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Aluminium Headlight Adjusters For Vauxhall / Opel Omegas

Post 1998 headlights (manufactured by Hella) have a plastic internal adjuster which is made from a material called PBT and is highly prone to breaking.

Once the adjuster has snapped the headlights can 'bounce' or 'wobble' and don't point in the correct direction. if this has happened to you I'm sure your aware how annoying it is! This could also result in an MOT failure.

The GM group or Hella do not make this component as a spare part, headlights with broken adjusters need the complete unit replaced at a large cost.

The broken internal adjusters can be replaced with the aluminium components sold here.

The components are machined from aluminium alloy billet and are supplied as singles, enough for one headlight. The parts are a slightly different shape from the original, this was done to ease machining and hence reduce the cost. Although the shape is slightly different they will work in exactly the same way but they are much stronger in both their design and the material from which they are made.

The adjuster is good for one headlight either driver or passenger side they are 12 each and are shipped first class recorded delivery (2.00 to UK mainland, 10 Worldwide). The postage cost is the same how ever many parts you need.

A detailed description for fitting the parts can be found HERE

The fitting procedure is simple, if you follow the instructions, to change the adjuster in a single unit took me about and hour.

If you want these parts either PM me or email me at

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