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In the ideal world Ron you should be using a IMAP Account (most are now including Hotmail) then use a PC App like MS Outlook, Thunderbird etc (I personally use Thunderbird) to use and sync your Email on your PC, that way youve got a PC Back Up of your Emails if the Server goes down, lose the Account or they decide they dont wont to play anymore, and youve also got a Server Back Up should your PC Fall over etc.  ;)

As an extra precaution I also set up a 2nd (only known to me) third party imap Server account which I use purely (in the Cloud) to automatically back up my first and Main Email Accounts, should either of the above suddenly happen, that way Im well and truly covered, I set this up years ago and I have old emial accounts from 25 years ago all backed up in the Cloud by using free and independent imap accounts.  :y

The Hands Free Speaker is probably at the back of the phone, so external Cover?, something blocking it, got wet and the speaker is duff or or got sticky wet and has dried up of the speaker is fukced.

Or, in settings (somewhere) phone thinks its using Bluetooth or Headphones when you speak the speaker on.

Thats what I am intending to do splice at the footwell.

I have a non standard double din stero that is packed with wires and just about pushes basck into the space otherwise I would run the new cable up to the back of the stereo.

The signal is okay but cuts out if I am am travelling around outside of town and it is only for FM so am looking for a way of keeping the original aerial coax and connector intact and just splicing the new cable into another blue connector.

Have no idea if this will work hence the spare connector wanted as a test piece. I had the rear shelf off and couldnt see anywhere that a standard aerial connector would attach to the amp near the screen
Sorry, what is your exact terminology of the word "splicing" as said in my previous post the existing loom has several connector points, back of HU to Footwell, footwell to rear screen Amp and so on, so plug into that with the correct connector and cable, depending on what it is your trying to do and why? maybe Im missing something here.

Why?, the Saloon rear screen aerial does a good enough job, assuming its working correctly?

Easiest way is to attach the external aerial into to the back of the rear Aerial Amp near the screen, if its for normal FM the whip needs to be for that Band, if per chance its for DAB, then forgot that as the Amp will not cover the DAB Band coreectly so you need to by pass the Amp.

To answer your other question, you should need to splice anything, theres an Aerial Connector at the Footwell as well as the rear of the Amp Loom, just a question of matching the Connector and correct coax cable if your extending it.

General Discussion Area / Re: SSD advice please
« on: 03 August 2018, 14:52:08 »
Glad to hear you sorted it, :y shame you couldn't get additional help from TB, that way you could have blamed Him when it falls over in the future  ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Sunroof Seal
« on: 03 August 2018, 13:41:09 »
For anyone searching this in the future, guide is here:
Before ripping the Sunroof apart I would suggest a Full Recycle in every Postilion whist holding the Button down for at least 5 seconds when Parked in each Position, may not cure the Disk Cleaning problem if it is that, but could solve a simple needs a reset issue..

Madrid is currently 39c

Omega General Help / Re: Little light on battery.
« on: 02 August 2018, 18:47:52 »
There only crude indicators, sometimes little balls that roll over and get stuck.

So if the Voltage is correct, which it sounds like it is and the battery starts as it should just ignore the indicator on it.

General Car Chat / Re: Corsa B steering column upper bearing
« on: 02 August 2018, 15:56:29 »
Search for one of a Tigra A, no ones wants parts for them anymore as theres no Tigra A's left.

Omega General Help / Re: Chip Tuning 2.6 V6 (Petrol)
« on: 02 August 2018, 15:36:10 »
Thanks zirk for professional answer, now this is clear and that is why I asked this forum. So better to concentrate on "magic beans and put them in the glove box..."
Youre welcome, I wouldnt rule out getting a set off G Camshafts from a 3.0 or 3.2 and get them replaced next time you do a CamBelt Change, G Cams swop on there own will give you 15 to 20 Bhp more.  ;)

Omega General Help / Re: Chip Tuning 2.6 V6 (Petrol)
« on: 02 August 2018, 15:11:13 »

Now and then I see products like this promising increased power, fuel economy etc. What is present opinion of those. Discussed here earlier but difficult to get understanding is it worth doing. I have autobox AR-25.
Dont waste your time or money on eBay Tunning Boxes for the Omega (or any Non Turbo'ed Engine for that matter), they are just MAF Foolers, in its simplest form can be a resistor added inline with the Maf Sensor to change the resistive/inductive Maf Valve into to fooling the ECU that more Air or Cold Air is being fed into the Intake and get the ECU to over Fuel, your just bugger the ECU workings, plus modern systems will detect this with exhaust sensors and attempt to re adjust the ECU fueling back anyway.

On the second part of the post I believe the OP is confusing an ECU Update with a ReMap, an ECU update from the Dealer is simply that, and will not increase Power. An After Market ReMap (or ReChip) is designed to change the ECUs Memory Map for increased Performance, MPG, Power and Torque, although these increased gains on Aspirated Engines are minimal when compared to Turbo Engines.

On the Omega V6's, the early Non DBW, 2.5 and 3.0 had there Map Data stored in an Eprom (Read Only Chip) and therefore the only way to change the Map Data was to replace the Eprom with another Re Programmed Eprom (Re Chip, Chipped, SuperChip etc to name a few), on the later DBW V6's the Map Data was stored by Flashing to the Memory, meaning the Map Data is stored and can be reprogrammed without changing any Chip Hardware (ie known as ReMap, ECU ReFlashing etc). The basic process between the terms ReChip and ReMap is the same, its just a question of how its done, although admittedly there is a vast difference between the early 1980's type Engine ECUs and modern day ECUs.

Ive ReMapped both 3.0, 2.6 and 3.2 Omega's with moderate to reasonable results in Power, Driveabilty and increased MPG, but dont expect it to transform your Car into something it was never meant to be, only noticeable gains can be achieved, if you can add a better free flowing Exaust System with the ReMap then you will see better gains. The 3.2 is probably the one thats most noticeable with a decent ReMap, especially if you can get the Map Data to be rid of all the Tree Hugging elements that are built into the original.

As for your 2.6, a set of G Cams will improve BHP on there own, but add that with a decent Remap and better exhaust system and you will see good gains, Torque wise though its never going to be as good as a 3.2. As for your AR25, without shooting myself in the foot, I personally wouldnt worry,  I doubt if your going to achieve the increased Torque which is normally what kills these boxes off, although if your thinking of upgrading to a AR35 that is a worth while upgrade anyway.



General Discussion Area / Re: SSD advice please
« on: 02 August 2018, 12:37:29 »

This any help? (it's a video of a fellow removing the optical drive from said Dell, in the first 30 seconds, and then installing a new drive .. with heavy Russian accent ;D)
Well H e cant know what He's talking about, He's still got a Electronic Tag around his wrist from where he got caught on the last Job.  ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: SSD advice please
« on: 01 August 2018, 17:16:19 »
Cloned the existing HD to a portable HD.

Going to fit the SSD in the morning and try a clean install of Win 10.

If that fails, I'll re-install the HD, then clone it to the SSD.

Knowning my luck, it won't be that straightforward  :(
If you start it before Breakfast, should almost be ready by Tea Time.  ;D fresh Win10 off the MS Site seems to take forever these days.  ::)

Take that as a No then.  ;D

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