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They're potentially the same, but your link doesn't give spring dimensions.

Save the six quid and buy the ones I linked to :y Decent seller, have used for several items over the years  :y
looking at both, the £65 ones are "Coil Spring With Constant Wire Diameter" the cheaper are wit pigtail ends ,as per carlton (which snap ,and is a fail mot wise)

the same problem with astra G estate , the newer "Coil Spring With Constant Wire Diameter"  don't loose the pigtails

plus the postage is quicker on the £65 ones  ;D

But thanks for your input DG  :)

Omega General Help / Re: What car should I buy?
« on: Yesterday at 21:34:08 »
Don't give up on that astra just yet Terry   ;)
finding a corsa that has not been neglected could be a task
(women and learner driver cars)
with the sump off and cleaned ,you will see what your looking at  :y
If it where me , i'd just continue till the astra was sorted ,even if that was a head off,new rings rebuild (rings can be done engine in car ) parts are cheap ,rest of the car is sorted now anyway  :-\

Sorry for being simple 😂😂😂

So the car was MOTd in October of this year? Presumably failed on something/ some things. Youíve subsequently done said work. New MOT test this week and emissions fail plus the engine rattling?

When you do emissions it is then down to you as the tester to manually enter that failure on to the list of defects; the results arenít auto-uploaded. So irrespective of the lack of an emissions sheet it either passed on emissions or the tester omitted to input them as failure items on the refusal certificate 👍
Failed in October for horn ,eml on and rear disc condition.
had a fail sheet ,so test completed , no mention of emissions on the fail that Terry has said ,though the MOT station should have kept a copy of emission pass on record for 3 months ,even if it was not passed on with the Fail sheet :-\
 Looks like the 5w30 synthetic oil has stripped the sludge out the engine .causing problems  :P

what was it failing on emission wise this test Terry ? C0 or hydrocarbons ? did the tester abandon the test ? i.e no paperwork ?

i wonder if it  was emission tested or the tester could not get it within range and just skipped that part of the test  but not abandoned the rest of the test and not entered not tested on the vts  :-\

Found a rear spring broken on the 2.6 CDXi  :'(
do I buy the ones DG recommended for an elite

or heavy duty (boot full of tools all the time ) £6 more

and can i disregard the guide and use spring compressors (shocks undone) rather than drop the diff  :-\ always done it with compressors on carltons

I think the front exhaust needs moving and a couple of bolts into the bell housing + sump bolts to block
and the pick up pipe is part of the sump ,so sump gasket requires a good seal around where the pick up meets the block and pump or it will suck air rather than oil
which will give low oil pressure ,the oil pressure sensor could be crudded up or the oil is too thin when warm (just leaking out the big ends and mains and not even getting to the head :-\
there is a diaphragm in the rocker cover (like a crank case breather one way valve) can split

first thing i would do is check the plugs ,if very oily  :-\
(oil passing rings,oil control rings stuck)

do you have a print out to say the emissions where done a month ago ? what readings or did the tester skip it  :-\


Hmm. Wondering if the pickup strainer got clogged? Years of neglect followed by fresh oil with fresh detergent...?

I think you hit the nail on the head
5w30 will strip all the dirt from a neglected 100k+ engine :'(
indeed, dropping the sump to look would be worth the time

knock top end ? oil starved lifters perhaps
you could try... sump and pick up cleaned,plugs checked ,fresh filter and thicker oil ?

General Car Chat / Re: Deep sockets
« on: 11 November 2018, 17:43:19 »

Wow !
even includes the 11mm so you can windy-gun the bleed nipples on brakes  :D ;D

only 1/2 inch drive though , so not strong enough for tyre fitters to windy gun wheel nuts up to the required 1.000.000 N/m  :(

I just buy single sockets now to replace the ones i've abused to failure  ;D
I wouldn't dare windy gun brake bleed nipples, they are hollow and easily broken off. I always use a T-bar to give an even torque and still use minimum force. If that fails I desist, give the caliper thereabouts a good hammering, and try again.
  just joking about using the windy gun on the nipples :o  Terry  ;D
though a deep six sided socket gets good grip
hopefully you don't windy gun wheels to 1.000,000 N/m either  :o

General Car Chat / Re: This has hurt me psychologically 😢
« on: 11 November 2018, 13:51:17 »
mmm  :-\
mid range tyres and light drizzle was never going to end well  :D ;D

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 11 November 2018, 12:24:25 »
Played with Amba's stereo to sort that mute issue, then repaired my jump leads and put them back in the Jag.  The Omega is never here for me to put a set back in there ;D
Buy another, they are very cheap  :P

General Car Chat / Re: Deep sockets
« on: 11 November 2018, 12:21:36 »

Wow !
even includes the 11mm so you can windy-gun the bleed nipples on brakes  :D ;D

only 1/2 inch drive though , so not strong enough for tyre fitters to windy gun wheel nuts up to the required 1.000.000 N/m  :(

I just buy single sockets now to replace the ones i've abused to failure  ;D

I presume stored. When cleared it stays cleared.
In live data, battery voltage is 14-3-14.4 volts
Voltmeter reads 14.33
Battery light comes on initially, goes off on engine starrt and stays off.

Good tip, will do so.
I wouldn't worry then about  po621 unless it comes back then
all sounds good  :y

Today I plugged in my laptop diagnostic device, and read live data. Code P0621-04 came up as a fault code, Generator Lamp "L" Control Circuit Malfunction.

 My worry is it will come again.

What should I do?
Is the fault code stored or present ?
if you clear the code ,does it come back on ?
in live data , what is battery voltage ?
with the engine running, what voltage is at the battery using a volt meter ?
does the battery light on dash light when you first turn the key (before engine crank/run) and go off ,and stay off engine running ?

as you can't test drive ,put your code reader in the car and if need be, reset EML if it comes on as you pull up for mot  ;D

IF z16xep twinport engine then yes ,water pump is aux belt driven  ;)
(2nd pulley up on the left in this pic)

You can have a feel of the water pump bearing when you have the aux belt off to grease the roller bearing on the tensioner , mark belt direction first  :y

I do as DG ,the jam jar with small amount of old brake fluid in but use the tube for fish tank air stones(under the fluid ,so air can not get drawn back up) ,very cheap ,but effective method  :y
Not a fan of easybleed pipes and valves,the valves stick .
I NEVER clamp a flexi , just bleed the lot through .
And it will make a noticeable difference if the fluid is old (potentially 10 years old or more in Terry's case with the 2004 astra) and there was a service bulletin re brake fluid change  on astra of that era.
  If you have ever done the brake fluid change and seen the colour of the fluid that comes out the calipers, you'd be a convert to regular changes.
 yes, some people may suck out fluid from the reservoir and put fresh in to fool the NT (MOT tester) ,If it's dirty in the reservoir, just imagine how dirty it will be in the calipers ,plus clutch line(in proper cars with a full compliment of feet controls)   

GOOD LUCK with the test Terry and well done working your way through the jobs  :)

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