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Omega General Help / Omega A Digital Pannel code 156.
« on: 01 March 2015, 20:49:40 »
i have a 1993 Chevrolet Suprema 3.0 Automatic,  Brazil manufactured Vauxhall Carlton estate.

i am investigating trouble codes in the car,
Using the 10 pin ALDL connector, bridging A to B, the check engine light flashes code 12 then 31...for me this is normal without engine running.
Bridging A to C, the transmission sport mode light flashes 12 then 33 then 65,
Bridging A to D, the Digital instrument pannel vehicle speed indicator shows 12 flashing 3 times then 156.

does any one have a table showing the various codes for the different systems for this car?


Omega General Help / DTC code 250
« on: 27 February 2015, 14:25:18 »
hi guys,
i had removed the 6 pin injection relay (as a theft deterrent) and forgot to reinstall it, i tried to start the car and then realised that it was missing, installed it and tried to start again, this time the battery contact was bad and i just got the click from the starter and the digital instrument pannel blanked out, cleaned the battery terminals and no more problem, drove normally for some time then the Transmission sport mode light started flashing, i restarted the engine and it was normal again. One thing i did also while stopped, i checked the CTS voltage to ensure the sensor was sending the correct signal (i`ve been having fuel consumption issues), with the engine running, the connector was unplugged, to my surprise the engine raced off on its own and settled back to idle, the check engine light came on and when i reconnected the CTS connector, the check engine light went off. I have an "My Naff Code Reader" diagnostic (16 pin) with a 10 pin ALDL adapter cable, i checked the engine codes and got codes 15 followed by 250, the transmission had no DTC`s.

Can any one offer some support in what this code 250 is?

thanks guys

Omega General Help / C30NE Setting camshaft and distributor timing
« on: 22 October 2014, 22:02:09 »
hi guys,
i have a C30NE engine (12V) and i would like to clarify the correct timing of this engine, should the crank rotation sensor should line up with the region of the crank pully (that has the gear like notches) where it is missing a notch, ie a space where there should have been 2 notches/ teeth, and #1 piston at TDC and the distributor rotor has a notch on the tip of the rotor should line up with a notch on the distributor housing in the region of #1 cylinder spark plug wire.

currently the crank rotation sensor lines up with the crank pully (region that misses a notch) when the distributor rotor points to # 5 cylinder spark plug wire...  the engine starts and runs (easy for a Motronic 1.5 system that pulses the injectors in banks: 1+2+3 together then 4+5+6 together and the coil sends the spark respective of engine RPM which the rotor directs to the appropriate spark plug... when revved, it revvs well, but when held at a constant revv above idle, there is a serious missfire problem with rather frequent exhaust backfires,  the oxygen sensor signal fluctuates from 0.18V to 0.89 V, the engine idles smoothly, spark plugs were checked for spark (injectors unclipped, plugs put onto plug wires and the engine cranked), plugs cleaned with carb cleaner and gap set to 0.035" and reinstalled), fuel pressure was not checked (awaiting delivery of a fuel pressure testing kit), though has battery voltage at the pump +ve terminal

does any one have access to a workshop manual on setting the timing correctly???


hi guys,
i have recently moved to brasil and purchased a Omega A wagon (Left hand Drive) aka Chevrolet Suprema for the brasil market, it is a 1993 model year (again brasil market),  it has the C30NE engine with a 4L30e auto tranny.... though well conserved, it has issues, searching online i was able to find the procedure for checking the engine computer fault codes with the flashing of the check engine light,  however occasionally the tranny goes into limp home mode and the sport mode light flashes....  as this happens i was instructed to switch off the engine and restart, doing this the problem goes away for some time... i am wondering if it is possible to retreive the fault code from the tranny computer when this happens....  can any one direct me to a procedure?

thanks guys
Ω`s  4 Life... never owned anything else!!!!


Omega General Help / Omega A C30NE spark plugs
« on: 26 June 2014, 03:13:28 »
does any one know what spark plugs can be used on the Omega A C30NE  engine, it runs only on gasoline,  the owners manual specifies BPR6HS spark plugs, but these are hard to find....

i am asking for some assistance concerning my Omega B  GL, a 2.0L 16V X20XEV engine with auto tranny,

i currently frequent brasil and they have the Omega A models there, a SOHC 2.0 / 2.2, SOHC I6 3.0L and a chevrolet I6 4.1L engines, 
from my research, it appears that when GM revised the Omega A to the Omega B model in Europe around 1994, they sent all the Omega A manufacturing equipment to Brasil to manufacture the Omega A as a brand new model for the 1993 model year to 1998, after which the omega model car was imported directly from Australia... i think it was the current model commodore from Australia at that time (all came with the V6 engine)..

