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Here is sample of the oil I drained out. This was poured out of the oil change collector so was on the top. after settling for 24 hours.

Omega General Help / Re: What car should I buy?
« on: Today at 18:50:39 »
Doesn't sound too good but will be interesting to see what you find.
If the rest of the vehicle's sound you could always source another engine. Plenty of them get scrapped with perfectly good mechanicals.
Thanks for the suggestion. I have never changed an engine, amd am nervous of attempting to do so. I am more inclined to buy another Astra H 1.6, stripping this one for spares, and scrapping it.
Can anyone advise me of the language of Astras; I see advertised Design, Envoy, Club and SXi versions.

Omega General Help / Re: What car should I buy?
« on: Today at 07:18:38 »
Probably unwisely, I drove rhe Astra 2 miles home, and only just mde it. Afte a mile it was stiffening up and would have stalled without throttle. The oil, now I have seen it, could explain everything. It rattled like a can of naila. In getting off the exhaust I had to use an angle grinder on one of the cat to downpipe nuts. I am assuming this car is a wreck but I want to see the strainer.

Sorry for being simple 😂😂😂

So the car was MOTd in October of this year? Presumably failed on something/ some things. Youíve subsequently done said work. New MOT test this week and emissions fail plus the engine rattling?

When you do emissions it is then down to you as the tester to manually enter that failure on to the list of defects; the results arenít auto-uploaded. So irrespective of the lack of an emissions sheet it either passed on emissions or the tester omitted to input them as failure items on the refusal certificate 👍
Failed in October for horn ,eml on and rear disc condition.
had a fail sheet ,so test completed , no mention of emissions on the fail that Terry has said ,though the MOT station should have kept a copy of emission pass on record for 3 months ,even if it was not passed on with the Fail sheet :-\
 Looks like the 5w30 synthetic oil has stripped the sludge out the engine .causing problems  :P

what was it failing on emission wise this test Terry ? C0 or hydrocarbons ? did the tester abandon the test ? i.e no paperwork ?
CO. Occasionally the CO came within limits, but as tester kept trying to get all 3 parameters within bounds, the car got hot and began to rattle.End of test, end of car. On each attempt all the parameters went 'all over the shop', occasionally came near passing, but never made it.

Omega General Help / Re: What car should I buy?
« on: Yesterday at 20:32:35 »
I have bought one Astra, sorted it, handed it over to son Jonny, he loves it, success. I bought a second, no MOT, for my daughter, but during the MOT emission test it began to rattle and has wrecked its engine. The Astra seems like a fine car, not at all small, I think my duaghtter might settle for something smaller. What about a Corsa?

I think the front exhaust needs moving and a couple of bolts into the bell housing + sump bolts to block
and the pick up pipe is part of the sump ,so sump gasket requires a good seal around where the pick up meets the block and pump or it will suck air rather than oil
which will give low oil pressure ,the oil pressure sensor could be crudded up or the oil is too thin when warm (just leaking out the big ends and mains and not even getting to the head :-\
there is a diaphragm in the rocker cover (like a crank case breather one way valve) can split

first thing i would do is check the plugs ,if very oily  :-\
(oil passing rings,oil control rings stuck)

do you have a print out to say the emissions where done a month ago ? what readings or did the tester skip it  :-\
No, I do not have an emissons print out from the Octobe MOT.
I am in the process of dropping the sump. I have removed the exhaust and the under engine cover. I am now draining the oil over night. It is black, thick, glutinous, not like lubricant at all. I know it is cold, whereas I drained the original oil hot, but even so I am amazed at the state of it.

This car is nearly MOT ready. However, when I bought it (last Saturday) the engine management light was on, and this was listed as an MOT failure matter. After Webby the Bear kindly told me where to find the OBD2 socket I plugged in my simple code reader, read the code (lean mixture bank 1) , cancelled it, and the light has stayed off ever since. Today I plugged in my laptop diagnostic device, and read live data. Code P0621-04 came up as a fault code, Generator Lamp "L" Control Circuit Malfunction. O2 sensor 1 was switching RICH/LEAN/RICH /LEAN satisfactorily, but O2 sensor 2 was steady on LEAN. Engine light remains off. My worry is it will come again.

What should I do?

Terry, sorry I have come to this conversation a bit late. Your Z16XEP fault will keep re-occurring. In somewhere between 60 and 100 miles P0170-2 will show. It's a common fault i have just sorted on mine. The EGR recirculation channels in the intake manifold where it butts the cylinder head become blocked preventing the gas from entering the manifold. The ECU discovers this and finds it cannot enrich the mixture to accommodate it in the warm up cycle and throws the code.

