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General Discussion Area / Urgent need to know
« on: 28 December 2018, 13:11:49 »
Especially STEMO. :P :P :P

Easter eggs are now in the shops. :o :o :o

Go and get yours now before Brexit. :P :P :P

General Discussion Area / Aldi 3D printer 50 discount
« on: 19 December 2018, 19:45:47 »

I don't know if it is any good or not or if it's good value for money, TB can probably advise, but entering PRINTER50 gives the discount.

General Discussion Area / 48 letters delivered?
« on: 12 December 2018, 07:23:02 »
Press are suggesting so, with 1922 chairman visiting May later today with the good news (for us) I hope. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / History always new things to learn
« on: 08 December 2018, 07:00:09 »
These pre-WWII letters show that the UK was helping persecuted Jews to escape from Hitler's, short lived, expanding empire before WWII.

General Discussion Area / Trump is mullered by Mueller using Cohen
« on: 30 November 2018, 00:32:04 »
Michael Cohen today agreed to a full cooperation agreement with Special Investigator Mueller. Trump now urgently needs a sphincter control plan. Has STEMO got any advice?

Where money laundering has been a way of life for the Trump mobster crime clan along with people trafficking, what is coming to light now is that he views & uses his position as President for new revenue streams the most important of which is selling US foreign policy & interests. Several countries have found this arrangements very beneficial but not cheap. If you aren't personally offering him or members of his family at least $100m then he can't help. $250, $500m, $1bn or more then he will do his best to help. This access & service are of interest to liberal regimes like China, Russia & Saudi Arabia, who have been Trump clients or potential clients, but as a poor business person as usual, at best all he has been able to deliver are poor or mixed results due to Trump being constrained by Congress who have more conventional foreign policy plans. The Democrats winning the Congressional house & taking the chair and majority members on many Congressional oversight committees in January is going to add to 2019 being another year of living in interesting times.

There have been a few minor technicalities like the deals being illegal, but that has never bothered Trump in the past, where he has been able to evade or buy off any problems until now & the Mueller relentless investigation and slow moving legal steamroller which he can't divert from taking the course of justice. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Save 20 on ALDI air compressor
« on: 20 October 2018, 22:09:15 »
You can reduce the Aldi air compressor to 59.99 + 3.95 in the Aldi online shop. When buying online select voucher code option on the basket and type COMPRESSOR20

Replacing a hdd in an old XP system where the disc is gradually failing that I use for several useful local utilities which run poorly under later versions of Windows.


Committee of MP's want sale of new fossil fueled car ban brought forward 8 years to 2032.

UK currently uses about 53Gwh of electricity per day.

We use about 1,559,000 barrels of oil per day where around 70% (USA percentage) is used by motor vehicles and there are on average 1,700kwh of energy in a barrel of oil. So in this new era of electric cars we will be using 1,559,000 x 0.7 x 1,700,000Wh = 1,855,000,000,000wh or 1855Gwh with our current peak generating capacity of about 60Gwh, so current generating capacity is 1/31 of what is going to be required in 25 years time, so nothing to see here, no problems with coping with the extra demand, oh no. :o :o :o

In 25 years time almost all fossil fueled cars will have be remanufactured into beans cans. With UK's impressively fast planning and infrastructure building record and power companies being reluctant to invest in new generating capacity, everything should be just fine here, so nothing to worry about. :o :o :o

This is a good argument with the changes that are going to occur is the 2020s where it might very well be the case.

General Discussion Area / Unplanned waterfall in my house.
« on: 08 October 2018, 19:32:16 »
The central heating overflow tank has been overflowing and disturbing me at night in these high winds where the water can be blown onto the ensuite shower window and window sill. I ordered a new ball valve up last week and fitted it yesterday. As the house is 41 years old and this is the first time it has been replaced I thought it might be awkward to do, but it all went very smoothly. Turned the water back on checked to make sure there were no leaks from the tank joints or adjacent cold water tank, another job, jobbed. :y So I thought. :-[

During the night when I went to the toilet I stepped on a wet bit of carpet and found water running down the wall and on the inside of the builtin wardrobe door frame. Put a bucket underneath to catch the water, went up into the loft checked all the joints, that the expansion tank and main cold tank were dry and couldn't see any other leaks, with the raised boards the tanks are on being bone dry, so I left it until this morning.

Again checked everything and then went to the awkward to reach part where all the pipes go under the floor to the airing cupboard. I could then feel wet rockwool insulation, so pulled this away and could see water dripping from the main outlet pipe from the main cold water tank. Traced this along with my hand and couldn't find a leak but did notice some corrosion on a pipe resting on this pipe. Run my finger along the corrosion felt a lump of pipe fall away and saw a big jet of water. Rushed down starts turned the cold water off grabbed a bucket and a bailer, turn on the cloakroom washbasin taps and bathroom taps as I went upstairs rapidly, confirmed my bedroom now had an unplanned waterfall feature through the ceiling and got back into the attic with my bucket and bailer rapidly. Traced the leaking pipe back and found it was the central heating internal expansion overflow pipe. The expansion tank was still about half full, so I was able to bail about 2/3 of a bucket of water out of it.

Where the pipe is so awkward to get to I decided to cut it several inches below the leak and replace the section of pipe. On inspection the pipe has a double fatigue fracture in it with further metal corrosion problems around what was a 7x5mm hole. :o, This fracture could have let go at anytime, so it could have been much worse if that had happened during the night or when I wasn't at home.

I've used a soldered joint for joining the new top section to the existing pipe as I could do that in my garage and a compression joint for the other one as it saved me partially draining the central heating system and also because the joint is in the vicinity of the plastic cold water tank, plastic overflow pipe, and a couple of roof joists. Water back on, the pipe is dry as a bone, so just got to wait for the ceilings and carpets to dry and I will then replace, re-artex and repaint as necessary.

The corrosion on the pipe suggests it has been weeping slightly for sometime and me disturbing it, replacing the ball valve, making the leak worse. :(

How do we know? As one of the GRU Skripal hackers exposed by the Dutch has been traced via his passport and car registration with his work address and there are 305 cars on a public register with the same address. ;D ;D ;D

It is like the GRU agents that poisoned the Skripals the special passport numbers have been found to be a complete block of special passports that have exposed many GRU agents and their Western travels, blowing their cover. ;D ;D ;D

Russia might be the best at psyops and disinformation, but their other trade craft less so and their use of 'incrimination photographs' even worse with many traced to old events, different news stories, lifted from computer games or Micky Mouse standard Photoshopped images. :-[ :-[ :-[ ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / 259 people taking uncool selfies....
« on: 04 October 2018, 16:36:06 » they managed to kill themselves in the process. :o

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