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General Car Chat / Re: Another Omega in the crusher
« on: Yesterday at 21:15:53 »
My Omega does 23.4mpg. Welsh hatchback says its doing 71.3,but its actually about 62. Not bad, but I still miss the old chipoil wagon.

Spanner light has been on for a fortnight. Read the codes and its glowplug related. Havent got any further than that as yet, as the Omega got jealous and became incontinent.

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone seen this?
« on: Yesterday at 21:10:55 »
Farage warned of this during his tv debates with Clegg. Clegg said it was complete nonsense and that he was just scaremongering.
The fact that May has signed us up to it, after the vote to leave the EU, and then almost managed to keep it under the radar is pretty sinister imo.
The British armed forces will end up under the control of the Germans eventually, as they effectively run the EU with help from the French.
Makes you wonder what the point was of all those poor souls laying down their lives during WW2.

General Discussion Area / Re: HS 2 to be "reviewed "
« on: Yesterday at 21:02:31 »
Its usually known as cottaging.

Omega General Help / Re: Auto Box Park
« on: Yesterday at 18:07:39 »
Im pretty sure the only thing that could cause this is if the locking pawl has broken off. If its floating around inside the box, start ooking for another box or car.

Thought I could smell a faint but familiar whiff of engine oil last week. Yesterday I noticed a small pool of oil underneath the front.
Here we go again. Pulled the o/s coil pack and sure enough, the plug wells are full of oil. Cleaned the breathers, then dismantled further and removed the cam cover.
Rooted through my boxes of bitz and found one last pair of new gaskets, but only 5 o rings. Found some more o rings the same diameter in another box, found my old tube of black goo to be still soft and set about cleaning and reassembling.
All done now, don't need it tonight as I use the welsh hatchback for work, so will leave it until tomorrow, then start it and hopefully find no more oil leak.
n/s gasket was changed a couple of years ago, but pulled the coil pack out to check, and was glad to see it is dry as a bone.
Planning on welding replacement metal into the spare wheel well soon, then remove sill covers and see what I find there.
It will then be MOT time, so possibly more work to come. No rest for the wicked according to swmbo.

General Discussion Area / Re: Election interference
« on: Yesterday at 13:47:55 »
I don't blame him. Corbyn is an extremist who hates the western world. He has never met an enemy of the UK, and the west in general, who he didn't like.

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 14 September 2019, 23:23:39 »
Fret ye not. I got it out of my system a very long time ago. Any remaining traces were eradicated within the first two years of the New Liebore project.

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 14 September 2019, 22:20:45 »
Oh, and as Im currently watching BBC1. The displaying of the EU flag to be banned anywhere in the UK. Anyone attempting to do so at the last night of the proms, will be shot in front of their family !

And to think I once believed in Socialism.

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 14 September 2019, 21:55:25 »
I would put extra funding into the railways. Then scrap all passenger carrying trains and replace them with freight trains. Then increase VED for trucks massively, freeing up the roads for cars and bikes to have fun on once again.
No-one allowed on motorways unless they pass a test to prove they can safely handle a vehicle at well over 100mph. Then abolish the 70mph limit.
People aren't allowed to vote unless they have paid at least basic rate tax for five consecutive years prior to the vote taking place.
They would also have to pass an exam to demonstrate a reasonably high level of understanding of political issues.
Crime of treason to be restored, retrospective to 1997.
Death penalty restored for very serious crimes, including treason.
BBC to become pay per view.
Media outlet will be banned if they are found to be biased or lack objectivity.
Defence spending to be massively increased. Planned invasion of continental Europe to be kept secret until the increases have filtered through.
Non British residents employed in menial jobs to lose rights of residence.
UK citizens who live off the state to be given vouchers for food, clothing, rent, electricity etc. but no cash. Cash can be earned via the recently vacated menial jobs. The exception being obviously seriously disabled people and war veterans.
Public sector spending to be slashed in most areas. Public sector jobs to be cut savagely. The state to be shrunk to levels of a century ago. The exception being pensions for service personnel.
Taxes cut across the board, as the state no longer needs to confiscate half of everyones earnings.
Is it wrong that Im feeling quite excited now ?

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 14 September 2019, 21:41:07 »
I saw a good meme on facebook today which said that, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, India, China, South Africa and many others are interested in doing a trade deal with the UK, and in fact the only people who don't want to do a trade deal with the UK are the EU!  ::)

It's all probably moot anyway, as the cabinet minister Nicky Morgan has said today that if there is a second referendum she will vote remain. That's code for when there is a second referendum....  ::)

So much info/misinfo going round. I read that the EU offered T May a free trade deal and she turned it down.  It really is hard to sort the facts from fiction.

It is a known fact that she was offered that, right at the start of the process and she declined. Ive never heard her offer any explanation as to why she did. Im not a natural conspiracy theorist, but......

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 14 September 2019, 18:10:10 »
Think you meant to say...

Nope WE WILL need a dictator.  You are the populace. I could say You will need a dictator. 😀

Ok.....We as part of the great unwashed, and as members of the proletariat, we need a dictator. :)

Who do you suggest?

French Albs reckons he would make a 'benevolent' dictator. ;)

Depends how you define benevolent. I do actually think I would be reasonably benevolent - once I had fixed the problems. Once left wing liberal thinking has been completely eradicated, I could afford a degree of benevolence.

General Discussion Area / Re: HS 2 to be "reviewed "
« on: 14 September 2019, 15:46:33 »
I applaud your bravery for admitting to all that in public.

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 13 September 2019, 18:38:10 »
Its not just voting against what some people(the majority) want them to vote for. Its voting against what they said they would do. I now politicians lie, but this shower have taken it to a whole different level.

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 13 September 2019, 17:41:48 »
The majority of them are voting against what they pledged to do when they said they would honour the referendum result, and when they voted to trigger article 50. Also voting against the results in their own constituencies in most cases.

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