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You're not really in Malta, are you?

Omega General Help / Re: Front wishbone bush replacement
« on: Yesterday at 20:08:24 »
Poly fronts are about 70 a pair now and will last the cars life.I was sceptical when mine were fitted as thought it would be to severe but they work well and take the car where you point it .

Backs are around 20 but will either require some engineering with studding to remove and refit or a big press and a few quid in the garages coffee pot.

After fitting alignment is essential and should cost around 60/ near MacDonalds off A2070 do it think they are called Tyre Pro or similar.

Doing it yourself then ?

Thanks. :y

 Not sure yet but, yes it is Protyre previouly Tyreweb, have quoted 180 but cannot supply poly bushes. The Vx dealer has quoted 231, with TC, with genuine parts.

But, if others confirm that it is straight forward to do the front bushes then I might go down that route. The question is do I want to be crawling around on the floor, when I could just let the professionals take the strain. :D ;)
It's only an advisory note, presumably on an MOT pass certificate. If it drives all right I should leave it until next year. A lot can happen to a 16 year old car in a year.
My Rover Streetwise has had advisories on drive shaft gaiters for the last three years, but it keeps passing MOTs. Some examiners feel obliged to pick a fault on every 16 year old car, lest people think they are not trying.

Omega General Help / Re: Front wishbone bush replacement
« on: Yesterday at 11:51:08 »
Not long ago[as I've got to do the bottom arms-well one at least on the V70]I asked at a main dealer-not Volvo or Vauxhall-how they went about tightening the bolts with the weight on the wheels as they have mainly two post ramps and was told they don't bother they just gun them up".So that's a job I'll be doing myself.
I have a brute of a 3/4" air line impact wrench I bought to undo stubborn nuts, max. claimed torque 1000lb.ft. The adjuster knob is the same as on my 1/2" air gun, with 1 2 3 4 settings. I have witnessed tyre shops 'gun up' wheel nuts, and found them almost impossible to undo. Can some guns be preset to a certain torque, or are they all like mine?

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 15 September 2018, 16:09:09 »
In CAR S.O.S. I have often wondered how Fuzz and the lads restore rusty old wrecks into roadworthy cars. The audience is shown little of the major body rebuilding that must have taken place in every programme. The previous post shows a wreck of a car apparently being restored, sparing no expense. Is that really an Omega?

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 15 September 2018, 08:34:36 »
This morning I see that 99,500 Carlton is no longer available, e-bay offers me as similar a Vauxhall Rascal tipper truck, not quite the same.

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 14 September 2018, 22:01:14 »
Well put
I guess I'm an enthusiast
It was the same thing 10+ years ago when ebay was full of Carltons
many people got shot when repairs and rust meant doing work or spending money.
I had a 93 (which i had sat un-used for 2 years as a spare) but lost storage ,so the 93 car became my daily driver, and sadly I let 2 go for scrap. I stocked up on cheap used spares as they got broke and scrapped, plus service parts came down in price.
I also spent many hours each year cleaning and rust proofing the one remaining carlton , just said goodbye to it this year .
now there are very few carltons about , look on ebay
4 x 4 bangers and 1 x LC at only 99,950.00  :o
I wonder if that Lotus Carlton is rust free? L reg and only 37000 miles, sounds good, and comes with a new MOT. I saw another immaculate Carlton recently, in NYPD trim, with a Lexus V8 engine, apparently the car had been a 'barn find'.


Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 13 September 2018, 09:05:07 »
plate over any holes
then treat the rest

squirt in chassis rails and sills after

underseal over treated areas

cosmetics of the arches are far less important
(mot wise,unless it's rusted to a sharp edge or holed ,it's a pass)

a day spent doing this to your omega will slow the tinworm considerably
(my 25+ year old carlton had a lot less rust than the omega in the pics )
Excellent advice, that I shall follow.
I have long loved and enjoyed my Omegas, and my Senators before them, but I feel this period is coming to an end. My daughter-in-law's Rover Streetwise, whose head gasket failure was brought to my attention 4 years ago, struck me as a decent car to drive. Since my repair it has been trouble free, and looks like outliving  my Omegas. There must be many other decent cars out there.

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 12 September 2018, 19:24:10 »
My oldest 2 Omegas are the least rusty, a pair of 2.5 manual estates. Both passed MOTs this year with little trouble. A Y reg 2.2 saloon failed MOT on rust recently and has been scrapped; scrappy gave me 75 for it, I sold the gearbox to enthusiasts for 50, used the differential to perk up one of he estates;
kept the catalyst too. My ex-police 2003 saloon and a 2.2 manual saloon will probably go next year.

The subject of this thread, a 2.6 manual saloon, is excellent mechanically, and I hope will give me 2 more years service. It needs some welding in the o/s cill to get through MOT this November, next year who knows.

Member ajsphead is welding his Omega all the while and hopefully will still be running it in 10 years time. Mine will not last that long. Curiously, my best Omega is the estate he sold me, little rust but now on its fourth differential.

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 12 September 2018, 12:21:16 »
Thanks to all for god advice. It doesn't look terminal in the other parts of the chassis, but clearly the RH cill needs attention.
Reverting to the appearance of the LH wheel arch (first pic), clearly last year I made a mess of touching it up, and the rust has leached through my rub down fill and respray job. At the end where I did a bit of filling it remains silver. I reckon for a longer lasting cheap repair it's no good rubbinbg down to bare metal, priming and respraying, I need in some way to seal over the bare metal, like the filler at the end has done. What's the best way of doing it?

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 10 September 2018, 21:07:51 »
You're confusing the subframe with the chassis...

Regardless, that right hand sill needs work at both ends...
So is the chassis the rectangular beams running from rear to front? They seem to disappear at the front.

I agree work is needed on the cill, but the left hand cill was much worse.

Thanks for the quick response.

It does not look too bad, does it?

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 10 September 2018, 19:58:22 »
Gentlemen, here are pics of my 2.6 manual CDX saloon. It is 18 years old, drives well, and I should like to keep it on the road for  a couple more years, but not at any price. Here are the rusty bits, tell me what you think.
Last year I got my ace welder to repair the nearside cill, and it passed its MOT test. Here is the right hand cill, and the front chassis.
RH rear cill end

RH rear jacking point with crack in cill

RH cill, looking good to me

RH front jacking point

RH wheel arch

Left wishbone and chassis

Left hand front chassis corner

Right hand chassis corner

Right hand chassis corner

Right hand wishbone and chassis

Thank you for looking. It's an old car, but hopefully with a little more life in it!

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 09 September 2018, 21:28:24 »
Thanks for the advice Tick Tock and b4ndit. I shall bear it in mind and investigate further. Stand by for further pics.

Omega General Help / Re: Rusty wheel arch
« on: 09 September 2018, 18:22:49 »
Have you removed the sill cover and wheel arch liner?
Now you mention it, I did so last year, and had my friendly welder repair it.
I will investigate the other side, and maybe the front too, as Tick Tock advises. This car is a lovely drive, and I want to keep it.


Omega General Help / Rusty wheel arch
« on: 09 September 2018, 17:04:44 »
Y342 has a rusty wheel arch, which last year I made a mess of repairing. Is there any way short of welding in a new section that I could make a more permanent repair? I wonder because this Omega, unlike others in my fleet, is running well and not terminally rusty.

Omega General Help / Re: Xenon light front suspension height sensor
« on: 09 September 2018, 16:32:51 »
Silly question but i assume the warning message only comes on if the sensor or any part of its electrical connection is faulty. It would not come on if the arm had just popped off would it ?
Yes it would. I have had that many times. If it detects no motion the message soon pops up.

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