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Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Anyone got an auto box sump...
« on: 20 September 2019, 11:21:39 »
Ha ha I prefer the term “fitter”  :P 🤣🤣🤣

so did I. But the modern usage has devalued it and many other terms** so I now use mechanic.

For example, the bloke who turns up to tighten a leaking pipe fitting is NOT an engineer.

General Car Chat / Re: £45,450 for a Vauxhall?
« on: 20 September 2019, 11:17:32 »
That's the OTR price of the new grandland x hybrid4 ultimate nav. Jeez.

my estate was registed 30/12/99 and delivered a few days later. Price on the invoice £32k and change.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Anyone got an auto box sump...
« on: 18 September 2019, 22:23:51 »
Evening girls. So I’ve sorted my autobox pan issue.

Took pan off and I turned the level plug and the whole boss that Shackeng mentioned was spinning with the bolt. A couple of decent blobs of weld either side of said boss and the omegas sorted.

Cheers for your help guys 😘😘😘😘😘
Breaking news: Car mechanic sorts simple issue on car  ;D

I hope he used genuine GM weld ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Luxembourg PM
« on: 18 September 2019, 22:22:35 »
You mean like in Johnson's first disastrous weeks as PM, when he lost 6 votes in 6 days  but all the papers could report was that Corbyn was chicken for not backing a general election that BJ himself claimed he didn't want?

Johnson has the wherewithal to buy best spin doctors, aides and flunkies available, if he can't engineer a way out of that, or the Luxembourg debacle, it really is a poor show.

He still has to stand up and be seen to be leading. It's an important part of being PM, or leader of his party. It's never been one of his skills, and he doesn't have any technical competence to make up for it.

Walking away from an appointment is weak, especially when the other party stays and makes the most of it. The sort of thing an effective politician does instinctively.

General Discussion Area / Re: Luxembourg PM
« on: 17 September 2019, 22:53:54 »

That just illustrates my point. Nothing has changed. The EU have hardened their approach with leaders parachuted in who are toeing the establishments line.
The UK politicians can't agree on a way forward.

It would be even worse if one of the more public disagreers(sorry!) suddenly became Prime Minister and had to deal with the problem himself.

Forgive my innocence, but if the turret pressing was available as a spare part, could not the spot welds be drilled out, allowing a new turret to be welded in?

Yes. But you would have to allow for the remaining panel to have been thinned by rust.

Remember, rust is ALWAYS worse than it looked when you started the job


Above is the nearside turret of OE03, the side that failed on my earlier Omega. Not my world, but is that one steel pressing that is spot welded into the rear wing?

That's how it's done, the circles around the pressing are the spot welds. And if you look around the top, you can see where the reinforcing cup for the shock is welded on. I suspect the rusty mark is its bottom edge.

General Discussion Area / Re: Luxembourg PM
« on: 17 September 2019, 15:24:45 »

The sight of the PM of this" country" (the same size as Leeds) castigating the absent British PM and indeed the people of Britain, made him look like the moron he is. Unfit to hold office, even in a country far too small to be called a country.

Who gets to decide how big a country is? Luxembourg is 165 out 195 countries worldwide listed by population. Where do you draw the line? 5 million - that's Ireland gone. 10 million - Sweden just scrapes in. 25 million - congratulations Australia, you've only recently become big enough to be a country.

Lets call it 65 million so we come in near the bottom of the list to make it fair. And just as importantly we still beat France :y

Bettel is competently representing his electorate. He doesn't agree with your opinion, but that doesn't make him unfit to hold office.

General Discussion Area / Re: Luxembourg PM
« on: 17 September 2019, 15:10:02 »
They would say that though, seeing as we pay their bills.

A majority of over a million is a decent majority by any measure.

By any measure?

A one million majority out of a total count of 2 million is a big majority.
but out of 200 million is a tiny majority.

The 1.2 million Leave vote is undeniably a majority, but you cannot make comparisons(big, small, decent - whatever that means) without referencing the baseline numbers

General Discussion Area / Re: Luxembourg PM
« on: 17 September 2019, 13:38:06 »
i think most MPs have not got a clue why the leave option was voted for with such a big majority. or they do know but because of political correctness do not mention it. also there seems a real imbalance on how the news about brexit is reported , it seems to be in the remain camp.

