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General Discussion Area / house wiring gone bozwonk!!
« on: 31 July 2019, 18:03:27 »
Trip went last night, during heavy rain. Just the living room circuit. Would not reset, unplugged everything, switched every socket off, still wouldn't. Rented accommodation, landlord got someone out asap, the came a short while ago, apparently its not the sockets, or the trip itself. Apparently major wiring issue, which will necessitate floorboards up, the works.

Not doubting him. But if I lost front braking and the mechanic advised completely replacing them, I'd ask on here before taking the plunge. Anyone add their twopenneth?  :y

General Car Chat / EGR cheaters... how, who, what n where?
« on: 29 July 2019, 00:29:38 »
So what was the last word on these? Used to be there was none, then I seem to think z22se (or similar) ones can be modded to fit. But looking on ebay there seems to nothing available, used to be a bit of a cottage industry, blokes handy with soldering iron making them for forum members, but doesn't seem to be anything about now? Might be in the market for one if anyone's got any recommendations  :y

General Car Chat / Powerrrrrrr....did you ever think?
« on: 20 July 2019, 20:59:39 »
... Lotus have just announced their new Evija hypercar, which will develop 1,973bhp. Yes, I've not accidentally hit two keys at once. that is nearly two thousand horses. Now I remember the venerable 'old' Veyron hitting its 1000bhp+ figure and thinking "wow, that's the same hp as a WW2 Spitfire! Isn't that incredible, that we're here in a road car, it's beyond belief!"

Mid-90s the McLaren F1 hit 600bhp+, and a Lotus Carlton was still the daddy for 4dr saloons at its 377bhp. In comparison with today the F1 seems sedate, the Lotus seems piddly! Of course they're not, they're Earth-shatteringly fast vehicles... Anyone else feel just staggered at the level we have reached? And wonder how much more there possibly is to come?

Omega General Help / Coolant weep musings....
« on: 07 July 2019, 22:30:37 »
Got a big service due, lots of niggles I want to sort. Chiefly a coolant weep - maybe a litre a month/6weeks? Most likely would be oil cooler top plate, however I am not ruling out things like porous or bad hoses, jubbly clips not done up tight enough, etc.. As I only fitted a new rad maybe 6 months ago this adds another potential 'failure point' to the mix. My question is...

Each of the various sensors on the main rad requires a washer/seal ring - should these have been replaced as per crush washers, or was I fine reusing the originals?

General Car Chat / FL rear bumper on heebay
« on: 04 July 2019, 00:40:47 »

Seems a bargain for someone? FL so no interest to me

As always no connection with this item or the seller.

Before walking into the stealer and offering my soul and first born, has anyone got any of the seals n bits n bobs you need for re-sealing the oil cooler plate, surplus?

I should have some grey sealant, and sure I have a few washers kicking around, but can't find the 'right' parts box at present. For reference:

11076852 METAL COOLER O-RING (x4)
93165267 SEALANT  (x1)
12992647 COOLER BRIDGE SEAL (x4)

Ta in advance  :y

General Car Chat / Springs tip for my fellow OOFers...
« on: 22 June 2019, 19:51:43 »
If you're in the market for rear springs.. Ebay isnt showing much up aside form the usual ATP and KYB, the latter seem to be known for fairly short lifespans.. Sachs are OEM for our cars... carparts4less (who are also selling on ebay) have some part number on their site 627720280 .... however I noticed they had a 'special' discount deal on 20% off, so the springs were 73.68, down to 58.94. That discount deal's probably ended by now, but I'm sure there'll be another one along in about 5 mins  ;)

These are the cheapest Sachs springs I've seen, and they're becoming hard to source now.

After the various awkward questions I've been fielding on OOF lately I thought I'd try and 'put something back'  :D  :y

General Car Chat / Overfilling your tank?!
« on: 22 June 2019, 00:40:37 »
So here's a new thing (always learning)...

 'brimming' your tank by giving it a click 'for luck' can damage your carbon canister evap system on modern cars...

So how common knowledge is this? And if you have, how serious is it - have 'stuffed' your evap system irreperably?  :-[ ???

General Car Chat / Oil Cooler Crowsfoot....
« on: 19 June 2019, 15:36:04 »
Simple, but specific question...

Which type of crowsfoot spanner will work on undoing the oil cooler unions at the oil filter?


Open 'flat ended'...
Flare spanner end?...
'8' or '16' sided?

Really dont want to go ordering a set to then discover I can't get enough turn on an 8 sided, or the flare type won't fit in the gap, etc...

Ta in advance  :y

General Discussion Area / tinternets gone up again
« on: 16 June 2019, 13:58:51 »
With talktalk, which aside from the odd restarting of the router, have been very good. However, when we started it was 19.99, however its gone up again to 30. Options? Go with other provider? Any recommendations. I've been told they don't tweak the price, which I'll believe. I'll believe anything.  ;D

Ta in advance lady and gentlemen  :D

Looking over a Volvo C30 2007 1.6 petrol...

after the 'EML' came on (which I later discover rather interestingly isnt technically an EML, but only covers emissions-related engine maladies, there are other dash lights which alerts the driver to other systems issues, which is nice, rather than a single 'umbrella' EML a la Omega that tells you something is wrong somewhere) this had a code reader put on it, which the mechanic alleged to read the EGR being dirty.

