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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Omega General Help / Re: hard to start
« on: Today at 00:18:36 »
It's in the guides ;)

General Car Chat / Re: Price of cars and newness
« on: Today at 00:17:19 »
Statistically, most wealthy people, aka Everyday Millionaires as Chris Hogan calls them, never buy a brand new car.

Most new cars are brought on finance, whether it's a lease or HP or property equity release.

Also buying/running an older car doesn't mean that it has to be a complete shitter ;)

General Car Chat / Re: new (to me) car time soon
« on: Today at 00:09:09 »
Keep the R class or buy a newer one :-\

The newest R Class is 2012 and I think this car is going to cost in the future .....  :-\ I've had it 7 yrs. I think I'm due another car.  ;)
Previous E Class... Good for 2,100kgs ;)

General Car Chat / Re: new (to me) car time soon
« on: Yesterday at 21:57:26 »
Keep the R class or buy a newer one :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: Yesterday at 20:25:07 »
Last tellybox program that I watched was Barnwood Builders 8)

News is for Millenialsm and the easily exasperated  ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Astra 1.6 rattle on cold start
« on: Yesterday at 19:38:04 »
So did Terry do anything about his rattle or not?  ::)
Three oil changes and fixed the fan... Whether anything helped or not is any one's guess :D

Omega General Help / Re: Drivers lock saga
« on: Yesterday at 19:29:12 »
Although i agree that this sounds like a classic door solenoid faliure....The solenoid Being fitted by ron is one which had a new microswitch fitted by me, done as per kevin woods guide and ive done a few of these now for members on here and had nil fail till now.

The only thing i can think is if you cannot find any other fault..IE  door loom...Then get the one you removed from the car and get it posted to me.
Did you replace BOTH switches :-\

General Car Chat / Re: Astra 1.6 rattle on cold start
« on: Yesterday at 19:27:57 »
Every family has a past were people were deeply, and often gravely, affected. I could list everything my grandparents did during WW2, but it would be incredibly disrespectful to everyone who served to reduce their lives to a pissing contest.

You enjoy studying history. That's great, but please try and refrain from passing subjective opinion as fact, or worse, superiority.

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: Yesterday at 18:46:37 »
I predict that in a few years time she will have a column in the Grauniad and be reviewing the papers on SKY news.  >:(
Nah, not with a face for radio  ;)

General Car Chat / Re: Astra 1.6 rattle on cold start
« on: Yesterday at 13:24:48 »

I accept of course that radials continued to be in use both during and post WW2. But, the point is that the aircraft fitted with inline, water or oil cooled engines, can be far more streamlined, therefore faster, as they have far less frontal resistance to air flow, which of course they need to cool the engine.  Aircraft development before the jet focuses on non-radial engines as it became very apparent that the more aircraft was streamlined the more economical and efficient it would be, that is why the Spitfire and the Mustang were so advanced and a winner against even other inline engined aircraft, such as the German ME109.  Even the famous German FW190 found it's original radial engine restrictive, with power declining above 20,000ft, and had that engine replaced by an inverted v12 in a long nose FW190 C, which then gave the aircraft parity against the Mustang over Germany. It was too late though to make a real difference, and then the ME 262 came along and signalled the end for all piston driven fighters. ;)

There's far more to a high performance fighter than just how streamlined the engine installation is.
As a historian, you really ought to look at some of the figures: a late Griffon engined Spitfire isn't any faster than a similarly powered Corsair that is considerably heavier(because it was designed for carrier use) and better armed(which is what matters, the rest of the machine is simply there to transport the guns to wherever they're needed). It benefits from being an early forties design(engine and airframe) intended for volume production, rather than one that's basically an early thirties handbuilt special.

As a keen hobbyist I presume to know whatever piston aero engine was around at the end of WW2, and the valid arguments about the for's and againsts of each type, it was an obsolete means of propulsion for any fighter aircraft, although many air forces carried on using them, as you rightly state, into the Korean War. 

From the introduction of the the Luftwaffe ME262 in 1941, although not fully operational until 1944, and RAF British Gloster Meteor in 1943, it was the age of the jet engine.  The ME262 was actually superior to the Gloster Meteor, but shortage of pilots, fuel and parts greatly restricted their full use to combat the bomber fleets attacking Germany.  So, as historians do, arguments for and against the facts can be disputed or upheld, the true fact is that by 1945 it was the age of the new fangled jets, and the piston engined aircraft belonged to the age before WW2.

Therefore, Terry's Astra really needs a jet engine to bring it bang up to date for maximum speed and performance..................on salt flats somewhere!! ::) ::) :D :D :D ;)
Fixed... ::)

As for the Astra, you might squeeze an RB211 core into an Astramax :D

Omega General Help / Re: y26se starter removal
« on: Yesterday at 10:34:16 »
Have you considered that the picture might be upside-down? The lower bracket is welded on ALL Omegas and the upper one bolted to the block...

Only two 16mm nuts and a jack to remove the mount itself...

Omega General Help / Re: Drivers lock saga
« on: Yesterday at 10:31:33 »
Yes Terry that's the one and a refurbished motor fitted. Do you mean the black cover on the lever that attaches to the motor? I just cant understand why it works ok for a while and then stops working until I lift the button and then works again but not for long.
I mean the plastic piece attached to the locking rod with a plastic insert. On the Omega here it is grey, trim colour. I have found in the past it can be stiff enough in the slide to resist being pushed fully up, but if missing the rod will come up. The locking insert may be the problem.
The inset is there for a reason... Namely to secure the rod. If it's sticking then remove, clean, lubricate and refit.  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Don't Remember !
« on: Yesterday at 10:28:13 »
The only mechanical failure was an interface one... With form for being wreckless.

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: Yesterday at 02:37:27 »
1. You can't believe she would try to return, presumably to give birth to her child... What else would you expect her to try to do.

2. Your next sentence suggests that she should be allowed in... Which is contradictory of the tone of your first sentence.

3. You can't hang her for treason once you've let her in...

Surely the best punishment would be to refuse her entry and deport her back to the rock she flew in from... Which is also what you imply in the first sentence.

So in a nutshell... Make your mind up and try to make the post and the title make a modicum of sense... ::) There's enough drivelly shite in the press without peddling mock outrage here ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: Yesterday at 00:35:57 »
What a ridiculous post  ???

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