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Omega General Help / Re: Key programing
« on: 16 February 2020, 17:54:36 »
Sorry to hijack the thread but it may be useful to the OP too.

Can it be done by post?  or is the car necessary? 

I ask as I lost one of my two keys.  I still have the other "key with chip" so I bought a chip and key blank from fleabay and wonder what my next step might be.

Can the new chip be cloned to be the same as the original?  or does the new chip need to be matched to the car?

It was the fuel pump which had failed.  It got a new bit of electronics and all is now well.

Omega General Help / Re: Alarm going off
« on: 24 December 2019, 18:06:18 »
Is a quick and nasty solution to cut the lead from the car battery +ve to the powersounder? 

The powersounder will now sound as it is detecting the car battery voltage.  After it has run its battery flat you will not have any more trouble from it.  Tape up the cut wire in the loom.

Even if the flat battery in the powersounder carries on corroding it does not have any power to cause a fire.

I have read that insurance surveyors often now look to see if a stolen Omega has had the powersounder removed and a casual glance would not spot this change.


Thanks.  All the fuses are OK so I am beginning to suspect the relay for the glow plugs or the fuel pump.

My 2001 2.2 DTI had been sitting for a day or two.  I started it and moved it 50 yards - no problem.  An hour later I started it - no problem.  I moved off and I stalled it.  It then refused to start.

I cranked till I eventually flattened the battery.  I recharged the battery and tried the next day and it was exactly the same.

It has 1/3 tank of fuel. The glow light comes on as normal when I turn on the ignition.

I suspect fuel starvation not least because some years ago the fuel return pipe developed an air leak which emptied the fuel pipe.

Does the diesel fuel pump have a fuse?  I ask because the manual says Fuse 18 is for the fuel pump but there is no Fuse 18 inserted - the position is empty.  I wonder if Fuse 18 is for a petrol pump and so unused on a diesel?

Does it have a fuel cut-off switch?  If so stalling it might have given it a high g shock which tripped it.  The manual does not tell me it has one nor how to reset it.

All the fuses in the fuse box close to the battery are good.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

General Discussion Area / Re: Top 5%
« on: 24 November 2019, 18:51:45 »
few understand how it works at the moment!
Fikked if I do, as I was opted out for a long time.

You did not opt out of the State Pension.
You were opted out of the additional state pension (SERPS) and only because your employer's pension guaranteed to the state that it would provide you at least the same or more than the state second pension would.

General Discussion Area / Re: Top 5%
« on: 24 November 2019, 18:44:47 »
300,000 so cost anout 15,000 each ( 58 billion?)

In my view they have a valid claim.
3 x 15 = 45 so 58 cannot be correct ::)

do you mean 205/55 r16 or 205/65 r15  ???

because 205 65 R16 is a bigger radius ::)
You're asking someone who gave their spare to a random stranger with a completely different car simply because they had the gall to ask :-X
It's called being a good Samaritan to someone in need.

It was 8pm on a Bank Holiday Monday evening and he was miles from home.

I am sure that had your wife got a puncture at 8pm on a Bank Holiday Monday evening when she was miles from home and I had refused to help her, you would be incandescent with rage.

I treat others the way I would like to be treated by them.  Sometimes, but not often, it goes wrong. 

do you mean 205/55 r16 or 205/65 r15  ???

because 205 65 R16 is a bigger radius ::)
205 65 R16

There's not that much difference.  The normal 225 55 R16 has a sidewall height of 225 x 0.55 = 123.75 mm.  The spare 205 65 R16 has a sidewall height of 205 x 0.65 = 133.25 mm.  It's a few mm more than the difference between a new and a worn tyre. 195 65 R16 would be better as it has a sidewall height of 126.75mm and gives 10mm more space in the boot and the wheel well. 

But beggars can't be choosers - I asked for a quote from one of those "we'll get quotes from scrapyards for you" websites and I received no quotes.

Terry came up trumps and I now have a 205 65 R16 steel spare which fits nicely in the spare wheel well of my 2001 saloon.

Reading the thread convinces me that selecting a spare for a car when you don't know the size makes rocket science look easy!

