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Not sure if anyone wants or needs the likes of these now, but found them when I was clearing out along with the old roof box. Ah, the good old road trip days to France ........  :'(
Anyway, they're the standard roof bars with separate feet designed to clamp onto the saloon Omega roof gutter.
Not sure about postage but we can cross that bridge when we come to it if anyone's interested.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Last bits for sale
« on: 07 November 2014, 13:58:27 »
Last shout before disposal if anybody needs anything.

V6 HBV - used
Elite headlight switch - used
V6 coil pack (135) - used
Griffin boot badge - used but good condition with pins intact
Drop links (pair) - new (aftermarket)
CDC3 stand alone drive. Not sure if it works but may be useful for parts (CD cover intact)
Owners handbook
Spare wheel securing straps
Cargo net
Door bush (white plastic one)
'Ecotec' plastic breather covers x2
Haynes book
Stat transfer pipe 'O' rings - new
Screw piece for securing jack
Non genuine V6 thermostat - new
Sunroof motor - used
Paint touch up kit - Oyster Gold Metallic L158

Pics can be added if required.

I also have various fittings and small trim bits, etc.


Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Last assorted parts for sale
« on: 04 October 2014, 17:40:06 »
Last assorted parts for sale -

V6 HBV - used
Elite headlight switch - used
V6 coil pack (135) - used
Griffin boot badge - used but good condition with pins intact
Drop links (pair) - new
CDC3 stand alone drive. Not sure if it works but may be useful for parts (CD cover intact)
Owners handbook
Spare key fob (3 button) and transponder chip
Spare wheel securing straps
Cargo net
Door bush (white plastic one)
'Ecotec' plastic breather covers x2
Haynes book
Stat transfer pipe 'O' rings - new
Screw piece for securing jack
Non genuine V6 thermostat - new
Sunroof motor - used

Offers in the region of 50 for the lot? Or will sell individual items if anyone needs anything specific.

Pics can be added if required.


Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Touch up kit - L158
« on: 04 October 2014, 17:23:06 »
Genuine GM touch up paint kit in Oyster Gold - L158.
Paint and lacquer in set I believe. New and unused.
10 posted.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / F/S - last bits and bobs
« on: 23 July 2014, 16:39:24 »
Last bits and bobs for sale -

V6 MAF - used but known good 10 posted
V6 HBV - used but known good 10 posted
V6 crank sensor - new 20 posted
Elite headlight switch - used 10 posted
V6 coil pack (135) - used 25 posted
Griffin boot badge - used but good condition with pins intact 5 posted
Drop links- new 10 posted
Tie rods - new 20 posted
CDC3 stand alone drive. Not sure if it works but may be useful for parts (CD cover intact) 12 posted
Owners handbook 5 posted
Spare key fob and transponder (would need coded) 10 posted
Spare wheel securing straps 6 posted
Cargo net 10 posted
Door bush (white plastic one) - free
'Ecotec' breather covers x2 10 each posted
'i' irmscher stick on badge 8 posted
Haynes book of lies 12 posted
Stat transfer pipe 'O' rings - free
Screw piece for securing jack 3 posted

Prices to comply with rules, but all are open to offers and postage can be discounted for multiple purchases.
I have other minor bits and bobs - trim clips, mat fixings, etc - if you need anything.
Pics can be added if required.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / FS Thule roof bars
« on: 14 July 2014, 04:37:11 »
Tunnie's roof box thread reminded me I have a set of saloon roof bars which I probably won't use again, but they may be of use to someone else?

40 plus postage, though I'll be over in the NW soon and OOF delivery service may be an option.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / F/S - CCR2006 magazine
« on: 28 June 2014, 05:24:10 »
I have a spare one of these that I no longer need.

With the decision to sell the Elite, I now have the following parts up for sale.
Prices don't include postage, and I will update as I go along.

New parts -
Aircon condenser (still in box, unopened) 90
Front brake pads 25
Contitech timing belt kit 125
Stag 300 LPG kit front end: loom, reducer and elbow, ECU 250
Plumbed inlet and plenum (vac, injectors and nozzles) 50 (too heavy to post maybe so could remove injectors and pipework, though you would then need nozzles and 'tapping' of inlet) 
Crank sensor 30
Thermostat 20
Oil filter, element type 3
Eicher front brake discs 30
Droplinks and tie rods (unbranded) 35

Used -
Debadged grillle 25
Irmscher silhouette badge for the above (not fitted) 10
MAF 12
HBV 15
Sunroof motor 12
135 coil pack 25
Handbook and wallet 5
Boot carpet 15
First aid cover/door 10
Jack area cover 10
Headlight switch 12

There may be more. Further info and pics on request. Always open to offers.
As stated on the car for sale thread, I may be bringing the car across the water anyway, so could bring the larger/heavier items over to the NW for collection?

Thanks  :y

Cars for Sale & wanted / Omega 2.6 Elite FS
« on: 19 June 2014, 22:53:56 »
Not much moving at the minute it seems, but before I advertise locally I thought I'd stick it on here anyway.

Due to a change of plans / circumstances I'm now selling my Elite. Bit of a shame really as I never got it up to my desired spec, nor did I get 'cooking on gas'  :'(

Anyway, it's a 52 plate 2.6, auto, 158 paint code (Oyster), with 87k ish on the clock.
Full cream leather in great condition, and although the driver's heat works, it is certainly not as warm as the others.
Everything else works as it should, CCR2006 and no dead pixels on display.
Front wishbones have polybushes fitted, and rear SL suspension replaced by B4s.
Later 6 spoke alloys have been repainted, but not 'refurbed'.
Recent crank sensor, droplinks, thermostat and 246 coil pack. Oil and filter change.

