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General Car Chat / 2.0 DTi Cat if anyone still owns one...
« on: 15 November 2019, 10:42:21 »
Just spotted this on my daily trawl through the web...

Genuine GM, bargain! Only thing is you'd need to own the DTi which is about three people in the UK, isnt it?  ;D

Omega General Help / Problem after problem after...
« on: 15 November 2019, 07:58:46 »
Without boring the bits off you all, suffice it to say my car's been in bits more than assembled over the last few weeks, and Miss DBG needs it for work 'tomorrow' each time, so pressure's always on to make sure she's running.

Fuel pump, sparks, oil n filters, done recently. Brand new DIS pack (last night) HTs with 4 years on them, always runs on Tesco Ultimatum and currently has a bottle of redex in the tank.

Slow to start today, and has started to get a bit slower recently. Fast turnover, good starter/alternator, but exactly the same as the other week when the fuel lines were purged. So I'm diagnosing FPR non-return valve is getting tired. Everyone concur? Just before I source another car part wanted everyone's opinions.  :y

General Car Chat / Well, that was fun!...
« on: 11 November 2019, 09:20:27 »
Last week my seven month old Catalytic converter started in touch with the retailer, they sent me another one out,

Because the car is in daily use I had the weekend only to do the job...then other half got called into work on Sat, and it was chucking it down, I was at work Sunday, finished at 3pm, get home, someone parked in such a way we couldnt quite get the car on the front garden patch of tarmac. So from 4pm till 7.30ish scrabbled around in the gutter, with the car not nearly high enough to do the job.

The replacement they sent, though from the same make (BM Cats) theyve changed the design,so for a pedant like me they now no longer 'match' no head shield any more, though the cat itself seems to have a painted finish - odd, also the flange to manifold looks to be an inferior design with larger holes without as much 'purchase' for the (soft metal) manifold nuts, the middle bracket is also a weaker design. The genuine GM gasket is in the bin, I guess they can't/shouldn't be reused.

::) Ah well! Then sat scraping off sealant to redo the scuttle, which is leaking causing a misfire.. until 10.30pm. this a one-off, or has BM cats' quality fallen off a cliff, too? The NS cat has only been on about a month, so if that starts grumbling in May I'll let you all know!


as may have been mentioned elsewhere, one of my lovely cats which I fitted when the weather was dry and warm has now failed  >:(, a new one has been sent out but this means (unless I can get away with it?) chucking the 7-month-old genuine Vx gasket in the bin. I have one spare, luckily, however I want one or two 'in stock' especially as the other cat may fail in a few months, who knows?

Ta in advance. I know aftermarket ones few quid on the 'bay, but trying to go genuine as it will - ahem - last (not in this case, it seems!)  :y

Miss DBG had cause to perform an emergency stop today, as the van and trailer ahead of her suddenly parted company. The thing wasn't attached properly. She opens the window as bloke walks over to the trailer asks "are you alright?" to which she gets a fairly nasty "yeh, why woulnd't I be?"  :o 'well, because your trailer just very nearly caused an accident' would be the answer.
The thing was clearly overloaded, the bloke has zero concept or remorse for what had transpired. As my Missus is still sat there with hazards on, as this mess is cleared up what's going the other way?...

...a PANDA CAR! Which promptly spins round, and ask Miss DBG what's happening. She relays the tale, of a poorly secured load, overloaded trailer, the need for an emergency stop - clocks her uniform (nurse) and learns that had there been an accident that's a written off car, not to mention a dozen elderly and vunerable people which wouldn't be seen today in the community (potential for missed medication/early warning signs of underlying health issues etc missed and so on) and the guy's attitude was also noted. Mr Plod took a dim view of this, and went for a nice wee chat with the van driver...

Not often we see a bit of justice in the universe, but ruddy nice when it does happen!  :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / WDT: Fuel pump asap - early type
« on: 04 November 2019, 07:28:05 »
with the spade connectors - alternatively a length of loom from a donor car that I could hack some spades on so I can clip my connectors onto it!


Bosch 0 580 314 097
90442402 Vauxhall
93181358 (saab)
90 412 220 Chevrolet
8 15 001 Opel

obviously walk into a motor factors - but if anyone's got on in the midlands-ish area I will gladly drive out to collect today  :)

Omega General Help / Oohh dear... not starting!
« on: 30 October 2019, 08:21:16 »
First thing this morning nice and chilly she wouldn't start. Turning over fast like a good 'un, starter and battery clearly very good. Immediately think...

1 Crank sensor
2 Fuel pump
3 Fuel pump fuse / Relay

1 Been good as gold not started 'dickey' at any point
2 Car at 20 litres, if fuel pump was on its way out would have started with a struggle, but eventually fired, getting progressively worse as fuel level drops.
3 Tried swapping fuse 19 with headlamp - car started!  ;D

But... Headlamps also worked  ??? Could be a fracture in the fuse, I hear sometimes old fuses can have a crack and can be dickey, but for now happy to assume it's perfectly fine.

