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General Discussion Area / Re: Labour leadership.
« on: Today at 09:51:04 »
I have a feeling Becky Wrong-Daily will win. A lot of the members are hard left Corbynistas and the moderate votes will be split between Starmer and Nandy.
It doesn't really mater though. Unless something very drastic happens to save it, the party is dying a long slow death. The only person who was born within the last 100 years to have won an election as Labour leader is Blair. And he wasn't really Labour anyway.
Time will tell.

Nail on the head Aaron.

Omega General Help / Re: Strange sreering behaviour
« on: Yesterday at 00:21:36 »
Members used to recommend Nigel Langs of Bolton, if my memory serves.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 23 January 2020, 15:53:52 »
Washed both of them. This gave me a feeling of great satisfaction because Im a sad bastid. The Omega has been filthy for the last week, and it has really annoyed me every time I looked at it.
When I was drying it, I noticed a small patch of lacquer missing on the roof. Approx. shape of the average bird shit. Feeling pissed off again now.

General Discussion Area / Re: Coronavirus
« on: 23 January 2020, 15:46:39 »
Four people in Scotland being tested for it.

General Discussion Area / Re: Highway Code rule 243
« on: 23 January 2020, 08:44:46 »
Nor should they be allowed to drive at night, unless they fit a pair of powerful lights on the front of their cars, so its similar to driving during the day...

General Discussion Area / Re: Dead Person
« on: 23 January 2020, 08:39:53 »
Personally, I thought the original TV series was the most pretentious over rated shite Ive ever seen.
Only thing I can remember really laughing at was Cleese in Ministry of funny walks.
The films were pretty good though.

General Discussion Area / Re: Funerals are better these days.
« on: 23 January 2020, 08:37:24 »
this guy had 2 houses being knocked into one, between them they had about 10 kids,

a few had "syndromes" so he was carer for them his wife was his carer, they had 2 free cars,
he told me he got 30k in payments.
to earn that he would need nearer 50k

other than being well overweight there was nothing stopping him working.
There are 'exceptional' cases like this, the tabloids and channel 5 used to get plenty of mileage out of them. The way I look at it is: despite the apparent unfairness, I certainly wouldn't want to live like that. And for them to actually brag about it, well, it show they are far call use to their family or society in general and should be culled immediately.

Couldn't agree more Steve.

General Discussion Area / Re: Funerals are better these days.
« on: 22 January 2020, 16:26:17 »
Just opt for no funeral as I have. 8k to dispose of a persons remains is madness imo.

General Discussion Area / Re: Funerals are better these days.
« on: 22 January 2020, 12:50:49 »
I wish I knew what the point of funerals is. The person isn't there, s why "pay your respects to them" ? .They are dead. Its just a money spinning racket as far as I can see.

General Discussion Area / Re: Dead Person
« on: 22 January 2020, 12:48:10 »
Terry Jones of Monty Pythion fame has died at the age of 77.

General Car Chat / Re: Ebay listed elite estate 143500586023
« on: 20 January 2020, 18:46:38 »
Looks to be a very nice example. Even has CID, which most don't. With the low miles I don't think the price is unreasonable, but its a dealer price and I would want some kind of warranty.

General Discussion Area / Re: Prudential v. Building Society
« on: 20 January 2020, 13:54:25 »
My plan is very simple. I have no money to leave anyone and left instructions for no funeral. Send my carcass to be burnt, and if anyone wants to do anything with the ashes, they are welcome to them. Don't see the need for all the fuss.

General Discussion Area / Re: French Protesters
« on: 19 January 2020, 00:03:39 »
Maybe we are more realistic and less entitled than the French. We used to get the pension at 65 and probably be pushing up daisies 5 to 7 years later. Now, many people are living well into their 80,s so the country cant afford to pay out pensions to all at 65 like we used to.
Also, the Govt. doesn't have a penny of its own money. It all has to come from taxpayers, or more realistically, future taxpayers who aren't even born yet. British sense of fair play kicks in over facts like that. The French don't have a sense of fair play.

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