As some will know, I had fitted a second hand lpg kit which I couldn't get to work. As a result though, there is a hole in the rear bumper for the filler cap. If any potential buyer wanted to continue with the installation, I would leave the filler in situ, but otherwise a replacement bumper may be required. Likewise the 80l tank is currently fitted in the boot, which could be sold along with the car if required, and I'll be selling the new Stag system I bought. The car currently has the modified inlet and plenum (with injectors and nozzles, etc for the lpg) fitted, but I can replace these with the originals if they're not required.

There are some jobs to be done to update as illustrated here -

Most of the parts required are here and can be sold along with the car, or separately if required (parts section soon?).

I use the car everyday, but as I'm in NI I don't think I could break it as postage, etc would be prohibitive for the larger parts. If someone wanted to buy it to break, well that's another story.
On the subject of geography, I may be travelling to the Manchester / Liverpool area in the next few weeks so could bring the car over if someone is interested enough.

Pics or further info can be provided if required, either on the thread or by PM, etc.

I'm going to ask for 700 to start, but always open to offers.


Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted - Rear blind FL?
« on: 16 June 2014, 21:36:57 »
Just a tentative request for a rear blind, shelf and switch to suit FL Elite.
Cream would be perfect, but I appreciate they're rare so would consider another colour. Depends on price and the dreaded p&p!

General Car Chat / Aircon condenser replacement
« on: 16 June 2014, 18:41:00 »
I might look for a professional to do this, but in the meantime is the guide for a PFL the same as for a FL?
TIA  :y

General Car Chat / Spanner time?
« on: 13 June 2014, 14:12:56 »

Right. I think the procrastination is over. Maybe. Perhaps.  :-\ :-[ :-X :D
My car has been neglected over the past several months, for a number of reasons. Partly because my efforts were put into the wee car we bought for our son, in tidying it up and sorting the mot ( albeit at the second attempt ), partly due to some pressures at home as my wife had injured herself, and perhaps mainly as I was deliberating over the future of the Elite. It's does need some attention and although I already have some of the required parts, I contemplated a change of Omega in an attempt to find a better one but I don't think that's going to happen now, as getting across the water adds too much cost to what may have been a 'bargain' to start with.  May be better spending that money on getting across to one of our resident mechanics instead  ;)

So to the list of tasks -
Fix the Aircon - new condensor ordered today
New front pads and discs - parts are in the shed
Fit the lpg kit also lying in the shed
Cambelt change
Droplinks are done
Track rods perhaps?
Geometry setup
Investigate oil leak to front of engine
Paintwork - 300+ unless I can source replacement front bumper and wing. Not a priority.
Would like to refurb the door cards but that's not a priority either.

Should keep me (and you lot) busy for a while  ;D ;D

General Car Chat / Renault Megane coupe
« on: 04 April 2014, 20:15:28 »
Our son has got his first car - a Megane Mk 1 Coupe. Needs some tlc and a bit of work to bring it back to life, but we'll get there. Noticed the floor carpet was wet and decided to inspect the sunroof drains for blockages, and sure enough the offside was full of water. I'm not sure this is the cause of the soaking carpet, but a good starting point. Haven't managed to get that cleared as yet despite efforts made, but now the roof won't close! Gutted. Bloomin Renault electrics!
There is no handbook with the car and the book of lies hasn't arrived yet. Anyone any ideas at this point? The roof is currently opened backwards as oppose to simply tilted  :'(

Omega General Help / Another lpg connection question
« on: 21 March 2014, 19:29:39 »
For some reason the new kit does not have a plug to connect the loom to the solenoid valve at the reducer, though the supplier says there was!
It's a simple 2 pin waterproof connector, coincidentally the same as those that connect to the injectors, so should be readily available? My question relates to the orientation of the wires. Obviously I can't take the valve apart to check which pin is which,  so does anyone have any idea?
If I try to connect it both ways as trial and error, will I do any damage?

General Discussion Area / Plumbing / central heating question
« on: 26 February 2014, 21:22:02 »
Fitted replacement taps on the kitchen sink on Sunday. Had to turn off the water obviously and that's where it all goes wrong ish  :o

Turned the feed to the hot cylinder off at the cold water tank, having initially turned off the wrong valve - at the cylinder itself, though this was for the boiler feed  :-[

Anyway, took a long time for the hot tap to stop running / drain and I found out that the cold water tank was being emptied at this point. I thought that was strange to start with but hey ho, at least the water had stopped and I could crack on.
So, taps changed, I turned the main stopcock on followed by the valve at the cold tank. All seemed well .........

Have now noticed that there is no residual hot water. Previously after the heating had been switched on, there was plenty of hot water even the next day, whereas it doesn't now stay warm very long. Also, when the hot tap is turned on the cold tank still seemingly supplies the water.
Does all this seem normal? Seems something is wrong and it's a terrible waste if the water isn't being heated when the heating is on  :(
I'm wondering is there an airlock maybe in the cylinder? Or does the cylinder even empty under these circumstances?
I wish I was a plumber  :'( but any advice or guidance gratefully received  :)

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