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The Benn Act forces Boris Johnson through threats and coercion to ask for an Article 50 extension with him being threatened with court action, possible contempt proceedings and jail, where he has said he would rather be dead in a ditch than do so.

Watch the 5 minute video and then let us know your thoughts on whether it is compliant with Article 51 of the Treaty of Vienna which is known as the Treaty on treaties.

General Discussion Area / F1 Spolier
« on: 29 September 2019, 23:26:14 »
Yet again, cheating Vettel showing he has no class & karma can certainly be a bitch when it bites straight back. ;D ;D ;D Where he stopped so VSC was deployed it gave Mercedes a free pitstop & a race win and second.

Where Vettel is the error strewn past, Charles LeClerc is showing he is their future number one. Will Vettel be dumped at the end of the season or when his contract runs out at the end of 2020? ::)

General Discussion Area / Escalating violent retail crime
« on: 10 September 2019, 20:21:07 »
Where this country is descending towards South Africa in terms of violent crime & murder rates, where you are killed & then mugged as it is quicker & easier. In London a new trend is heading in that direction where they now tazer you & rob you so you can't fight back. >:( 25% of house burglaries in London are now carried when one or more resident is in the property where they target the old, disabled & ill. >:( London murder rates are now one every two to three days. >:(

Retailers are increasingly on the frontline with a rapid rise of violent shoplifting, attacks, threats & violent robberies, so for every 1000 shops there are now almost 1500 serious crimes against them each year. All of the political parties are soft on crime & its causes & the Tories are talking about no jail for any sentence of less than 6 months, I'm not sure anything will be done until we are like South Africa. >:(

Where I live in a small town of 20,000, burglaries are rising as is street crime & antisocial behaviour. I know several people that have had expensive cars stolen with wide area keys used, along with several almost new motorbikes. >:(

General Discussion Area / Corbyn-Hammond Pact
« on: 03 September 2019, 06:30:04 »
Just the latest attempt by the EU dictatorship to turn the UK into their first colony. Irony of this being the week of 80th anniversary of the Ribbentrop-Molotov 'Peace Treaty' which unleashed the joint dual invasion and joint elimination of Poland as a country so it becomes a Germanic-Russian colony, province & imperial plunder area is not lost on me. While the elimination of the UK as a country is being battled by those Poundland remainer imperialists in parliament who stand to gain by prossed EU lagress by turning the UK into a Germanic-French colony, EU province & EU imperialist area plunder area is not lost either. >:( >:( >:(

This week is a critical week for the survival of the UK and our democracy with the latest remainer shenanigans described here:

UK democracy is now on the line. Will Boris prevail and Brexit survive or will Corbyn Marxist vision prevail, with EU geopolitical help?

General Discussion Area / Accident prone Russian military
« on: 12 August 2019, 21:09:04 »
In the last two weeks there have been two spectacular ammo dump explosions, one through unknown causes & the other by a lightning strike & the failure of a missile test with an explosion & radiation leak that killed 5 scientists & 2 military observers with rumours there it was a failure of its lightweight nuclear reactor where it is the nuclear powered cruise missile that Putin has been recently bragging about. :o :o

...I had better replace it before the autumn.

Yesterday morning it was freezing where the radiators hadn't come on, so I had to turn it right up so they did & the same this morning although it wasn't as cold, but I had to turn it up even further to get the radiators hot.  ::) ::) ::)

General Discussion Area / Anybody on here upset Thor?
« on: 24 July 2019, 03:01:18 »
He was very active last night from about 10pm until almost 3am this morning. Cloud to cloud lightening, plenty of thunder & loads of torrential rain. I do enjoy a good storm as long as I'm not out in it. 8) :y

STEMO has been sitting on the edge of his sofa, dashing out to get his dog trimmed, so he didn't miss this report, but fear not you didn't miss much as the effects span over 100's of millions of years. :P ;) ;D

General Discussion Area / Aldi electronic fly swat
« on: 23 July 2019, 03:05:38 »
I bought this as a bigger hand fly swat where it is shaped like a miniature tennis racket for 4.99. Inserted the PP3 battery in the handle & boy does it move removing annoying flies to the next level. Fly on the window slowly place the bat against the window with it trapped & press the button on the handle & disturb them so they try to fly off, catch them in mid flight or turn on the light to attract them to in the room & then trap them in the light & press the button.

