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General Discussion Area / Re: Tinnitus
« on: 01 July 2018, 22:41:53 »
I've had it for many years, particularly annoying when you home in on it, or someone mentions it so you home in on it.    ::)
Mine sounds like a cross between an airline (compressor type, not a plane) constantly running and a ringing at the same time. Mine was caused by noisy factory environment apparently. I've had the brain scans but nothing they can do apparently.

ditto : same cause & hoofin around on bikes since I was 16 has probably added to it  ::)
Talked to the experts & had the scans & there`s booger all they can do about it  :P
I`m particularly sensitive now to certain noise frequencies that irritate the problem & half deafen me

Another cause is long term use of script drugs. if you notice it early enough, talk to your quack & try summat else.

I`ve had it for seven years now, a constant ringing in my left ear, and it came on overnight, drove me up the wall to start with but then you learn to live with it, as others have said.
I had a MRI scan and blood test but they couldn`t find anything causing it.

General Discussion Area / Re: 2000AD comics
« on: 24 June 2018, 15:11:55 »
The first three had free gifts, if you have these then they will be worth the most and condition will be important to collectors.

I`m on a Facebook page for 2000AD so there might be some interest there, if you have any pictures and details I can put a post up on your behalf and see what interest there is.

Also real ales with hand pumps don`t require CO2  :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Avation memorabilla
« on: 14 June 2018, 23:23:11 »
Not really sure on your question but it reminded me of a diner that used to be near here called "Dakotas". The bar inside was made out of a section of C47 fuselage and the tail section was suspended in the adjacent lake as if it had crashed there - until the council jobsworths got their way. :(

There were a couple of Pratt & Whitney Twin Wasps on display in the restaurant too. I wonder what happened to them when it closed? Not sure I could have got one in the back of the Omega anyway. ;D

Basically i've got a car full of aviation bits and I want a better idea exactly what they are / what aircraft they are off so I can get the best price and sell on to make money  :y :D

This place had a replica of a pre WW1 monoplane which was about 30 foot long strung up from the roof  8)
Sadly a quick mental calculation told me it wouldn't fit in the back of my mk2 Astra estate and may have caused problems if I bungie cored it to the roof rack because i'd have had to drive past a police station to get it home  :( :D :D 


If you had have done that you might have been able to fly home  ;D


No, I put a coat of Unibond on it and rendered it ugly concrete:P
Don't tell Lizzie ,she don't like concrete walls  :y
You can make them some interesting colours with the dyes available now. Dark blue rendered wall anyone?  ;D
why not go the whole hog clicky linky   ;D

or pattern imprint when wet ,and dye to look like bricks

or brick slips

or knock the wall down and rebuild it in staff blues (I have a stock of originals here £1 a pop + P&P) ;D

Just why would anyone WANT to build walls in Staffordshire blues?

The worst brick ever to use, they're ugly and difficult to wall and their only redeeming feature is their water resistant properties.

General Car Chat / Re: I suppose that was inevitable
« on: 10 June 2018, 17:47:47 »
If those warning lights are anything like like Shitroen then you'll have another 10k.

I only listen to the iPod, I can't stand radio.

General Car Chat / Re: Little Milestone...
« on: 10 June 2018, 17:38:23 »
Nice one, I remember when my Senator hit 250k, I had a proud moment too  :y

I see they are re making 3" staffordshire blues  :)

and weathered imperial wire cut  :P

Lovely, you won`t be able to wall more than five courses at a time with those  :y

General Car Chat / Re: What did you learn to drive with?
« on: 06 June 2018, 22:41:25 »
I passed my bike test on a Kawasaki KH 100 and my car test in a Mini Metro but learnt to drive in a Rover 214 with my Dad

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 06 June 2018, 21:25:19 »

You gotta love this forum don't you?A thread about two women fighting becomes a discussion on brickwork and the likely age of when the houses were built!It's brilliant I love it :y

Very poor brickwork at that  ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: This weekend’s toy...
« on: 06 June 2018, 18:43:46 »
There are some nice places outside of Leeds but it`s not the place it used to be, I was brought up in Yeadon near Leeds and Bradford airport and it was regarded posh, even though it wasn`t but I wouldn`t move back there now, even though where I live isn`t great.

Leeds doesn`t get any higher than an E in the insurance ratings which speaks for itself.

In six years I`m mortgage free so I might be tempted to move east towards Beverley, some lovely places out that way. York is nice too but to much of a flood risk.

I have been thinking Ossett area, Wakefield.  :-\

Ossett is quite nice, my old boss moved there from Leeds years ago as he didn`t like it there any more though he did live in East Leeds which is pretty rough, if I ever have to go there I take the works van and leave the Zed at home.

Be warned that the traffic out of Leeds on the M621 is bad between 4.30 and 6.30 and is equally bad going in after 7am.


One things for sure..that isn`t English bond  ;)

Correct  :)  stretcher bond ish  ;D
I only looked at one pic briefly
I should have looked more closely   :-[ , my 26"  pc screen's capacitors have spewed their guts
currently having to revert back to ye olde 15" till the 32" replacement restores my poor eyesight  :P

It`s a bit like a lot of the brickwork of the time, just throw in the odd half when things don`t work out (when the bricklayers can`t keep the perps plumb)  ;D


If you are looking for some real class in the picture check out the finest northern brickie brickwork. :o :o :o ;D ;D ;D

poor re-pointing ,100+ year old English bond ,
seen alot worse  ;D
and it's lasted 100+ years, bricks where not uniform back then,
 I recently rebuilt my kitchen with period correct bricks ,not easy compared to modern, light,uniform bricks
and being a "brickie" involved little to no training
back then they threw walls up 
better than 'some' of the crap sheds they put up today though  :o

One things for sure..that isn`t English bond  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 05 June 2018, 21:49:12 »

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