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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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As header. Looking for a facelift drivers door mirror complete. Bonus would be if it was in old mans gold shade.

Son broke it whilst taking wheeliebin out.


General Car Chat / MOVED: V.M tv
« on: 11 August 2016, 18:37:28 »

Hiya. As per title. If, hopefully, I manage to bag a couple of rims and tyres on fleabay would any member in the Liverpool area be in a position to pay/collect/hold for me pending arranging shipping up here to the grim north?  Any help appreciated.


Just got a text from TB to the effect that he has a power cut at the server for OOF and the backup power supply is getting tired with the result that when it falls over so will the forum until power is back on.


General Discussion Area / Oops
« on: 06 December 2015, 20:23:08 »
Had a bit of a moment earlier today.

Driving my disco downhill into a country town round my way, not fast by any means, and crossed some field run off water. Car went instantly into aqua plane mode and headed for the verge on a slight right hander.

At the last moment tyres broke through surface and met Tarmac which ended up pushing car into opposing lane. Luckily no cars in immediate vicinity but there was a kerb and a stone wall round a farm.  Kerbed both offside but missed wall, thankfully.

Stopped further down to check and both alloys took a doing and front tyre has a gashed sidewall. No leaks but it's scrap and the rim has a buckle in it. Steering wobble became apparent and now gone since spare now on. Tyre only a few months old as well!  Rear will survive but rim needs refinishing.

Glad I was driving and not her otherwise it would have been a lot worse.

Hey ho.  Ho. Ho.Ho....

General Discussion Area / Working as a film 'extra'.
« on: 11 August 2015, 22:55:40 »
Sounds a bit off the wall and also teeing myself up for abuse but - anyone any experience of working as a film extra? 

Got a couple of paying leads to appear in films but dunno the ins/outs/payment/etc.



Looking for an immaculate condition zenon headlight switch please, for a facelift, as well as a consumer delay relay.  Its the yellow one in the loom under/above the fuse block apparently.

Gives a shout of you can assist.



General Discussion Area / Here's one for you
« on: 05 January 2015, 20:47:44 »
As some of you know I now pass my 'working' week driving for a landrover main dealer.

One of the techs asked me to post a package for him this afternoon seeing as I was passing the post office anyways.

Turns out one of the other techs was carrying out substantial engine work to a disco and discovered a mobile phone jammed in between the engine and bulkhead. Phone was flat but after a few mins on the charger it fired up and said something like, 'locked - please email   

So they did.

Turns out phone was lost over a year ago and owned by - a landrover tech at a main dealer in London and recalls working on that car. Surprising that it has lodged there for so long and survived as well as being found by a fellow tech.

It's a funny old world, right enough!   ;D

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