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General Discussion Area / Ancestry
« on: Yesterday at 22:35:14 »
Lord Opti & STEMO can rest easy, not OOF ones, but past relatives. :P

I never met either of my grandads as one died at 59 from a hemorrhaged aneurysm but I've learn't a fair amount about him including finding his WWI military record.

My other grandad was a Petty Officer in the RN, fought in the Battle of Jutland and suffered from PTSD which got progressively worse along with his violence in the 1920s. He volunteered to go in a mental hospital where he spent the rest of his life where like so many in that era it was a case of out of sight and forgotten. Many RN records were destroyed in the Blitz and so I know nothing about his military record, as it was blank result when I searched, until today. I was discussing on Twitter PTSD with some veterans, when somebody associated with a Battle of Jutland Crew Association asked for his name & has come back with a record and detail which certainly looks a likely fit from the details which I will now check and try to verify. If it is then he served on the light cruiser HMS Caroline during the Battle of Jutland and it is the only surviving ship from the battle and now a floating museum in Belfast. If it all adds up then I will have to pay a visit to the ship and walk on the decks and what must have been a familiar work & living place for him. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / State owned and placed malware
« on: 12 August 2018, 14:53:13 »
The Russian PM Medvedev yesterday warned the US against further sanctions due to the chemical warfare attack on the UK. The US due to their international obligations are legally bound to punish any state that breaks international law by using chemical weapons. US Congress in now debating a new law with more punitive sanctions against Russia. The Russian PM has said they will consider this an economic attack on Russia and will retaliate using any means they see fit to use including unconventional ones. You can take this to mean from their attacks multiple times on Ukraine which is a Russian cyberwar testing ground, this will involve placed malware, including power distribution control systems, Internet routers including domestic broadband ones. I was in Ukraine in June 2017 during such an attack that took down their countries airline booking systems and their banks financial systems including their ATM systems. The first thing I knew about it was when I couldn't withdraw any money ready for my trip the following day back to Kyiv's Borispol airport or check in and get my flight boarding pass. These are real attacks affecting many people. Several weeks a go the CIA and FBI detected Russian malware being placed on US routers and requested that SMEs and domestic Internet users to power down all their routers and reboot them to remove the malware they had detected.

We know this from Facebook, probable illegal, sharing of data with Cambridge Analytica and at least one Israeli company they have links to the Russian and Chinese (through Hong Kong front companies) intelligence. Both countries have heavily invested in US tech companies through anonymous front companies for espionage and influence reasons. Again we know from Cambridge Analytica that one of their favourite data collection sources for profiling 'subjects' are quizzes and even better online surveys. If you do either you are not only profiled by the US tech company advertising affiliates, but also by Russian and Chinese intelligence for use in targeted active measures propaganda profiled political adverts but also their useful fool front websites whose SEO ranking is boosted through botnets linked to social media and these routes will be used in cyber warfare attacks in the future. Through advertising profiling we know Facebook makes on average $50 a month for each UK user and $80 in the US. Other US tech companies will be earning similar amounts.

Two things: If something is free you are the product and being forewarned is being forearmed in an area that is likely to turn very nasty over the next six months or so.

General Discussion Area / STEMO's day in the countryside
« on: 09 August 2018, 18:17:11 »
It was a hot. sunny, summers day.

What better way to spend it than out with friends in the countryside.

He couldn't resist showing off all his tyre swing skill as all his friends sheepishly looked on with indifference.....

 ;D ;D ;D

Warning over 18's content.

I guess after 8 hours of moshing, in Germany, they are both feeling like 16 year olds again. ;D ;D ;D

Go on own up. Which of you was humping and the other thumping? ::) ::) ::) :P :P :P ;D ;D ;D

An analysis of all of the games and referee decisions

General Discussion Area / Lord Opti's & STEMO's German day out.
« on: 06 August 2018, 21:44:24 »
Confused, but enjoying themselves so much, they didn't want to go home. :P :P :P

Again an MP and her brother both charged with perverting the course of justice over speeding. :( :( :(

General Discussion Area / The heatwave and caring for animals
« on: 24 July 2018, 18:33:37 »
Many are aware of the problems and make sure there animals are kept in a cool place and given extra water. :y

Sadly, the message had not been absorbed and acted upon by a rotund admin and the poor OOF hamster pounding away on its power wheel collapsed this afternoon from heat exhaustion and took down the OOF server with it. :'( The poor hamster in its confusion trying to find some water, mistook the hard disc array for this and chewed away in earnest trying to get a drink, which destroyed the latest OOF threads. :o

I'm sure the unnamed admin will be on here later to let us know if the poor hamster survived and if so, whether it will make a full recovery and if he has been able to piece together the chewed up bits of the hard disc to restore the lost data. :D

11 the UK government saying they won't stand in the way of two UK ISIS fighters being tried in the US where they can face the death penalty. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / It's raining....
« on: 21 July 2018, 00:24:37 »
...cats and dogs here, but my dry grass needs it. :y

General Discussion Area / Novichok claims first UK victim
« on: 08 July 2018, 22:38:55 »
The woman recently poisoned has died. :'(

A review of a book that discusses this and raises this as an issue.

I'm reading at the moment Flash Point by the eminent geostrategist George Friedman, who thinks it is not a matter of; if the EU will collapse, but when and Europe's history for the last 500 years has been one of many European nations at war with each other in its bloody history which has largely but not entirely been on pause since 1945.

Much will depend not only on the geopolitics of the member countries but whether NATO survives and if the US continues to offer Europe security guarantees (which might be withdrawn as quickly as this month by Trump to some European countries at July's NATO summit, where Trump has ordered the Pentagon to draw up plans to remove all 35,000 US forces from Germany and Poland has offered $$$bns for US bases there as a buffer against Russian expansionism). Then there is what role aggressive revisionist Russia plays, increasing global dominant aggressive Communist China, any US deterrence and how strong the European armed forces will be from the current largely pitiful levels, including the UK's when preserving European countries against each other and the other competing global powers. There is no doubt the 1945 rules based system which has provided the West's tremendous wealth and democracy is in decline and may well at short notice collapse.

History tells us that political and military vacuums encourages other expansionist powers to take advantage and fill the vacuum. The Middle East is currently an example of this with US withdrawal, Russian involvement and proxy wars between the competing regional powers of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel being played out in wars in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and terrorism from Palestine in Israel, along with Hezbollah, ISIS and Al Qaeda.

If people, politicians and geostrategist are increasingly thinking of this as a likely outcome, so must we and our politicians as it will inevitably affect us and that might be at a minimum through falling European and global trade to a full blown war between competing Europe states against each other or Europe being the centre of competing global actors. There is also the issue of demographics, where we don't breed enough to replace ourselves and mass migration and their long term effects on European society is one of it results, where we need the work forces to provide Europe's pensions, health and social security systems.

With all of these competing factors what is certain is that over the next 20-30 years, which will include most of us on OOF, is that Europe is going to change considerably and probably not for the better. It certainly looks likes all Europeans are going to living in increasingly interesting times.

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