You think 48/52 from a 72% turnout is a big majority? That's always been called marginal by any of the politicians I knew.


As for cutting a turret from a 16+ year old car ,I think you'd be better finding a brand new available repair panel from another make or model and cutting welding to fit ,or use fresh new metal and completely re-fabricate the top , as Nick has said before, it's hidden anyway,so just needs to be strong.
a section from an old omega/catrera  may not look rusty but after 16+ years of pot-holes and speed bumps the metal must be fatigued /case hardened weakened I'd have thought  :-\

Cutting a panel from another car has other costs, you've got to: find one; cut a bigger section than you'll need and you're unlikely to be doing it in your nice warm, fully equipped workshop with a nubile helper providing limitless coffee; do the same fitting and adjusting that making a new panel requires; unless you pick all of the joints apart and reweld them, you're never going to be sure how much better it actually is. This all takes a lot of time, and that's expensive.

Adapting another similar repair panel is a good idea; something like a Corsa front strut tower ought to be cheap and strong enough.

Looking at Terry's pic it's not that complicated a panel, so making a replacement to weld in from £5's worth of sheet steel isn't any more actual work. Shape it around the gas bottle/lamp-post, make the top flat to save time, but double up the thickness, add a thick washer for the shock bolt, and fold the flanges with some wide pliers(glaziers pliers are cheap - mine are Eclipse and cost £5 at a show). Underseal the outside, the inside will be covered by the carpet and all the junk in the boot.

This is the RH turret of OE03, pre-MOT inspection June this year. Until I peeled back the carpet all seemed well. LH turret was OK, just a little rust. I spent £300 on the sills 2 years ago, bought a welder and  kept other Omegas going a bit longer. Some Omega owners plan to keep their cars going forever, not I. Nick has said Omegas were not designed to last forever, more recent cars are better.


I have never said that, and never will. I think the Omega bodyshell is probably one of the better examples of a late seventies design, and resists rust better than many of its shorter lived contemporaries: look at Granadas(mk2 or 3, doesn't matter), 5 series BMWs, CX, Renault 20(remember those ;D )etc. Even E-class Mercs aren't immune; once rust takes hold it rapidly munches its way through the car.

More recent cars are not better, they're going backwards as the high cost of routine maintenance and repair costs devalue them quicker than ever. And then there are the flaws that come to light after a few years, we've had the the discussion about TDCI Mondeos several times.

Old cars wore out quickly and rusted away at a similar rate, hence the fixation on 'low mileage'. Engine management improved the service life of engines, and better rust proofing had a similar effect on the bodies. Now, we have complicated interlinked systems that cost a fortune to repair, and the bodies aren't much better. I read recently that cars are designed for a 7 year service-life. I wish I could remember where. It certainly shows in what's on the road - the number of 10 year old mid to large size cars seems to be decreasing. Patched up 20 year old cars used to be common, but aren't any more - when did you last see an early Vectra, Mondeo or P406?

General Discussion Area / Re: Luxembourg PM
« on: 17 September 2019, 09:58:24 »
What a cock!!

He prepared for a press conference, turned up then delivered his message in a competent manner. And he hasn't fallen for Johnson's posh bluff and bluster.

You're right, he's a monster

Right, the official repair panel is the inner wing assembly.

The part I mean for you to replace is a subassembly that forms part of the inner wing assembly.

Two minutes removing the boot side carpet and a torch will tell you infinitely more information than the EPC :y

And remember, you don't have to buy the repair panel. Nor do you have to use all of the panel if you do buy one.

The important part of the shock tower is the hole that mounts the shock - it needs to be the right size, at the right height, at the right angle, in the right place and strong enough. Cars are made from thin sheet metal, so strong enough is done by adding plenty of shape and a thick washer to reinforce the hole. Reverse engineering it from the other side isn't rocket science. But as already mentioned, it all takes time. And time is expensive, whether you're paying somebody else or using your own instead of doing something that you want to do.

General Car Chat / Re: Another Omega in the crusher
« on: 16 September 2019, 23:02:28 »
Plus, you won't miss any days at work with the mondeo  :)

Are you sure?
Really, really sure?

I admire your optimism.......

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