Thanks to all who replied.

I am in Midsomer Norton, near you, and I have spare Omega wheels, but no 17". For a spare, does size matter?

Thanks.  I have sent you a message.  Any chance I could pop over today and see if one fits? I am not looking to scrounge it and am happy to buy it! 

I am sorry about my typo of 17 - the spare, like the road wheels, is R16.  I put it down to old age, approaching senility and general decrepitude.

It is no wonder Mrs Google was of little help is telling me what to buy off eBay as there seem to be so many variants.  I half remember reading what was on the spare as 205 65 R16 and some post here say that later saloons were fitted with 205 65 R16 as spares, while other posts say it won't fit in the well and I am better to go for 195 65 R15.

I doubt I will ever need to mount the thing but, if I do, I would like to know I wasn't damaging the car because it was the wrong rolling radius, so working the diff rather hard if on the back; or the wrong offset, which might stress things or mess up the steering geometry if on the front, or even crunch into the bodywork.

I'll send my phone number.



Thank you for your many answers. 

You will have discovered by now that I am a bit of a twit not least because I mistyped the size I think my spare should be  ::)  The wheels are of course R16 and not R17.  I have no idea what the other parameters should be.  In my defence may I say that I don't have the spare to hand to check.  :'(

I still have four wheels on the car where I can read the tyres and they all say 225 55 R16.

I was therefore guessing that my long gone spare was (is - it's just it and I are no longer living together) 205 65 R16.
my spare is 195/65r15
what size wheels and tyres do you have fitted  :-\

... which suggests I need 195/65/15.
It's a CDX DTI with 225 55 R16  on alloys.

Aren't the standard spare wheels always 195/65/15 94V on 7J steel rims?

... which suggests I need 195/65/15.

Just checked mine and its 205/55/16

... which suggests I need 205/55/16.

Mrs Google wasn't much help trying to figure it out. 

Which do I need - 195/65/15 or 205/55/16?  I figure I am best to go for the 195/65/15 as it will be narrower for the well, and it is only a "get you home" tyre.  195*65% = 127 whereas 225*55% is 124 which is quite reasonable.

While I sympathise with the OP,s story about having his wheel nicked, I think its a bit cheeky to pop up on here and ask for one for free, or as near free as possible. Or is it just me ?

Ouch!  You may have missed that I offered to pay for it. 

I thought how many Omegas (and other cars) must go to the scrapyard, as my previous one did, with a spare wheel which had never been used and which was worthless to the scrapyard as no-one needs to buy a replacement spare wheel.

It's my bit of local recycling.

There I was on the Bank Holiday Monday evening, nursing a well earned drink with t'missus and minding my own business, when the doorbell rang.  A bloke with a Vectra says he has blown his front tyre and the spare is flat - can I help him.

So I dig out my pump but the tyre isn't seated properly on the rim and the useless pump shoves out so little air at each stroke that it won't pump up.  I fetch a can of what-ever-it-is-that-inflates-a-punctured-tyre and the label says it won't work because the tyre is off the rim.

"Any chance I could borrow the spare from your Omega?  It should fit and I swear on my mother's grave I'll bring it back tomorrow - promise".  He looked me straight in the eye and shook my hand.

It was late on a Bank Holiday and I felt for him.  He looked honest, we talked about how it was nice to do favours to people in need and he waved a jovial goodbye as he drove off.

Yep.  You guessed it.  That's the last I saw of it.

Thieving b*stard!

So, if anyone in the Bristol area has a spare they don't want I will gladly take it off their hands and even offer a small renumeration as long as it's a 205 65 R17 tyre.  Otherwise it's about 30-40 on fleabay by the time I've coughed up the postage.

I'm still bemused about how people can do things like that.  And whether I am just a fool ...

If it isn't revving it's probably fuel starvation.

I had a similar problem with a two-stroke strimmer and I eventually traced it to the "transparent yellow" plastic tube used for the petrol pipe which was slowly being dissolved by the petrol and gumming up the carburettor.

Clean the jets in the carb and replace the pipe with good petrol-proof pipe.  Use a bit of RedeX to keep the carb clean.

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