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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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General Discussion Area / Re: TV questions
« on: 16 February 2020, 09:24:05 »

General Discussion Area / Re: TV questions
« on: 16 February 2020, 09:20:16 »
Don't know of Freeplay but what you seem to be getting at is access to streaming services including main TV channels without an aerial or wires. Assuming you have decent wifi in the house then there are a number of options. I have used in the past a Humax Espresso which includes TV Player meaning you can watch live TV with a slight delay without an aerial. Also used for streaming Netflix etc. There maybe a subscription to TV Player after an introductory period,

The same thing happened to my sister in law last week - underhand practice at best

UAC = Use Account Control - I do not mess with anything like this in windows 10

If you are not visiting dodgy sites looking for "educational" adult material or hooky software, the built in MS product is the best by some margin.

The biggest tips for security are not to be a first class idiot and lower UAC presets (if you do, you deserve to be banned from the Internet), and not run with an admin type account - always sign on as a limited user. Always.  Trust me, your ego is significantly larger than your talent if you don't.

Other products don't really make sense on Windows, they slow it down, they consume vast resources, and they cause lots and lots of problems.  The paid for ones have advantages in the enterprise world due to centralised reporting and control.

For all the gays creative types out there, remember that macOS needs AV as well, and Macs are now the fastest growing area for nasties - mostly because of the stupidity of its users believing they are immune.

Thanks that is what I was hoping to hear. I chose Malwarebytes as the pc guy I use suggested it - apparently it works happily alongside Windows protection without the slowdown. I have it on trial at the minute.

General Car Chat / Re: What Do You Drive Now in 2020...?
« on: 13 February 2020, 22:56:14 »
I was a VX supporter for quite some years and had the Omega Elite Irmscher for about 12/13 years. Starting from almost at the end of the 3 year warranty there seemed to be always something to be fixed - a lot of issues with the CID for the Sat Nav, 1 engine rebuild and one new engine courtesy of VX fortunately. At 6ft 6in the replacement options for comfort  were a bit limited given the journeys to Manchester and Cornwall and so I switched first to the VW Phaeton and more recently to the Volvo V90. The large seats and leg  extension cushion in the Volvo was a major factor in selection. The Omega was relegated to station car for 3 years before being replaced by the Astra in 2015.

General Car Chat / Re: What Do You Drive Now in 2020...?
« on: 13 February 2020, 22:44:10 »
Looks great Kevin

Thanks all - may try Malwarebytes this time then

Reading up a bit (and in the context of knowing enough to be dangerous) it seems that if you are running an up to date Windows 10 and have basic requirements (I use 365 and Office mainly) then there is no need to go for other security/antivirus products. Is that a fair assessment?

I always know enough about a topic to be dangerous....

Yes my V90 is an Inscription D5 AWD

The adblue would not work in my paraffin heater!!

It works to be squirted into exhaust to neutralise the nasties. The same nasties for which VW and others got into trouble. Unfortunately it is only fitted to larger cars for system space reasons I think.

My Volvo V90 is ok for both probably due to the Adblue system - which I have just had to top up for first time.

General Discussion Area / Re: Is it better to......
« on: 05 February 2020, 13:36:26 »
Maybe it would be best for him to pose the question to his wife’s sister?

General Discussion Area / Re: I thought town centres were dying
« on: 05 February 2020, 13:35:12 »
Very kind

General Discussion Area / Re: I thought town centres were dying
« on: 05 February 2020, 07:28:55 »
That video must must quite old, because the new market hall has been open for six months. Cinema/Bowling alley look about six months off, all the steelwork is up. The Alhambra shopping centre, included in the video, has been there for years and is always busy.
Car parking is £1.80 for two hours, Lizzie.
I only go into town once in a while, and always on the busiest day, Saturday. But it is always busy. Something in it's favour is that Wakefield city centre, only ten miles away, has died a death and a lot of folk come into Barnsley. It has a real old fashioned market feel, I think it will do well.....just not from me. ;D

I wonder where the money came from? EU perhaps?  ::)

So if I get the Volvo serviced at Riverside Volvo in Wakefield what are the chances of getting a (direct) bus to Barnsley and you will buy me a coffee in the town centre?

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