Sorted... gladly I said we'll pop the EGR off, give it a clean out, and Robert's your Mother's Brother. However...having trawled through Mr Internet it seems the 1.6 petrols dont have an EGR!! Can anyone with experience of this / Fraud Zetecs confirm this - or advice as to what may be meant by 'EGR' - did they mean another component? Engine runs sweet as a nut, no issues, so I suspect a dirty sensor/similar.

Anyone!? Cant see anything that looks vaguely 'EGR-y' under the bonnet.

PS engine code is B4164S3.

This is in light of Autoglass replacing my screen 4 years ago, and Auto Windscreens fitting another a few days ago.

(Caveat is this may be sucking eggs to many / all of you, however its not a job which occurs every day and so may help future owners avoid a few pitfalls.)

1. Don't try to reuse the rubber.
 This is common enough knowledge, however Autoglass did and it unpeeled itself at 70mph a week later, slapping the side screens, the shock potentially causing a fatal accident.

2. There are two ways to skin a cat / fit a screen
 The first is the Autoglass way, turns out gobbo-ing glue inside the lower, horizontal rubber trim is not the way. If glued in this way when you remove it it has to be peeled, distorted and nearly ripped. This lower portion is left dry...

3. Rubber goes on first
 The plastic 'channels' fit to the glass, once on, so too do the rubber trims. These are not fitted once the screen is on, they won't fit right or stay on.

4. ...sortof
 Because mine removed itself on the A180, I sourced a good used one, removed with massive skill, and was fitted and clipped in right nearly all the way. It can be put in last, but wont ever sit quite right.

5. The glass companies can get the rubber trims
 Yes, they can. Autoglass said they would. Then didn't. Auto Windscreens said they would. And did.  :y If its part of the job, then they will should supply it, end of. Just ask and get them to confirm it, as I did.

6. It's a two man job because the screen dives under the front wing
 I have been told by Autoglass the standard is a 1-man job, the rain sensor is 2-man, because of the extra weight ( :o ) Auto Windscreens say - For a proper job, without fouled paint, 2-man.

7. Lazy vs Better
 Finally, expanding on point 1. the Autoglass version sounds like the rubber trim was left attached to the scuttle plastic, a squidge of glue pushed in, then the screen rested in there, then levered in place. The correct way is as above, all trims and rubber on first, 'hover' it nearly parallel with the car, bring in the lower edge first, tuck just under the wings, then seat the rest in with light fistbumping and pressure. Again the horizontal rubber clips into the channel, not glued...a la Autoglass.

8. Don't let them heat gun it
 The rubber trims will be a bit wobbly from storage. Don't let them or anyone else (eg: if you're doing the job yourself) think theyre doing a good job by getting a heat gun on the rubber to smooth it out. Just leave it once in the car, a length of masking tape and a warm day is enough to let it smooth out over a few hours. Heat gun + windscreen = cracked screen.

Very happy with the Auto Windscreen service, and would recommend them to anyone. At least one thing I had after all the faff and lies from Autoglass 4 years ago, was they at least fitted the screen right. Now it turns out they didn't!

General Car Chat / ULEZ
« on: 08 April 2019, 09:35:17 »
So it's begun, today the launch of London's ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone)

So the premise is to get rid of dirty polluting old cars in The Capital, to help improve air quality.

I throw open the floor... what do we think?

General Car Chat / Stuck with me another year
« on: 30 March 2019, 16:44:29 »
The old girl passed her annual Ministry of Transport health inspection today, then!

Few nigglies, annoyingly a rear spring was cracked... never noticed, and I was under there checking stuff like that only the other week. Sadly that's bye-bye LSC-springs whch I got from an OOF member a number of years ago, they did me about 40k (the fronts are still going strong, mind)

Start pricing up some alternatives, then, now. Boge seem solid offerings.

Front bearing showing marginal signs of wear,  thought that rather odd as that was brand new 4 years ago, genuine KOYO.. hmmm.  ???

206,111 miles and counting!  :)

General Car Chat / Corsa C new key/chip?
« on: 27 January 2019, 23:12:01 »
Hello chaps

My sister has gone and got herself a first car, Corsa C 1.0 12v. Seems a decent one, very low mileage, few niggles, but good for a 15 year old car.

Key started to get a little troublesome, the spare works perfectly. So... whats involved in getting a new key coded? I'd assume it's the same basic setup as a MFL/FL Omega. The physical key works fine, buttons etc, it's just the chip which clearly isn't talking to the immobiliser 100% reliably all the time.

So whats her options of getting a new key coded, anyone fancy the job / recommend anyone?

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