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Omega General Help / Re: LSD problem.
« on: Yesterday at 02:07:30 »
In my experience of LSD's on the Omega, and I had a few now, is that they do thump, or a slight knock when pulling left or right out of  a junction, does they noise get louder or quieter with the TC off.

General Discussion Area / Re: But I had right of way, She said
« on: 14 February 2019, 17:27:09 »
Darwin?  :o

No, I dont remember Him being there Ron,  ;D  ;)

General Discussion Area / But I had right of way, She said
« on: 14 February 2019, 17:17:20 »
So, following a Corsa down a Side Street, Cars parked both side on the Road so all a bit tight, then I notice another car pulling out in front of the Corsa, my reaction is to slam the anchors on thinking she was about to do the same, but she didnt she just drove straight into the other Car, in fact I dont remember seeing Her brake lights coming on at all.

So now stopped behind the Corsa, I gets out like you do, no ones hurt, bonus, and in the chit chat, ask the Corsa Driver "I know its the other Drivers fault, but did you not see Him then?", yea, She replied, "But I had right of way, so F@ck Him".

A bit gob smacked I asked the question again, but in a different way, same answer followed by, "Not my fault, not my problem, He pulled out in front of me"

Im kinds guessing that although a slow speed crash both cars will be written off due to age. And we wonder why our Insurance premiums keep going up.  ::)

There's a guide :y

Score for telling me  that I'm to look harder next time 10/10  :-[

Score for actually helping me 5/10 (Could you not point me to the link ?)  :D

You missed one out -

Score for not actually coming around and fixing for me 1/10  :D

General Discussion Area / Re: French Yellow Jackets
« on: 10 February 2019, 19:46:14 »
Frexit next.

General Discussion Area / Re: Parking Ticket - Win
« on: 09 February 2019, 13:35:40 »
Well I dont get it, or am I just being thick.

Car is Registered to you, you did some bad Parking nonsense, you got a ticket in the post as the Registered Keeper, and you got Off it because they didnt say who the Driver was?, As if how where they suppose to know that.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Ccrt700 sound issue
« on: 08 February 2019, 13:36:27 »
Assuming you have the Code, Pull it out and unplug it for 24 Hours the then back in again (Make sure its physically switched Off with Ing On and again Ing. Off before discounted the rear Connectors), worth a try as they do get confused sometimes.

Other than that could be an Issue with the Speed Sensor input.

General Car Chat / Re: Buying at car auctions - any advice?
« on: 06 February 2019, 18:11:25 »
Personally if your looking at spending 3 to 5K on a Car then my advice would be to stay away from an Auction unless you really are up to speed with how it all works and exactly whats going on and being Sold with every Drive Through.

« on: 06 February 2019, 17:58:14 »
Thanks for the quick reply. I have a new belt and complete tensioner assembly, to fit the whole thing looks too involved, i.e removal or ram intakes etc.. I was advised by RAC that it wasn't a difficult job, so provided i can get just the pulley ,it looks a pretty straight forward as you said.
Thanks again chaps.
Taking the Rams Intake, Penluim etc off is a fairly easy job, its getting the Belt fitted correctly thats important, why would the RAC man be talking at you, has something all ready happened to it.

General Car Chat / Re: Car tax, more expense
« on: 06 February 2019, 14:00:57 »
That Opti fella says us pensioners have it easy, but things like car tax soon drain our resources. Just had to tax the wife's car....£2.63 a month. There goes my cream cake at lunchtime.  ;D
Just Tax for 1 Month then SORN it, she probably never know.  :)

General Car Chat / Re: Vectra C no. plate lights.
« on: 05 February 2019, 21:16:59 »
Nah,  Ctrl C then Ctrl V.  :)

