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General Car Chat / Corsa 1.3CDti clutch and dual mass
« on: 04 July 2017, 19:56:25 »
Can anyone give me a hand tracking the right part numbers.....   Vauxhall want a ridonkulous amount of money (even a friendly andy can only manage around £940 )
58 plate Corsa SXi A/C CDTi (66kW manual (not semi auto) ) ,  needs a new clutch, and may as well have the dual mass as well ....    trying to find the right parts so i can buy them and have the local garage fit them..... 
(their price for the parts is not far off vauxhall's  ...(around £820)    but I know damn well you can get an LUK kit for £400-500

**Vee Kay five eight foxtrot foxtrot charlie**  is the reg.

thanks in advance .....

(yes I should have remembered to ask andy for the part numbers.....  dang it  )

General Discussion Area / a second "new to us Vx " today.....
« on: 14 April 2017, 07:53:44 »
Damn, seems i'm insane,    or returning to Vx is a slippery slope....
Just put deposit on a little 58 plate Corsa CDTi SXi A/C for the wife to learn to drive in. 

off to pick it up today ....

it has CD70 sat nav !!!    factory fitted !!

what can I do about phone ( bluetooth ) with that system ???

Omega Gallery / the insignia .....
« on: 14 April 2017, 07:42:08 »

General Discussion Area / Back to Vx
« on: 25 March 2017, 23:25:01 »
Due to being slightly short of the purchase price of an XF sport brake, (being a fussy idiot I wanted a nice one,  with R-sport bits,  under 40k miles, and with jag approved 2 year warranty....  but instead I had to bail out my daughter on her council tax and rent....   to the tune of  three grand....    )   , I just bought a Insignia SRI CDTI Nav , 2.0 , 170PS 6 speed manual   ....   nearly new ,  (under 12 months old, under 10k miles,  from networkQ main VX dealer,  with over 5 years worth of full backed warranty ,  2 from vx, 3 from netQ / dealer  scheme....   with upgrades.... 

So....    Hello Boys......  I'm back from the land of Jaguar....

or nearly....    I'll collect it from dealer in about a week or so.....  once they've done the changes I asked for , and serviced it and so on.....  (and I can only get over to them on saturdays as I now have a day job.....    like normal people do ..... so i'm told....   ) 

pictures will come when I get my grubby mitts on it

General Discussion Area / Musical Update
« on: 05 June 2016, 22:54:08 »
current band,  Live at The Cellar  (used to be the Corn Dolly)  Oxford……

enjoy….  but not for the weak of constitution…..    ;)

General Discussion Area / made some noise ….
« on: 13 November 2015, 01:21:28 »
thought i'd let those of you who enjoy guitar acrobatics enjoy some of this.    these are just me mucking about…….    the band album material is still in production….


General Car Chat / for the first time in over ten years
« on: 31 August 2015, 16:25:52 »
there is no omega on my drive


not sure i am going to hold out long  …….    but we'll see…..   

Wifey has demanded something SMALL to learn to drive in……     she means corsa sized…..   bugger that……    astra sized diesel is as small as i'll go…. 

meanwhile….   quite nice to have a prescott-esque driveway….  even if one of them is knackered ….  now to get rid of the nightmare v6 jag…..    and the son's POS corsa wreck….     so i have room to consider options …..   ;)

meanwhile my wallet is loving the 44+ mpg in the replacement jag…   

My perfect solution would be a 2.2 sport diesel jag estate with sat nav….

but a 3.0 cdti vectra estate is also a definite possibility….. 

cars MUST have sat nav…..    and be relatively (compared to 3.2 Mv6 estate) economical

budget is up to 3k  but i'd rather spend less so i can get something small for the wife as well

current front runner is the one in sheffield..  but no service history and current owner hasn't had it long makes me nervous… and sheffield is bloody long way from oxford.

i'd value any input you may have

Well, it runs….. sort of….    (has suspect head gasket leak on pot 1,  although that hasn't stopped it running …  ,  and loud noise seeming to come from front of engine,  suspect bearing on something,   maybe water pump, maybe crank,  who knows )    it's got MOT….  till early 2016
Sat Nav (tempermental, but mostly working)
NCDC2013 pretty much fully functional
leather interior
Air con….  U/S ,  climate panel may need changing,  only blows cold ish, or partly warm air….    changed HBV ,  no effect….    tried reset….  no real effect…. 

basically it's a rolling project for someone…..

body is pretty solid,  good clean doors  (but boot lid has corroded scratch and usual beginnings under wiped )  one light crease on rear passenger side panel,  and small scrape on drivers rear bumper corner 

HID need polishing

3 years or so ago it had all new OE dampers (MV6 lowered chassis ones supplied by Andy )  and new rear springs,  wishbones (bushes now shot ) , drop links , roll bar bushes,  etc…. 
had new discs and pads earlier this year
and control arms
and water pump

still doesn't drive in a straight line….

about 175k miles and feels it…..   

currently got 2/3rds of a tank of unleaded on board….

(i'm not about to try and drain the tank ……)

2 new front tyres,    rears on legal limit….
comes with 2 full sets of MV6 alloys  (5 spoke slight dish ones)

assorted spare bits  (spare boot carpet,  couple of Dead colour screens ,  spare dead NCDC2013 , and assorted other bits. )

photos seem a bit pointless….  big shiny silver thing……

it's not changed since the following album was taken….

need to fit new crank sensor……   and my spline/torx socket set seems to be missing in action in it's entirety……    turned out both sheds and both cars , no sign of it…..    :(

clearly, minus a working crank sensor i can't just pop out and get one……  Argghhhhh 

if anyone can pop down to berinsfield and rescue me i'd be eternally grateful….

(there's Guinness or tea/coffee  available to hand…..    )

my mobile…. 
Oh seven five ate two 567 six five 9

Omega General Help / Argggh ..... Water pump failure in a big way ???
« on: 26 February 2015, 13:12:16 »
So it's bad if the thing throws off the aux drive belt and you can wobble that pulley above the crank and all the coolant pisses out right ???

Can't find any guides at all to make sure i don't cock this up……

need to get it done today……  so…..    into the wild blue yonder with guess work and a pair of pliers i must venture…. 

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