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Omega Electrical and Audio Help / L E D's
« on: 02 November 2008, 18:17:14 »
Hi! would any body happen to know the ratings of the l e d's used in the switchgear for general illumination. I have a few switches which have gone faulty would like to repair if I can. thanks in advance Tom. :y

Newbie Welcome Area / From a newbie
« on: 08 October 2008, 20:55:54 »
Hi! all my names Tom, live in south wales, now on my second V6 estate, terrific cars, hope I may help others with my own experiences & learn from others. enjoying the site so far. :y

General Car Chat / LPG & insurance
« on: 27 September 2010, 20:59:12 »
Have you found your insurance renewal hiked this year with lpg installed? My insurer wants an extra 105 on top of an already increased premium over last years price. >:(

General Car Chat / Halfords 10% off
« on: 22 October 2009, 19:20:17 »
Halfords have a 10% off deal on website if any use to anyone.

General Discussion Area / Cam locking kit
« on: 04 April 2009, 13:06:04 »
Just been to a small bike show in Cardiff a guy there on a tool store is selling Bergen cam locking kits for 30 are these any good? He's also at the 4X4 auto jumble in Newbury tomorrow that I'm going to if any one interested. I've already got a Sykes kit for the V6 so don't need one myself.

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