Does anyone know where I can get one of these gaskets, or if one made from proper metal gasket paper can be used? The one I took off looked like the one in the picture, so I assume it is made of metal, due to heat from the area it is in. I found this one on ebay but it is sold out. It is for a 1995 Vauxhall Omega 2lt (X20XEV) engine

Thanks in advance for any help.


When i pull the stalk to wash the screen, the jets work but the wipers don't move at all. When on other settings and you turn the wipers off they don't go down to the bottom of the screen, just stop where they are? Has anyone had or know the solution to this problem? It is a 2002 2.6 Omega Saloon.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi can anyone help me? Sometimes all the lights on the selector panel light up, it clears by moving selector back and forth.  The last few days, the revs on the car seem to stay high before changing gear. I have seen the Gearbox fluid which was the colour it should be red, as recently changed Main Coolant Radiator.

Does this all point to the selector switch on box?  If so is there anybody near Darlington who could have a look at it for me please, or recommend a garage around here, as I don't feel confident enough to sort it and adjust it after?

Thanks in advance.


Omega General Help / Omega 2.6 Throttle body O ring Gasket
« on: 28 March 2019, 08:39:38 »
I am wanting to clean the throttle body on my 2002 2.6ltr Omega. Please can anyone tell me if this is the correct part, for the throttle body to plenum, if not does anyone know the proper one.  Also is there anything I need to know before removing and cleaning the Throttle Body, with it being DBW?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Omega General Help / auto box pipes to radiator banjo torque value
« on: 17 February 2019, 19:28:27 »
Can anybody tell me the torque for the gearbox pipe banjo to radiator on a 02 2.6? Also can the same O ring be used? Last question can the bagpipes including vac tank come out as one, once the two black vac pipes that goto back of engine are undone?


Omega General Help / 1995 2ltr 16V CONTITECH Timing belt problem
« on: 05 February 2019, 17:20:43 »
Can anyone tell me why the Contitech timing belt CT870, which came in the full Contitech kit CT870K1, will not fit on my Omega 2ltr, the kit is the right one for my model car. It is as if it is too small, the tensioner is set as it should be, Allen key piece at 7oclock pointer by waterpump. If I pull the right side as looking at front of engine tight, it seems as if the belt sits on the peaks on the cam but they are timed correct. If I fit it as per instructions clockwise, it will not go on, as too tight. It is driving me mad.

Omega General Help / Camshaft replacement
« on: 18 January 2019, 12:18:22 »
I am refitting the exhaust and inlet cams, Haynes manual says make sure No1 cylinder lobe is up, when I do that timing marks will be out The writeup off this Site for Headgasket replacement says put them at TDC, I cannot get them to stay at TDC. I never removed cam sprockets so they are correct. Also removed cams one at a time, along with carriers, and wrapped in seperate marked boxes, so not wrong way round. Here is a pic of exhaust Timing mark position now against rocker cover. Could it have something to do with me cleaning out the lifters, they do compress and spring, they also went back into the places they came from. Can anyone see anything I have missed or should it do this? Thanks for any help, it's driving me mad  :'(

Exhaust timing marks.

No1 lobe of Exhaust cam

exhaust cam

Omega General Help / Headlight Query
« on: 12 January 2019, 18:28:36 »
I have been having problems with the drivers side dip beam, so decided to check it today. The circled one is what the query is about. Is this the correct one for Halogen, how does the H1 bulb fit and stay in if it is, I have a black ring but the bulb doesn't fit it falls straight through, so rigged up somehing to hold the bulb in it. There is a brown and yellow cable with spade connectors on. Brown for earth yellow live but nothing to fit the earth to, so had to make a patch cable up. The person who owned it before me did the bodge, The headlight switch has headlight height adjustment, not like the one I had on my old 2003 cdx which were self levelling. The previous owner had fitted a H1 Bulb into it I just tidied it up.

It is a 2002 CD
Thanks for any help.

Omega General Help / Hydraulic lifters
« on: 28 December 2018, 12:41:05 »
The wifes headgasket went on her 1995 2ltr Omega. I have put it all back together, having had the head checked. I have been trying to clean the lifters as in the maintenance guide, but don't seem to be getting much of the mayo out caused by the HG fail. Is there away to dismantle them for a better word, so that I can do a proper clean, there is probably years of old oil in there aswell? The piston doesn't seem to want to move in and out as if still gunked, even after spending ages on just one. Or any other suggestions to try, I don't have a compressor to blow them out.

Thanks for any help.

Would anyone know the torque values for the three bolts, that hold the bracket with the egr and distributor on, to the cylinder head?  It is for a 1995 2ltr.

The black circles in the picture show the bolts I mean.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Omega General Help / Should X20XEV HEAD BE SKIMMED
« on: 27 November 2018, 13:01:09 »
I have removed the head on the wifes 1995 2ltr (X20XEV) Omega, due to a knackered head gasket. The reason why I am asking if the head should be skimmed, is that some Vauxhall technical documents say not to, but everybody who have had gaskets go say get it skimmed. I can check the head surface with a straight edge, but cannot find the maximum allowed tolerance for it. If anyone has the measurement, I would be gratefull. Is there any other measurement I can also check beforehand incase it has been skimmed before I got it? I don't want to get it skimmed, if told it is safe to do only to find it has been done before and the head becomes no good.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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