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Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Ldv maxus
« on: 04 August 2018, 17:46:13 »
I think you're lost in the wrong forum chief? ... but hey, trying to help you ... generally speaking, if its OBDII? The temp gauge has nothing to do with the fans, it's just a happiness indicator .. ok happy ... not ok ... sad:-( . There is another temp sensor thats talks to the ECM, will most likely be around water pump somewhere. Get a reader (20 ebay) and check engine temp? This is what the ECM sees and turns the fans on. Its very likely that your Ecm doesn't care and is not connected to the temp gauge. Look at a wiring diagram (Haynes?). Do the fans come on if you stick 12V on them? Some cars they are obvious, some are dead quiet .. my omega they are very loud, my camaro ... very very quiet even on full but you can feel the blast. Probably a relay? But the temp gauge is just there to give you the worries. Normally that will have a separate sensor on the head/s somwhere which can help indicate if air is trapped in head sucked in from a coolant leak, but normally post '95 ish doesn't control the fans.
My temp gauge on my 02, V6 has never worked, fans work fine. But OBDII is pretty much the same on every car.
Hope that helps point you in the right direction mate.


General Car Chat / Re: Coil pack for 2.6
« on: 14 May 2018, 18:27:21 »
Plug holes full of water is an Omega characteristic, caused by a leaking scuttle. You can seal it with silicone, but it needs to be readily removable to work around the rear of the engine. Removing the foam drastically reduces the problem, and is easy to do.
Or fix the real issue, which is the windscreen seal needs knocking back on :y

Yeah, did that. But for it to seal, it needed knocking into the glass by a couple of mm. And I haven't figured out a way of doing that without creating a lot more wind noise and a massive water leak onto the dashboard.

Mines miss-shapen after it blew out (too fast) and won't lock in. Previous owner said windscreen got replaced and current seal never sat properly. It's currently held in place with tape, waiting for me to get a new hot melt gun!

TheBoy is right, all the ignition troubles started after it blew out.


General Car Chat / Re: Coil pack for 2.6
« on: 12 May 2018, 16:03:24 »
Update ... although a bit late. Changed near side coil pack, not difficult. All the plug holes were full of water, I mean full, coil pack had two big cracks in it ... how was it running? Hoovered out the plugs holes, then sprayed them with WD, hoovered that out as well till it looked new. Fitted coil pack. Runs like a dream.

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hello from spain
« on: 12 May 2018, 15:50:09 »

General Car Chat / Re: Opel Omega 2003 Bad MPG , Any Ideas?!
« on: 12 April 2018, 18:57:21 »
Random advice. I'd go through a couple of tanks of decent fuel. In UK, Shell V or Tesco 99. Not because of octane really, more to do with the additives that keep the bits cleaner. Made a world of difference on my other car which is a V8, not a performance engine, injection, basically just a big slugger. I only go 4 miles to work, the Camaro does about 16mpg, my 2.6 Omega does around 18, but is hugely better on longer runs like 35 or something. If your in traffic they all guzzle. Reset the ECU if you can. I don't know specifically about short cuts on Omegas but generally with GM, just disconnect the battery for 1/2 hour does it, so not assume 31 minutes is OK, leave it off for a while. I wouldn't short the battery connections, you might save 31 minutes but you don't know the the condition of the capacitor.
16 - 19 in traffic depending on your driving style doesn't seem excessive to me. Try it on a longer run but don't try and fix it if it's not actually broken :-)

General Car Chat / Coil pack for 2.6
« on: 12 April 2018, 18:29:44 »
Following on from here:

After looking at ebay found Euro Car Parts, have an offer ends midnight 16th, code is on their website, click and collect 35% off so got a HAAS unit for 61 ... 32 off :-)


Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Here for help and advice
« on: 09 April 2018, 18:54:31 »
Thanks for the warm welcome guys and gals! Currently sourcing a 2,4,6 coil pack and a set of spark plugs! Shes having a rest right now but I wish the weather would cheer up a but as my '96 Camaro has become the daily runner to work. She looks better in the sun, but does like to drink, but it's all about smiles to the gallon isn't it?

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Here for help and advice
« on: 04 April 2018, 23:35:52 »
Massive thanks for reply. a) She is so dry, clean and oil free under bonnet, and underneath for her age it's unreal. b) and c) .. very likely, I can't see 2,4,6 pack as they are covered by some sort of wiring harness plastic channel. Coil pack and plugs it will be, and clean breathers. Thanks for the ebay tip, good price.


Newbie Welcome Area / Here for help and advice
« on: 04 April 2018, 20:20:42 »
Hi All!

Not really a noob, bit old for that. Here for help and advice. 2.6 V6 CD auto 04 plate 130k. Had her about 18 months. VGC except A/C compressor gone and one heated seat doesn't work. Wanted to restore my 22 year old Disco but couldn't afford, so sold her (very sad, I'm still sad, a long term relationship of 19 years). Was offered this, she just goes to work and back about 8 miles. No expense spared on her, shes getting fluffy on the arches. Flew through MOT in August, no work, no advisories. Bit thirsty .. yes. But a nice car, quickish yes, quiet luxury .. yes. She shines up well. Under bonnet very clean, no leaks, nothing. Was running great.

Problem, random misfire, searched your forums, lot of options. codes were 0300, 0302 only for 2 months now 0304. I reckon nearside coil pack (RHD) and change plugs unless you know better. I happened all of a sudden, smooth and then permanent misfire. Don't like randomly changing parts? Whats the best pack vs money? Stop, take out key, wait, restart, problem goes away for a bit? How do you reset ECM as normal GM ... just leave -ve off for 1/2 hour like I am now? Oil looks like olive oil, clean, some scum on filler (lots of short trips and extremely wet weather). But when firing on all cylinders, lsmooth, no power issues etc. Or should I post this in technical?

Other cars, '96 Chevy Z28 (so when I say the Omega is quickish there's some perspective and something called an Astra DTi which is 15 plate, but is actually not bad.


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