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Omega General Help / Re: Replacement Xenon bulbs
« on: 13 December 2018, 23:28:56 »
Replacement of the bulbs is a mechanic job, due too the voltage?

Omega General Help / Replacement Xenon bulbs
« on: 13 December 2018, 00:11:14 »
Heard good things about OSRAM XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER D2S. Can anybody confirm if they have used them & they fit Omega?

Omega General Help / Re: Climate control panel, no power.
« on: 07 December 2018, 23:26:42 »
After much checking of relays, and replacing fuses with known working fuses, i bit the bullet and got the climate control panel, from ebay.
It works!
Hot air once again.
I recommend Omegas52 on ebay, item was very well packed and as described. I had a gearbox from him in the past and that was fine.

Iíve had a few bits of him as well. Always approachable if there were any issues.

Omega General Help / Re: Both wipers very slow
« on: 27 November 2018, 21:25:03 »
Or the mech stiff, causing motor to overheat

More than likely the mech is stiff. I've come across this problem a few times on Omegas, and in one instance had to knock 7 bells of sh1t out of the shaft just to free it, whilst turning it with a 12 inch adjustable spanner - you wouldn't believe how rusted up the shaft was, and I'm amazed that the motor managed to keep it running, albeit slowly.

Back to basics methinks, and forget about the smell, just make sure the spindles are free to turn in their bushings before you go any further. I think I might have mentioned that before  :-X

Cheers. Iíll give it that ago.

Omega General Help / Re: Both wipers very slow
« on: 27 November 2018, 20:15:06 »
I forgot too say, how noisy the mech is in operation compared to my old mech. Maybe, they do just need lubricated. But what with?

Omega General Help / Re: Both wipers very slow
« on: 27 November 2018, 19:53:47 »
Or the mech stiff, causing motor to overheat

If the mech is stiff, is there anything I can spray on the arms & mech?

Omega General Help / Re: Both wipers very slow
« on: 27 November 2018, 19:06:32 »
Thought Iíd give high speed setting ago & see how long the wipers lasted. Got 5 minutes, then they stopped. Left the wipers on high speed, they came back after about a minute, worked for a couple of minutes, then stopped again. Could smell an acrid smell in the car afterwards. Do guys think this is definitely pointing to the motor overheating?

Omega General Help / Re: Heated seats
« on: 25 November 2018, 14:15:40 »
It was only the front part of the seat, that was getting hot. Probably best to leave them switched off. As I donít want a fire!

Omega General Help / Re: Heated seats
« on: 25 November 2018, 01:44:44 »
This is nearly as funny as Terry thinking brake bleed nipples were really being whizzed with an impact wrench!!

For better clarification -
The heated seat element is made up similar to a resistance mat. As it degrades over time, the bit where you sit becomes broken, so even at the lowest setting of 1, the only path left for the current to flow is the least stressed bit under your legs. It doesn't matter which number you select, it will still burn your legs and not heat the rest of the seat. This is normally a good indication there's not much life left in the heated seat.

When it was working, the only heat I felt was under my legs. Thanks for the tip, Iíll just level it switched off. Iím can live without it, Iíd rather that then a fire!
Best case scenario is it stops working all together - just like yours. Worst case scenario is the seat catches fire. I hope that helps.

Omega General Help / Re: Heated seats
« on: 24 November 2018, 21:19:38 »
Setting 5 is supposed to be the hottest, but when the element starts to degrade inside the seat, setting 1 will heat only part of the seat, to the extent that it usually burns your legs.

You would probably degrade too, if a fat arsed middle aged man sat on you for a long time.

I definitely want too avoid that😱 Iíll update next week. Is there a middle ground? Is 3 worth trying?

Omega General Help / Re: Heated seats
« on: 24 November 2018, 20:23:52 »
Pound to a penny, the heating element has burnt out or gone open circuit (or both).

I doubt there will be many Omega drivers seats that either - burn you to death even on setting number 1, or don't work at all.

I thought setting 5 was the hottest? If 1 is, then that might be my problem😀

Omega General Help / Heated seats
« on: 23 November 2018, 23:36:43 »
3c here on Tuesday. Turned drivers seat to 5, kicked after about 10 minutes of driving. Today, 7c at 5, didnít kick in at all. Are the heated seats governed by external temperature? Should they feel hot, once the engine is running?

Omega General Help / Re: Windscreen washer sensor
« on: 19 November 2018, 23:24:06 »
Unplugged the sensor & rotated it 180 degrees. Still same issue. The tank is definitely 100% full. Any other ideas?

Omega General Help / Re: Both wipers very slow
« on: 19 November 2018, 00:15:47 »
The linkage tends to fall apart, which gives a different problem than just working slowly.
But, and I'll keep saying this, you need to inspect the parts to diagnose them! Guessing(or hoping) is a waste of time and money.

That is what made me think it is the motor struggling to move the wipers, then overheating. Which is why the wipers work slowly again, after it has cooled down. Looking on eBay, there are no motors available, Iíd have too buy the whole assembly again. Iím not mechanically minded, Iíll have too get my mechanic too have a look.

After the wiper arms have been removed from the spindles, there are just 4 hex headed self tappers that hold the whole assembly in place.
I know that Omegas are very thin on the ground on the road let alone scrap yards, but buying in person is always best. On first glance, the wiper motor of an Astra G looks the same as an Omega's  :-\

Can any other member confirm that the Astra G mechanism will fit my facelift? What years are the Astra G?

Omega General Help / Re: Both wipers very slow
« on: 17 November 2018, 13:16:14 »
FFS this is painful...... why don't you just pop the ball joint linkages off to see if the wiper spindles turn freely? You will probably find the motor is okay, just need the spindles removing, cleaning and greasing  :y   Properly!

I think I might be able to manage that. Cheers, Iíll update when Iíve tried.

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