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General Discussion Area / Re: OOF Shop no longer available
« on: 25 August 2020, 19:32:33 »
Wouldn't an old fashioned Cheque be an option to consider  :-\

General Car Chat / Re: Wheel refurbishment thoughts...
« on: 22 April 2020, 23:36:56 »
Nice Merc  ;)

Iíd probably go for the factory look, So polished  :y

Had plans to have my CLS 19s professionally refurbished this year around June guess thatís on hold now.

Keep us updated  :y 8)

General Car Chat / Re: MOT 6 month extension
« on: 01 April 2020, 22:16:01 »
Probably not the best time to sell a car...  :-\

Probably okay if sold locally. But how would someone travel 50-200 miles to see/buy a car be classed as essential. Even though owning a car is essential. Probably a grey area.

General Discussion Area / Re: Corona virus plan
« on: 22 March 2020, 08:27:07 »
Far too many are still not taking this seriously enough sadly.  :-\

Take a look at this for example (video should play even without an account). Just yesterday and no doubt today as well. Heaving with ďtouristsĒ looking for a good time without a care for anyone else.

(If you watch it to near the end youíll notice someone putting parking tickets on the cars  :y )

General Discussion Area / Re: Corona virus Europe
« on: 10 March 2020, 10:07:59 »
Iím amazed by the attitude that most people seem to give off regarding this whole virus ordeal. Especially those who shrug it off and say something along the lines of ďit only affects the elderly or people with underlying health conditionsĒ As if itís okay for them to die  ??? :-\....... The virus itself has the potential to kill anyone who gets it... If the virus doesnít take you down that doesnít mean itís the end either... As Rods states this will cause a recession that will be felt for years. Well for those who survive it at least.... Itís not everyday you hear a whole country has been put on lockdown for a ďcommon coldĒ  ::)

At least the government has been giving out useful advice ::). Sing happy birthday and wash your hands.  ;D ...Yeah that will help to a certain degree but itís airborne as well.

Would also help if people would stay grounded and not go galavanting all over the world. Too late now, But would have potentially helped slow down the spread. But thatís selfish human nature for you.

Anyway, For those who are more at risk take care  :y

General Car Chat / Re: What Do You Drive Now in 2020...?
« on: 14 February 2020, 16:00:46 »
As GastronomicKleptomaniac mentions, There's a good variety amongst everyone  :y

General Car Chat / What Do You Drive Now in 2020...?
« on: 13 February 2020, 19:40:16 »
Hi all,

It's been a good while since i've posted on OOF! ...I do miss the banter and i do pop in now and again. :)

Now that the youngest Omega would be around 17 years old give or take i'm curios to hear what everyones drives these days. I'd imagine a good percentage of members no longer run an Omega for various reasons. Rust, Failed MOT etc..

So lets hear it.. What do you run now?, Should be interesting. :y 

Also give the car you run now a little personal review / how it compares to the Omega you previously had.

Now i do know there are still some minters out there so if you still run an Omega, Comment as well... Is it becoming more of a challenge to keep it on the road?, How much longer do you expect you'll be able to keep it road worthy? etc..

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 17 October 2019, 20:29:40 »
Washed & polished the Range Rover in glorious sunshine back in the garage before the rain started..😁

Likewise, Weather is so patchy at the moment. One moment itís raining the next itís like a summers day then rain again  ;D

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 16 October 2019, 13:27:47 »
Took the CLS500 for an MOT. Was a bit nervous being the first time with this car. But it passed with flying colours with no advisories and even commented on how good everything is. They liked the V8 sound it makes an all  8) :y

General Car Chat / Re: Budget V8?
« on: 21 September 2019, 00:59:16 »
Enjoying my CLS500  :y
May not quite be as cheap as some of them. But the early 5.0 CLS500 start around £3,000+  :-\

Edit: Looks more like around 5k

Excluding this one:

The F30 330d xDrive / 335d xDrive that i test drove where't uncomfortable at all imo  :-\ :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Smilies
« on: 16 August 2019, 07:47:50 »
OOF ones:  :y :y :y :) :) :)

Smartphone: ✌️

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 10 August 2019, 21:24:23 »
Donít know much about them Merc 4x4s but those both appear to have the same M273 engine as in my CLS500 if so they do perform well, Just watch out on the early ones anything after 2008 should be fine  :y

Test Zone / Re: test pic.
« on: 10 August 2019, 21:20:50 »
Surprised you sold the E430, But given the opportunity for profit on a car owned many years Iíd find it hard to turn down as well :y

Good luck with the hunt for the replacement. Do like them C63 AMGs just watch out they can have expensive issues especially with the early 63 engines if you go down that road  :y

Test Zone / Re: test pic.
« on: 06 August 2019, 22:50:53 »
Lovely looking car.

Thanks Tilbo. I really want a CL500 as my weekend car, but cant bring myself to part with the old Omega. Its a lovely thing to drive.  :)

If I had a double garage at the time I would have never have let mine go, my Merc is great got more power than I'll ever need but there is just something about the Omega I love.

Know what you mean, I'll always love the Omega as you say there's just something about them. I'll try and keep my Omega as long as possible but with the amount of rust in various areas, the engine burning oil, transmission clonking into gears under hard acceleration etc..etc.. Can't complain it has done around 217k if i recall.... It probably wont last long standing now I have the CLS500. At least it will make a nice garden ornament.......

As good as the Mercedes CLS is it just lacks something the Omega has. Although I don't really feel anything for modern cars in general.. Only thing i look for now is performance and handling with reasonable comfort and creature comforts like heated/cooled seats etc.... New cars now they are like a smartphone on wheels these days. Fashionable to change yearly  ::)

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