Solution, take it to bits, about 2 hrs work, clean it and put it all back together again. You might also find some muppet has blocked off the EGR channel from the valve. If so this will have the same effect. Having done this, if the fault re-occurs then the EGR is not functioning correctly.
Thanks for that. Might that explain the MOT emissions failure?

Hmm. Wondering if the pickup strainer got clogged? Years of neglect followed by fresh oil with fresh detergent...?

I think you hit the nail on the head
5w30 will strip all the dirt from a neglected 100k+ engine :'(
indeed, dropping the sump to look would be worth the time

knock top end ? oil starved lifters perhaps
you could try... sump and pick up cleaned,plugs checked ,fresh filter and thicker oil ?
Is dropping the sump a simple matter of draining the oil, then undoing the bolts holding sump to block?

Check the MOT history :y
has it failed on emissions in the past ?
how is the engine now you changed the oil ? any noisy valve lifters ? knocks etc ?  smoke when the engine is up to temperature ? is this the 120k miles one ?

5w30 fully synthetic is thin and will flush sludge from all the engine IF it is there (if engine has done short journeys,not had regular oil changes,had thick oil in the past)

I've had this in the past ,a 1.6 with only 80k that a garage put flushing oil in to reduce emissions then fully synthetic 5w30 (it did not work, just made it worse ) all the sludge just stuck in the oil control rings ,jamming them in the pistons  >:(
 it smoked like a steam train when warm, I got the car,stripped it ,new rings ,cleaned sump etc and found the emissions fail was down to a clogged injector  ::)

your car may have had thick oil in or not been changed enough(very likely from what you say) ,
hopefully a couple of oil and filter changes will resolve it .
No mention of emission problems in service records or old MOTs, or I would not have bought it. In the MOT fail in October emissions were not mentioned. I was therefore surprised this morning when the tester failed to get it through the emissions test. Three attempts with sustained high revs failed, got the engine and the oil hot, then it rattled. With hindsight, the oil remaining black after oil change warranted more investigation.

I do not understand why if failed emissions, after passing them a month ago, unless my oil change caused it.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 13 November 2018, 16:38:18 »
They probably don't want to lose their best customer, Terry! ;) ;D
I'll have another car for them soon.

I went to collect it 4 hours latre, with a tow rope and an Omega estate. It started, but rattled once it got warm, and wanted to stall. I managed to drive it the 2 miles home, by which the low oil pressure light was on, along with several other warning lights. I guess the engine is wrecked.

This car comes with an amazing service history. Since 2014 it has had one owner. She appears to have changed what was necessary to keep it going and get it through MOT tests, but never changed the oil. She did change the cambelt, tensioners and water pump on purchase, and has since then changed droplinks, plugs, fuel pump, crank sensor, steering joints and tyres as required. The oil was seriously black. I ran the engine for 10 minutes to warm up the oil, then drained it for 3 hours. I changed the oil filter and put in new Trade Club 5W30 oil. Checking the level, the oil on the dip stick was still black. Oh dear.

When I changed the oil last Wednesday in my other Astra, after oil change the dip stick showed clean oil.

I wonder how long this engine will last?
Not long I fear. Took car for MOT this morning, it struggled on emissions, then began to rattle. Tester stiopped the engine, asked me what he should do. I said skip emissons, do the rest of the test. He drove the car onto the rollers for the brake test, the engine stopped and would not restart. It appeared to have seized. We agreed it should be allowed to cool down. I rang my son for a lift home.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 12 November 2018, 21:59:17 »
They probably don't want to lose their best customer, Terry! ;) ;D
I'm sure they little care, but the first 2.2 they collected lacked differential and gearbox. so was a bit underweight. Today's car was overweight, because I stuffed in the boot a dismantled print machine just to get rid of it.

MOT tomorrow. I only have one fog tail light coming on, offside. Is this correct or have I a dead bulb?

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 12 November 2018, 16:34:12 »
Retrieved Tech2 from that Gixer fella ;D
could you nip and collect all the tools I've lent out to people in the past  :-\
while your on a roll  ;D
I am on a roll...

...I also retrieved my air rachet, my riveter, my box of rivets and my spare vac stuff.  It was like xmas :)

Were they in your neighbour's garden?
shrapnel  :D ;D

I only ever get tools returned when I've long since replaced em  ;D
On November 1st R.J. King, local scrap merchant, collected my last 2.2 Omega. On November 10th I couldn't find my hinged 1/2" ratchet spanner anywhere, wanted it to fit a drop link on my Astra; in the end I managed without it. Today November 12th R.J. King arrived to collect my rusty 2.6. The driver got out of his cab, waving in the air my lost 1/2" ratchet, which he said fell off the car when he unloaded. There's honesty.

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