can any one tell me if the components from the Omega A and Omega B are similar / same, in refference to front shock absorbers and associated parts (shock heads and dust boots etc), front lower control arm and ball joint, steering components /  linkages ( note brasil is LHD and my omega is RHD), propeller shaft Cardan Rubber (the rubber substitute to the conventional universal joints), rear shock absorbers, rear control arms (mine has adjustment for rear toe)

also i recently started using Valvoline High mileage oil in my engine and there started some oil leaks from the engine, most annoying is oil dripping onto the hot exhaust next to the rear of the engine and burning...

my A/C compressor has a leak, a red Dye was put into the system and i can see drops of oil accumulating on the body of the compressor, and with time the oil disappears (as if it evaporated, confirming that it is refrigerant lubricant and not the powersteering fluid).. occasionally a knocking sound was heard from the compressor and this stopped immediately as A/C lubricant was injected into the A/C system>>>> i`d like to know what model Compressor can work on my engine (considering i may not be able to source a genunine part).. the Sanden 508 is a easy obtainable compressor...
can you give me some advice or direct me to someone that has the info i seek...
much regards

Omega General Help / Omega 2.0 16v X20XEV Ecotec Problems
« on: 03 July 2011, 15:19:13 »
Hi, does any one have any advice on the following issues..

1. my throttle response does not match how i depress the accelerator...there is like a mis fire before it check engine light comes on, drives normally after this missfire(every time the accelerator is depressed), on one occasion the engine cut out twice on me trying to climb an elevationto get into a parking spot. i hear a small exhaust leak from the exhaust manifold on the has new BOSCH plugs in, a high volume air filter (did not have this trouble when the air filter was installed and the car has been only driven for less than 5K Km before this problem)

2. when i rev the engine and release the accelerator, i hear a "thuck" sound emminating from the area of the a/c compressor, i do not hear this when the a/c is switched off...

3. on the dash board ( GL model), when i switch on the a/c, the indicator light for the a/c switch does not illuminate, but the compressor runs when the switch is pressed and switches off when the switch is pressed again,
also the recirc does not work(i do not hear the damper closing as it used to (engine running of course)..the rear windshield defogger works, the light illuminates on the dash board, as well as the led on the rear view mirror control on the driver`s door illuminating when the defogger is used....?????
4. the automatic closing / opening door glass, only the front passenger door works...all other doors you have to keep the switch depressed to open/ close the windows...and the 3 of these do not work with the remote either..

please note i am the second owner of the car, it is doing 47k Km currently..and is rarely used, mostly sleeping out of the sun , can any one suggest any thing i can do for these issues?

thanks guys..
Omega Driver for Life..

Omega General Help / 1996 2.0L 16V XEV timing Belt Replacement
« on: 17 August 2010, 11:15:46 »
hi does any one know if the 1985 Toyota Supra Timing belt will work on my 2.0 16V XEV (1996) engine??? :-/

Omega General Help / Replacement Parts for 1996 2.0L 16V XEV
« on: 17 August 2010, 12:16:23 »
replacement parts for my car are almost non existent in my country..Trinidad & Tobago W.I.......i have to remove what ever needs changing and take these to the auto supply stores which stock mainly japanese car parts.....and try and find something...

at least once a year i make a trip to miami USA...and in this time i try to find out as much as possible..

does any one have the GM part numbers / does any one know which american car has the same parts

 for things such as :

-Front Disc pads

-Front Rotors

-Rear disc Pads

-Rear disc rotors

-Cam shaft position sensor

-Crank shaft position sensor

-timing belt (mine has 169 teeth and is about 0.984" wide) so far i have seen a 1985 toyota supra L6 engine timing belt to be a substitute.

-timing belt tensioners and guide pulleys

-Air filter, i have seen a 1997 cadillac catera K&N 33-2734 air filter to be a close match.....

-A/C compressor...can a Sanden 508 be substituted??? and if so what drive belt is needed????(currently i use a 6PK1900

-Spark Plugs...what is the correct NGK / Bosch /champion / E3 / Denso spark plug for this engine.... when i bought the car it had Bosch R6.671  FR8LDC4 plugs >>>these are for a Daewoo Leganza...??????

-MAF sensor....

Currently i have a problem when i depress the accelerator...the engine hesitates, probably a mis - fire then revvs...but under smooth controlled acceleration no problem...i got a set of new BOSCH plus 4  plugs that cross refferenced to the Daewoo Leganza plugs i got wit my omega and didnt help much..the engine also got a cheap free flow after market cone filter put into the air box...not much help either....the cam sensor was changed after i got the trouble code for this some time last year...the GM part number could not be retrieved from the old and new part....was like someone who supplies these parts to my country took a soldering iron and passed it over the numbers.....

well i await any and all replys...

Omega Driver Forever

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