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still not managed to get it on the road yet (not moved off the ramp for nearly 4 month ) .

will be up for renewal in a few months and now 21 year old.

tempted to stick it up a lay up policy next year.

think we're all good,

just spoke to the current insurer of the family kuga 320 fully comp for the year added on a multi car policy

happy enough with that I think.

was getting silly quotes elsewhere though.

well my PFL has turned 20 so assumed it would be easy to get a limited mileage second car classic policy

not despite there being less than 55 manual mv6s on the road they don't class them as classics at my broker,

anyone found a broker who does?

Cars for Sale & wanted / WTD: 3.0/3.2 omega
« on: 04 September 2018, 13:52:48 »
Looking to add Omega no 3 to the fleet, looking for something rough but serviceable ideally sub 1000 to get me over the winter whilst my PFL undergoes some restoration,

don't mind auto/manual 3.0 or 3.2 saloon or estate as long as it starts and stops and has a few months mot in place

what you got folks?

last piece of the jigsaw for getting my mig back on the road after 7 years.

what you got guys and girls

sorry should have made that slightly clearer than mud

xenon headlights and ballasts

hi guys, got my omega nearly ready to go back on the road but i'm needing a pair of headlights and ballasts. for sale section isn't much help neither is ebay.

anyone know if theres anywhere that might have a pair of headlights and ballasts available. would even consider new if not dealer pricing.

any help much appreciated, its the only thing keeping me from getting back on the road

General Discussion Area / Re: Dry January
« on: 05 January 2017, 20:12:35 »
unfortunately every day so far this year has been a drinking day,

I blame the stress of hunting for PFL parts

Newbie Welcome Area / ello
« on: 12 July 2016, 12:49:07 »
Hi folks,
just thought I better say hello.

i'm Rob from Glasgow and just acquired my very first Omega.

shes a 1998 MV6 and has been off the road for err forever (last MOT was 2010) hopefully have her on the road again by christmas

expect lots of stupid questions and if anyone can advise on insurance classic or otherwise feel free to advise i'm mid 30s and getting silly silly quotes as a second car(3 grand plus)

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