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Omega General Help / omega x30xe wiring diagram
« on: 25 August 2016, 08:21:11 »
my mv6 minifacelift has been written off , ive bought it back and would like to use the running gear in a project , however i need the wiring diagram so i can make it work in its new home , i  remember someone said they are fairly easy to swap into another car just couple of wires , has anyone got a diagram for this ?


General Car Chat / silly question
« on: 27 June 2016, 19:54:19 »
ive got a mini facelift 2000 mv6 3.0 in antelope mica , its done 180,000 just motd got lpg and irmscher bumpers and full heated leather , though the doors have bubbled through and both rear arches are going , so my question to the good people on here is it worth anything ,i know the other year  it took a few months to find a spare set mv6 wheels so i could have winter tyres on them and normal on my other standard mv6 wheels

thank you in advance

Omega General Help / heater never gets HOT ! help
« on: 19 January 2016, 17:14:45 »
ive owned this car for well over 6 years now and back when i 1st had it i really loved the way it warmed up the inside of the car very quickly , now its tbh total crap , i have done the following ...
drained flushed and refilled the cooling system , the engine gets up to temp very quick and sits just below half way and never moves now ,
replaced the heater bypass valve in the engine bay again ,
replaced the 'hedgehog' under the passenger side of the dash board ,

its really the most annoying thing with an otherwise lovely to drive and great car , any advice please as im fed up with it never really warming up , its even worse if you out the fan on full , i just leave it on 4 and put up with it

thanks in advance

Omega General Help / mv6 acting funny ?
« on: 12 August 2015, 16:09:42 »
hi all !

i was out driving on sunday when i started the car for the return home , i noticed the rev counter was pulsing badly , i stopped the car switched off the engine , blipped the alarm restarted the car and all was fine , however when i reached the motorway and went to engage the cruise control , it didnt work ?!?  all the home even with fuel stops i had no cruise control , yet yesterday the car had no faults and everything was working including cruise control  .

today after finishing work i started the car as usual however today there was no rev counter , no speedo and no fuel gauge working , i drove a couple of miles , the rev counter was small pulsing  , pulled over still no speedo or fuel gauage , stop the car switched off engine set the alarm , unset the alarm and restarted the car , fule gauge is working but no rev counter this is still pulsing  i drove home with no speedo and no rev counter , got home put the code reader on and all i got was rpm signnal (31) , my question to you good guys and gals , is the crank sensor fubar  , and is the car going to be ok to use for work ( i commute 52 miles every day) as i dont want the sensor failing during my drive as im shifts .

many thanks

Omega General Help / who is omega suspension set up guru on here ?
« on: 06 November 2014, 20:55:57 »
hello . well after mini overhaul , replacement steering box drop links engine cradle , wishbones tracking a set part worns tracking and a few thousand miles , i can report .... well its still a little crap  :-\, or i do they wonder over our bad roads and im being far too picky ?
is  anyone able to look at or recommend someone who actually knows an omega inside out ?

Omega General Help / hi pref and facelift question
« on: 06 September 2014, 15:03:48 »
my preface mv6 has the black leather interior , is it the same as the facelift mv6 leather ? ,or are the colours slightly different etc

General Car Chat / who does v6 cambelts on here , east mids
« on: 04 May 2014, 18:54:37 »
im looking into costs and remember i had previous one done here , who does them and how much are we looking , many thanks

Omega General Help / preface wont start !?
« on: 16 April 2014, 17:59:48 »
2000 mv6 preface lift , sold to a 'mate' few months later was told wont start parked on my drive u want it back ? , well i had to ,didnt i ? mv6 , full leather, irmscher / prodrive kit , lpg ,seems unwilling to fire up at all tester seems to point to crank sensor , now as i obtained this car as a none runner i would prefer to obtain a second hand sensor just to see if she runs , and then if ok will go see my local vaux  dealer for all the required bits ,other wise if no runs may break or sell complete  ,please is there anyone out there who has a sensor i can buy thats a good un to see if shes going to play ball ?



Omega Electrical and Audio Help / courtesy lights
« on: 30 August 2010, 18:10:16 »
ive swapped my door cards to elite leather , the rears are great all connected up , but cannot find any courtesy lamp wiring in the front doors ?

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / what do i need ????
« on: 05 July 2009, 21:33:19 »
i have in my cupboard soon to be fitted to my mv6 2x genesis profile ultra amps, 1 is 4 channel requires 6 guage other is sub ultra needin 2 guage .
im just unsure do i need to have a split charge for this or, can i not worry and just use 2 guage on a breaker to a dis block and a thumpin cap ? your views are welcome, thanks

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / still no joy from installers
« on: 27 March 2009, 16:15:12 »
yes im still waiting for this company to do the right thing anbd not keep fobbing me off , preparing myself to name and shame them as im so pi$$ed of  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / bye bye standard radio...
« on: 08 March 2009, 17:52:09 »
removed old cass h/u tried for 4 hours to install replacement , swore a lot , got the arse with it , replaced with old one ,,,

contacted a recognised show winning local company no names ,
agreed they could install my h/u flush with all the ables and phonos no probs ,

haha , well they had the car for 3 hours last week installin the cables then informed they could not extend phono's which they said they would so huff and ouff bought some , end of 3 hours all cables installed but not h/u yet , oh says the man we ran out of time ....

booked it back in well as they as proffs thought better than me hissin around , got the call to come and collect tis ready .

well when got there paid went to car , they had fitted a soddin spacer to the radio , oh tis right on the bulkhead / heater no more room , was not happy bunny anyway said id see how it goes , on way home h/u leaves company of dash !! , v upset , got to friends house he took 1 look and phoned em on my  behalf cos i was swearin too much to talk with em , i meanwhile decided enough of this pulled radion out removed spacer remove heater panel spent 30 mins makin space for cables guess what ....

fitted all workin no spacer required
goin back tomorrow to deliver spacer back and try get some of my money returned for the second part job .

im not sayin im crap at radios or anything i work on industrail machines etc but i tried to install it gave up , should have fitted myself after the 1st session ,but now has all cables ready for nav dv changer cd changer etc

any want a vaux h/u and changer lol  

just ponderin what to fit , also what size , ideally would like to put 6.5" components in all doors , whats every one else done ???

hi , got a problemmo , got the ashtray removed all screws out the bottom of console but tis still held by forces unknow ??? are there scews at the top ???? please help !!!

hello , ive renewed both rocker gaskets and the upper inlet manifold gaskets as were u/s , now this morning on my way to work was feeling a little chill, put the heater on 27 but even after 10 mins was freezing cold also the switch you press to alter the area settings ie footwell , windscreen dash vents is not responding and is juyst blowing lovely cold air onto the windscreen no matter what area or heat you select  ,even thogh everything on the centre dash says its heating your footwells to 27 it isnt ?!? :-[

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