I'm thinking crank sensor for now - don't want to send my car out with Miss DBG (who needs it for work reliably ) until I've solved the problem "the car starts" yes, but only through what I can assume pure luck. Equally I don't want to change it 'just because' - then she doesn't start again in a few days I've cured nothing. Am I missing anything else obvious?

General Car Chat / Autovaux Code
« on: 25 October 2019, 16:30:02 »
Just to let all know if you want anything from Autovaux (good site for genuine Vx ex-dealer stock, also now branching out to 'any part for any car' apparently... input code PAY10 at checkout for extra 10%

They very kindly sent me that email after I bought something two days ago!  ::)

'Only' 10% but if you feel that's not an amount of money worth bothering with just pm me and we can arrange 10% of your monthly earnings set up to a direct debit into my bank account  :D

Expires end of the month, chaps n chapesses.  :y

General Car Chat / Code readers... what to buy?
« on: 24 October 2019, 13:28:11 »
As per title, really! Obviously there's the one which shall not speak its name, I seem to hear decent things about Autel, but that's not just one model of course. I would have to work a 1996 Omega V6 and probably a 2007 Volvo C30, ideally be a bit 'futureproofed' for anything else that may appear in the fleet in the coming years, I like to buy good once, not rubbish three times.  :)

Thoughts? Experience? Ta in advance as always  :y

Omega General Help / Autochanger repair?
« on: 15 October 2019, 17:04:55 »
Just decided it will change discs, but won't play any of them... as this is now my third (used) autochanger, I'm not particularly in the market for another used one, because they're just a bit of a ticking time bomb. I have the former two autochangers still kicking about, however. So... anyone any good at repairing these/know of anyone?

I know the answer is 'bah, just replace for a modern head unit, why do you want CDs, you're an old man etc'  :D but I would like to retain my autochanger.

DC012, as per early FLs, by the way that goes with the SC804 head unit.  :y

General Discussion Area / Electrickery musings...
« on: 13 October 2019, 17:16:43 »
Looking at some cheapish n cheerful battery chargers - not bottom end, but don't want to spend hundreds, either. I noticed a Draper (probably their base model) suggests "only suitable for upto 45ah batteries"  ???

now this made me stop in my tracks... I didn't realise this was 'a thing'

How can a charger possibly be underrated for a given job - surely a 1ah charger sticking juice in, for eg: 200ah battery will take a long time, days, whatever, but won't harm the battery?

Explain to me why I've got this wrong?  :D

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / WTD: V6 Hose
« on: 11 October 2019, 17:20:06 »
This is the auxiliary coolant pump lower hose. Part number 90529645 or 90501446

Part Number 8 in the picture (apologies if pic comes out big)

either brand new, or known good used, ideally  :y

Thanks in advance chaps!

General Discussion Area / house wiring gone bozwonk!!
« on: 31 July 2019, 18:03:27 »
Trip went last night, during heavy rain. Just the living room circuit. Would not reset, unplugged everything, switched every socket off, still wouldn't. Rented accommodation, landlord got someone out asap, the came a short while ago, apparently its not the sockets, or the trip itself. Apparently major wiring issue, which will necessitate floorboards up, the works.

Not doubting him. But if I lost front braking and the mechanic advised completely replacing them, I'd ask on here before taking the plunge. Anyone add their twopenneth?  :y

General Car Chat / EGR cheaters... how, who, what n where?
« on: 29 July 2019, 00:29:38 »
So what was the last word on these? Used to be there was none, then I seem to think z22se (or similar) ones can be modded to fit. But looking on ebay there seems to nothing available, used to be a bit of a cottage industry, blokes handy with soldering iron making them for forum members, but doesn't seem to be anything about now? Might be in the market for one if anyone's got any recommendations  :y

General Car Chat / Powerrrrrrr....did you ever think?
« on: 20 July 2019, 20:59:39 »
... Lotus have just announced their new Evija hypercar, which will develop 1,973bhp. Yes, I've not accidentally hit two keys at once. that is nearly two thousand horses. Now I remember the venerable 'old' Veyron hitting its 1000bhp+ figure and thinking "wow, that's the same hp as a WW2 Spitfire! Isn't that incredible, that we're here in a road car, it's beyond belief!"

Mid-90s the McLaren F1 hit 600bhp+, and a Lotus Carlton was still the daddy for 4dr saloons at its 377bhp. In comparison with today the F1 seems sedate, the Lotus seems piddly! Of course they're not, they're Earth-shatteringly fast vehicles... Anyone else feel just staggered at the level we have reached? And wonder how much more there possibly is to come?

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