When they touch the HT grid & the outer earthing frame there is a satisfying electric arc, crackle & smell of ozone burning fly, tap it over the bin, to remove the dead fly from the racket, job done. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Canadian F1 GP (Spoiler)
« on: 09 June 2019, 21:35:27 »
Same old, same old.

Pressure, crack with mistake, unsafe driving penalty, throw toys out pram again.  ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Well done....
« on: 09 May 2019, 23:50:48 » the 4 EPL football teams who have made it through to the Champions League & Europa League finals. :y :y :y It makes 52% of us, yet again proud to be British*  :y :y :y

*People of the United Kingdom & Northern Ireland.

General Discussion Area / Happy Holidays
« on: 22 April 2019, 02:02:51 »
I hope you have all had a great Easter holiday. :y :y :y

Christmas next, so wishing you a great Christmas. :y :y :y

You know you needed this yuletide tonic, you really do. :P :P :P ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / The changing face of UK politics.
« on: 17 April 2019, 20:25:51 »
Unlike in most of Europe the Brexit safety valve has mean't we have carried on voting for our hard-left party Labour & our centre-left party the Conservatives rather that turn to hard left & right extremes with them getting about 80% of the votes in the 2017 GE. Both promised to respect the EUref result by taking us out of the EU & both have failed to do so which has badly damaged our democracy & our world standing. The Conservative's under Cameron & May both tracked the Tory party left chasing Labour & LibDem votes & gave us the referendum to neuter UKIP & the very big danger that they posed to the Conservatives in the 2015 GE by promising an EU referendum. Cameron was expecting another hung-parliament coalition with the LibDems who would stop the EUref. Quelle Horreur the Conservatives won with a majority & had no choice after his Lisbon Treaty Ref. cop out which did much damage at the time to gave us the referendum.

Osborne thought the referendum was a stupid idea & was against but went along with his PM pal, so it happened & Cameron fell on his sword. The whole referendum story is covered very well by The Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman in his book "All Out War" which I highly recommend & his followup book on Brexit which covers up to & including her 2017 GE "Fall OUt" which I've got but haven't read yet. The positioning of the electorate on a Gaussian curve mean't the all the 3 main parties were chasing the the same left of centre votes as described in detail in the link below:

This mean't that with Farage leaving UKIP had the right vote to themselves, but they have stupidly repositioned themselves as a far right party & invited the EDL to join their party. This means they have now positioned themselves as the far right of the curve which has a very low glass ceiling, so they will always be a minor kook right party. May, Corbyn & their MPs betrayal of Brexit has created a level of voter anger I never seen before in this country, even the poll tax caused no where near as much. The centre right was vacant again at Farage made a very good speech at the Leave Means Leave Parliament Square protest on how he was reentering politics, where Brexi had been betrayed & he was going to put the fear of god up the current MPs with his political revolution, with a new centre-right party which was finally launched last week very successfully with conferences & videos of the events. Since The Brexit Party website went live 3 weeks or so a go 100k+ have registered an interest, including me, & they have raised of 750k in small donation of up to 500. Farage told us he had put a bet of 1000 at 3-1 that he wins the 23rd May Euro elections with the most votes. After the launch last weekend they polled at 15% & UKIP at 14%. Today the latest YouGov poll gave us these voting intentions:

BREX: 27%
LAB: 22%
CON: 15%
GRN: 10% (TB Party) :P
LDEM: 9%
UKIP: 7%
CHUK: 6% (shorely this party of Allen & Sozzbry has missed a C out 'CHUCK') ;D

I wouldn't be surprised to see BREX top 30% before 23rd May. So the UK political realignment begins & although you can never right off our most successful party The Tories, I'm not convinced they will react in time to become a minor party at best & extinct at worst. I think Cameron's boosting of CCHQ power over local associations, where they parachuted in approved lists of candidates over local selection has been a disaster, where this is where many of the left-wing progressive, wet, remain candidates that have caused so many problems have come from. They are currently mooting Hammond or Rudderless as uniting PMs or a Boris/Rudd dream ticket, but before they can even think of this, they have got to break the Limpet like grip of that waste of good oxygen, PM May has on this office.

What is certain the 2 incumbent CON/LAB party grip on the UK political scene for the last 100 years is now over & we are entering a new era. May's threat of vote for us is now meaningless, because there is The Brexit Party alternative & where many, after Mays Brexit talks, now view Corbyn as May's deputy PM. :-[

This important Pacific battle is overshadowed by the Battles of Midway & Coral Sea, but was an important airborne battle & allied victory which eased the threat of a Japanese invasion of Australia. :y

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