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General Car Chat / Selling an expensive car
« on: 18 November 2019, 12:27:31 »
So I recently bought a 2017 BMW 340i. Waited a long time for one with the right spec so when this one came up on the BMW used approved site, I put a deposit down and bought it without test driving it.

On the way home after a while I noticed my lower back was hurting but I just assumed (and hoped) I'll play about with seat positions and it'll be fine. I have owned it around a month or so I'm still not comfortable, from as little as 20 mins drive.

So I have decided to sell it. This car is 20k+ so I wanted to ask how you would deal with potential buyers wanting test drives?

Payment I guess would be back transfer only but is it reversible?

General Car Chat / Another Omega in the crusher
« on: 15 September 2019, 14:47:52 »
Yes, my future classic is gone

Seller said he plans to put the engine and tranny in a kit car so that means this car won't live long enough to reach classic status  :(

But the missus is happy its gone

Its a 440i Gran Coupe, one owner, motorway miles etc.

I haven't seen it yet, it's 135 miles away so at least 3 hours drive. Usually I wouldn't even consider it but it has a very good spec and I would only go for it if the price was reduced closer to 20k. Its a used approved from BMW (so one year manufacturers warranty) and it's priced at 23.5k. Actually it's been on there for at least 3-4 months and hasn't sold so either mileage, price or condition (or a combination) is putting people off.

My annual mileage is about 5k so if i kept it 5 years, it would have 75k on a 7 year old car which averages out.

There are lower mileage (20k miles) cars available on autotrader trader but with very basic spec.

Would this (or the fact its a BMW) put you off?

General Car Chat / What to replace the future classic with?
« on: 26 August 2019, 22:21:05 »
I always thought if I had the money, I would buy a Jag XFR or an M/AMG car but now I'm ready to pull the trigger its a very hard decision.

I have gone off the idea of these types of cars now, now I want something newer ('16 + ) under 30k ideally, but still want a big petrol engine, fast (obviously), mid size - I have three young children so Omega size is unnecessary and unwanted. I was thinking along the lines of F30 3 Series or Jag XE-S but some of my friends think 25k is a lot of money and they think I should get a 6 Series GC or Range Rover.

I went to Wales on Saturday to look at a 340i, it was fully loaded but condition wasn't as I expected (or led to believe) for a 3 year old car - my 11y/o Omega was in better nick when I bought it and the dealer wouldn't let me test drive it unless I committed to but it  ::) so I walked away.

So thinking outside the box, other than the three Germans what else can I get for my money? What would you buy?

General Car Chat / Omega replacements- what's yours?
« on: 02 June 2019, 22:16:05 »
After three Omegas I had a Zafira for three years. I hated almost every moment of ownership but looking back it was a solid car, reliable and was very useful when I moved.

Then I had a Vectra 9-3 2.0T for two years. I was happy with it right until the moment it caught fire.  It was a good example and quite rapid.

Now I have come full circle and back in another Omega but it doesn't feel as nice as it used to. The Vectra in drag was a much nicer car to drive and a better place to be in. Slightly unfair comparison because the Omega is twice the age - and still alive!

I think long term I might go German instead of British  :-X

What have you lot replaced or intend to replace yours with?

General Car Chat / My future classic - have I been had?
« on: 19 May 2019, 21:59:34 »

So I thought I bagged this beauty. I was grinning from ear to ear.

Auction ended last Monday, I paid a deposit of 180 via paypal because I couldn't collect the car for a while and didn't want to mess the seller about. He said he was going abroad for a few days and will be back on Friday 17th. But I haven't heard a peep from him since paying the deposit and the number he gave me goes straight to voicemail.  ::)  I reported to paypal but I have to wait until Tuesday to escalate it but I don't know if they can reverse the payment. 

I thought all Omega owners were honest old guys. I guess I was half right  ;D

General Car Chat / I've bagged myself a future classic!
« on: 13 May 2019, 19:33:17 »
I hope its not a money pit!

General Car Chat / Making an insurance claim
« on: 02 May 2019, 21:09:38 »
I have 13 years NCD but I have not protected it  ::)

If I make a claim (fire), will I lose it all?

Car is worth 2.5k

General Car Chat / Thoughts on Jaguar XFR
« on: 12 April 2019, 20:39:59 »
I'm considering buying one of these in 6-12 months.

5.0 V8, 510bhp, sensible insurance (surprisingly) road tax is probably in the 500+ bracket though. Not gonna be great on fuel but not a problem.

I dont expect maintenance to be cheap but how reliable are they? I can probably live with one big bill and service a year.

Or should I get something newer with some warranty but not as fast? E.g. a BMW 340i F30 - I know there's not much love for beemers here but please try to be objective  :-*

20k budget


Cars for Sale & wanted / Wanted - cheap car
« on: 07 April 2019, 15:52:15 »
As above. Preferably with MOT


Omega General Help / Radiator drain plug
« on: 24 October 2015, 16:50:48 »
I replaced my drain plug today with a new one earlier because I suspected the old one was leaking. The old one had a penny washer on it. Did this need to go back on because I didn't refit it.  :-\

Anyway I'm pretty sure this wasn't the source of the leak as the O rings looked good and there was a greasy wet patch above it but time (and a dry day) will tell!

Omega General Help / Key fobs
« on: 13 October 2015, 22:43:15 »
The buttons on my key fob are very stiff. It's a pattern fob that possibly came from ebay. Everything works fine just bloody annoying!

Are there any decent sellers on ebay or do I need to speak to Martin Imber or GM? Just need the outer fob with (softer) buttons.

Omega General Help / Reverse sensors/park pilot question
« on: 08 October 2015, 10:40:35 »
I want to fit reverse sensors to my MV6. I found someone breaking an Elite. What do I need other than the sensors?

General Discussion Area / need to contact mka306
« on: 07 October 2015, 19:13:37 »
He is the fella with the Jade Green Omega. He has left the forum after buying a BMW. Doesn anyone have a contact number/email for him?


Omega General Help / MV6 passenger door mirror not moving up/down
« on: 27 September 2015, 17:33:09 »
But moves left/right fine albeit doesn't sound healthy when doing it. Replaced motor with a known good one but no change. Any ideas?

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