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General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 21 February 2015, 17:46:20 »
5 miles away?

What you need is twist n go scooter....100mpg plus  :y

But you get wet  :(
yeah would be cheaper , but since married i am now a big fat an bold old bloke , dont even think a scooter would cope with my 18 stone ,

General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 21 February 2015, 17:41:59 »
never heard about this before , what an when was the gearbox software updated , was this a dealer call back or aftermarket update

General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 21 February 2015, 17:39:17 »
cheers for the info sjc , an yes to be fair to the old girl , only work 5 miles away from home an most the journey is in heavy traffic . an yeah had a few mercs in the past an the vauxhall auto box is decades behind  was shock when found out it was only a 4 speed auto box .
what sort of mpg do you get from the manuals

General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 21 February 2015, 17:22:45 »
sorry yes its an auto

General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 21 February 2015, 17:22:11 »
so my low mpg isn't normal then , before i had kids , i had a classic impreza wrx uk 2000 that was only running 242 bhp an that did 19 mpg an my other bug eye impreza was running 285 bhp an made 18 mpg , after i sold the pair to make way for a family wagon as my wife wanted to breed i bought a vrs estate running 230 bhp an made 28 mpg ,
so was shocked with the 16 mpg from the 167 bhp slug .
have had it in to a auto electrics garage a mate works at an plugged it in , an other than the air bag light that i know about , all was well

General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 21 February 2015, 15:28:07 »
To the op - I've owned a 3.0l v6 auto and a 2.5td auto at the same time. Nothing between them in running costs, day to day.  If you must go diesel, it really, really, really has to be a manual. And chipped.

I was getting 24mpg from the 3.0l v6, and 28ish from the TD on my (then) 50mph, 23m commute in. Diesel is more expensive, and has higher servicing costs.
still huge amount better than i have been getting , my 2.5 is doing 16.5 on average , no mods an had a full service an all breathers an inlets been of an cleaned . so to 30 quid getting 50-70 miles range

General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 20 February 2015, 17:57:55 »
sorry mine is only a 2.5 v6

General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 20 February 2015, 17:56:41 »
no evidence of cam belt , have checked it an still looks in good condition , but yes a worry . as always usually change cam belt an water pump after purchase of most my cars ,
the problem i have is its not the colour interior i wanted an dont really like the dash on the phase 2s .
An as i said before with the wife off, don't really want to waste a small fortune on the car as not 100 % with it,
as is owes me 850
i know i should have waited , but it looked mint when i viewed it an thought i can change all the bits i want too later on
but keep forgetting i have another young'un here so no free funds like before for at least another year
so would be easier/cheaper to just buy one with everything already fiited , only after a 2.2 .dti phase 1 with black half leather . 

General Car Chat / Re: advice please
« on: 20 February 2015, 17:42:23 »
ok sorry an thanks,
I know its not mint but for the spec an condition i think its a fair price for her ,
don't really want to sell it , but the kid in my says ill keep an deal with the costs , but the dad an husband in me says start again with a diesel
an enjoy with lower costs .

cheers :y

General Car Chat / advice please
« on: 20 February 2015, 17:29:38 »
Afternoon all ,

Right ill start by saying this isn't an add, I really do want some help ,
I love my omega but with the wife off work with our new born , I need to lower the costs, plus i really want a phase 1 diesel omega.
Prefer the dash an looks , my fault really should have looked around for a few more weeks ,
So i have put the omega on ebay for what i think its worth . been on a week an not one call or even txt ,
never had this before always sell within a few days .
a couple mates say its because iam too honest but have always put everything on the listing,
so any constructive feed back would be more than appreciated ,
as i only have a month left on insurance an wanted to have my new omega by then ,   

Link removed

cheers all

an don't hold back .

Omega General Help / Re: Air bag light
« on: 02 February 2015, 07:47:28 »
cant remember the code , but the crypton system came up with squib control malfunction ,
an have always left cars disconnected over night when dealing with srs system

Omega General Help / Re: Auto box
« on: 01 February 2015, 16:12:09 »

Omega General Help / Auto box
« on: 01 February 2015, 14:49:31 »
quick question , on my 2.5 v6 auto w reg , has the gearbox got its own dipstick to check oil , if it has where would it be in the engine bay
cheers kev

Omega General Help / Re: Air bag light
« on: 01 February 2015, 14:47:52 »
ok cheers , so any ideas what the problem with it would be , will take it off tomorrow an have a look to see if any visible damage/connectors disconnected .

Omega General Help / Re: Air bag light
« on: 01 February 2015, 14:19:30 »
i haven't done any work , but steering wheel not straight , so has been of in the past , thanks for the reply but what you mean by the clock

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