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Omega General Help / LPG conversions - an OOF deals
« on: 14 May 2009, 12:44:40 »
I've recently sold my Omega Elite 3.2 V6 (it was advertised on here) and I've bought a VXR8 - as a result I am using lots of fuel  :(   It was suggested to me that there may be LPG converters who offer a competitive cost to OOF members (he mentiontioned Tinley ?)  Are there any?

I would like to hear.

Also, how would that affect Vauxhall network Q warrentee?  And Esure insurance?

Thanks for your help, Steve

Omega General Help / Elite sunroof opens
« on: 19 February 2009, 20:15:38 »
I have seen a fix on this forum to clean part of the sunroof pre-selector to stop it spontaneously opening.

Mine eased up a day or so ago and I'd like to fix this.

Could someone direct me to the instructions - thanks


Omega General Help / EML is ON - been using 'Super' fuel
« on: 09 February 2009, 23:22:48 »
My engine light came on a couple of months ago and the fault was one of the pre-cats (advice taken from on this forum) and reading the code.  I've been fillng up with 'super' fuel - again as the advice from this forum is regarding the benefit of extra detergents in it.

I've put quite a few tankfuls through now and it seems that every time I fill up the EML comes on after a day or so and then goes off  about 1/2 of the way through the tankful.

This is not what I'd expect; I expected that once the cleaning was done and the EML light extinguished then it would remain so.

Not sure if this is relavent but the car feels smoother since the use of the alternative fuel.  I still only get about 22mpg on my 18 mile daily commute of mixed side roads and dual carriageway/motorway.  I'm sure it was nearer 28mpg last summer (maybe just warmer weather)?

Thanks for the input.

Omega General Help / How do I find my password etc
« on: 01 March 2009, 22:03:56 »
How do I find my OOF details so I can post from office PC?

Omega General Help / When change serpentine belt
« on: 06 January 2009, 20:58:06 »
On my 3.2V6 (~69k miles) I've never changed the the serpentine belt.  What is expected lifetime of this?

Thanks, Steve

Omega General Help / Trans fluid drip
« on: 03 January 2009, 14:16:55 »
Just saw a few drips of what I think is trans fluid on my garage floor after an overnight park.  Saw one drip about a month ago (and ignored it).

How is this likely to be leaking?  Where from?  What are the possible fixes?

Thanks for the guidance.


Omega General Help / Where is the radio aerial?
« on: 09 November 2008, 18:43:34 »
I've bought one of those FM transmitters that allows me to listen to MP3 tracks.  When I plonk it on the front seat the reception is awful.  I don't know where the aerial is to place is ina better position.

I've tried walking around the car and reception seems good everywhere - until I get back inside that is!!


Omega General Help / Where is alarm
« on: 08 November 2008, 12:56:35 »
On my 2001 facelift 3.2 V6 Elite the alarm gives three bleeps sometimes as I turn off.

From the drivers seat it sounds as if this comes from under the bonnet, near the firewall on the off-side.

I've had a poke around there this morning but can't see anything like a bleeper or alarm control box to investigate.

Can anyone direct me to where this is?

I'm thinking that the internal back up battery (assuming there is one) has died through age - does that sound a fair guess?

Thanks, Steve

My door open buzzer is not operating correctly and my car seat doesn't move (see  I traced the seat cable into the front footwell side covers and I then lose it somewhere behind the dash.  I've looked behind the relays and the fuses but can't see much there.

I looked at EPC but that didn't help me (not sure how I shoudl drive it to get what I want).

There must be something that controls the buzzer and the seat - I can't fathom which though!

Any suggestions appreciated.


Omega General Help / Electric front seat - movement stops
« on: 11 August 2008, 13:20:48 »

On my 2001 3.2 Elite the driver's seat has stopped being able to move electrically.  The passenger seat operates with no problem and the two seats have a common fuse.  The drivers heated seat works OK

I took the seat out at the weekend and checked for power going into the 'control box ' which it was.  After re-connecting the power plug (which has some other wires in it too) the seat worked fine, including the memory function; the rear-view mirror moved with the memory too.

I presumed that the connector contacts were dirty and removing/replacing the connector had cleaned them.

A few hours later the seat would neither move nor the memory function operate.  I re-removed the seat & checked the power again - OK.  The seat electric operation returned, but only long enough for me to drive around the block ~10 mins.

I've left the seat in a good enough position for me to drive, but I would like to have this fully functioning.

Any suggestions or experience of this?

My present best guess is that something in the under seat control 'box' is being re-set when I remove the power connector OR the other wires in the same connector allow something to be re-set.

Thanks for your help


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Omega General Help / Electrikery Meter £5
« on: 24 August 2008, 14:11:29 »

I've seen a people ask about electrical stuff on other forums and they have not had a meter - here's a low cost one

from Mrs M-J's favourite site ha, ha


Omega General Help / Engine mamagment light
« on: 01 July 2008, 12:53:39 »
Hi, some advice please.

On Saturday I had the engine management light illuminate (one that looks like an engine side view) on my 3.2 Omega Elite. Popped down to the local independent garage who read the error code which was 'catalyst conversion bank 1'. An exhaust gas test showed everything to be working very well (lambda = 1.001, CO2 ~0.04% IIRC). The error message was cleared.

The light re-illuminated Sunday afternoon after driving around central London for hours. Also the lights-on bleeper sounds as if it is ‘strangled’ and I get a strangled buzzing when the ignition is turned off and the key removed (normally no sound at all) – I’m guessing these two things are somehow connected.

The engine management light went out this morning (what does that mean?) I read out the code (thanks to advice from Autobahnstormers): # P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1). It was suggested that there is ‘known problem here’ and you guys may be able to help.

Thanks for your help


Cars for Sale & wanted / Omega Elite 3.2 51 plate for sale
« on: 30 April 2009, 18:50:29 »
I'm selling my Omega 3.2 V6 Elite

Those who are Aurobahnstormers at South Mimms will have seen it.  It has the usual extras including a colour Sat Nav.

I am looking to change car (VXR8) very soon and do not want two cars.  I'm looking to get about £2k4 for a quick sale.

Taxed until end October, MOT until mid September.
Mileage is 73Kmi (I've had the car from May 03, at 13Kmi IIRC) the car was ex-Vauxhall management.
Cam belt was done at 40K
Autobox had filter and fluid changed at 50K miles.
Air con was re-charged in 06; but was not needed.  Climate control chills nicely, it did then and still does now.
Last September 4 new tyres were fitted (Goodyear F1 I think they are)
At end of 07 I had coolant and brake fluid changed.
The oil and filter has been changed at least annually (was every 7k miles) as opposed to the 20k interval.
At last MOT it was recommended that front discs and pads would be due before this year’s.
Lambda sensors were changed after the contaminated petrol hoo haa a couple of years ago.

The car is garaged.

I’m presently waiting for the Vauxhall dealership to respond to my offer on the VXR8 – this should be soon.

Regards, Steve

Car Pics

General Discussion Area / Facelift Omega model
« on: 20 December 2008, 14:25:28 »
As a present to myself I'd like a model of my Omega (2001 facelift)

I haven't seen any for sale (I'm not good at searching  Mrs M-J would say I have 'man-eyes', ha, ha)  Can anyone direct me please?

Thanks, Steve

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