General Car Chat / Re: Vectra C no. plate lights.
« on: 05 February 2019, 12:08:56 »
19 - If you don't fit lowering springs then at least one spring WILL snap
20 - If you don't put fuel in you will run out
21 - Man go to bed with itchy bum, he wakes up with smelly finger !
22 - Remember Duncan posting this. If you have climate control (ECC), and you press in the rotating fan button, you get the option to adjust where the air blows.
23 - If you press the Un-lock button on the keyfob for more than 3 sec, the electric windows will open
24 - If you press the Lock-button on the keyfob for 3 sec, the windows will close/you can partly close the windows by stop pressing the button before windows fully closed.
25 - For cars with Bluetooth and climate control-if the fan is set to auto and you receive or make a call the fan will blow more quietly. Also works with some aftermarket handsfree kits when the headunit is on mute.
26 - Dualzone climate temp sync: when both temp-regulators are at same temp, push the drivers regulator once. Then you will get same temperature on both sides as long as you only adjust with the drivers knob. Handy when you mainly use the car alone. As soon as the passengers knob is used, the sync will stop and reverting back to normal operation.
27 - Passenger side mirror to flip down when reverse (For models with seats with memory) When button for adjusting passenger side mirror is selected in drivers door panel, the mirror will flip down when reversing, and of course going back to normal position when not reversing.
28 - When you want to cruise outside England, just put any maxi fuse in the 37 slot of the engine bay fuse box. This will switch your headlights as if the car was a left hand drive. (I think this only works with AFL option, but you might try with the other versions too).
29 - If like me you found the rain sensor not working to well, just open the plastic casing behind the rear view mirror and disconnect the plug....this will return the wipers to normal operating mode (i.e. you can adjust to how often you want them to come on with the roller)
30 - The filling neck of the Washer Bottle pulls off to allow better access to back of the front light cluster.
31 - Starting the engine 4 times in a row, resets the emission warning light.
32 - If, like me, you lose one touch window open/close overnight, sit in car with ignition on, lower each window, close window then hold button for three seconds once closed. Hey presto, one touch open/close reinstated.
33 - If you want side lights and front fogs on only, switch on headlights, switch on front fogs then switch back to sidelights. Doesn't work other way round, (ie sidelights first then front fogs).
34 - The drivers settings are stored to a specific key upon locking the car (climate control settings, seat & mirror positions, maybe more), so that your last settings are automatically enganged when unlocking and openening the drivers door (seat and mirror position only with memory package), i.e. the drivers seat will move into your last position when car is unlocked and drivers door is opened.
35 - On the back of the petrol flap just above the valve cap tool there is a plastic slide holster to hold the petrol cap when you fill up, no excuse for leaving the petrol cap on the petrol pump now
35A - The grey plastic thingy clipped inside the fuel filler cap is actually for removing the dust caps from the wheel valve's to check the tyre pressures. It is NOT a handy place to leave your cigarette whilst refuelling.
36. Open glovebox. Please read the manual that should be located inside said glovebox.
37. If you have dead main battery and you try to crank the engine, it sounds factory car alarm horn instead of starter relay clicking. (Scared **** of me, because I was messing with wires)

General Car Chat / Re: Vectra C no. plate lights.
« on: 05 February 2019, 12:08:28 »
Never had either Astra or Vectra (until now), only Migs, so was a new one to me. Was just asking. :y

Here you go Ron, just for you, "Veccy Secrets" not mine, taken from the Vectra C Forum, some are Year and Model Spec specific, but I bet theres a few on there you didnt know about.

1 - Windows go up or down if you push and hold the open or close buttons on keyfob.
2 - Disconnect the speaker in boot for alarm to have horn go off instead
3 - Open drivers door and flash headlights and the front lights and reverse lights will stay on for 30secs
4 - If you have sight and light pack (or Auto Wipers) the windows go up themselves if it rains while your out of the car.
5 - Sit in the car hold the lock button on the key and lock button on the door for about 10seconds until a beep occurs for anti-hijack door locking
6 - Rear windscreen wiper sweeps when in reverse when front wipers are on
7 - If 1 of your brake lights fail the ECU uses another bulb in the cluster (red 1 of course)
8 - If you have electric memory seats then the car remembers the position of the seat, door mirrors and internal mirror for each key fob and adjusts them all back to that setting when each key unlocks the car.
9 - Parking lights
The front parking light and tail light of one side of the vehicle can be activated when parking:

1. Set light switch to 0 or AUTO .
2. Ignition off.
3. Move turn signal stalk all the way up (right parking light) or down (left parking light).
An acoustic signal sounds and control indicator <> illuminates briefly in the instrument cluster to indicate activation.
Remove the ignition key before leaving the vehicle.
To switch it off, switch on the ignition or move the turn signal stalk in the opposite direction.

10 - Press auto switch on ECC after you stopped the engine, it will activate residual air conditioning.
11 - Hold the 'SETTINGS' or 'MAIN' button for 10 seconds/until a beep is heard on the stereo and then press the BC button to cycle through the hidden screens.
One of the items in one of hidden screens shows U-Term-30 (or similar, it's in the top of a right hand column) and this displays the voltage at the battery, so you can get an idea about the battery condition and how well the alternator is working.
12 - If you don't have a TC switch then this may work on your car, it does on mine... With the engine running flick the ignition off and on quickly so it still runs. All the normal warning lights come on and then go off except the TC light this stays on and voila! TC is off!!
13 - On full CANBUS cars, when the fuel is low and !!RANGE!! appears, hold the round selector wheel down on the steering wheel to acknowledge the message and get your normal info display back. (this works with other info, such as low washer fluid level as well.)
14 - Radio Ignition On Logic is programmed per key.
15 - One-press unlocking of all doors can be programmed similar to 5 above, but use Unlock button on the key fob.
16 - Wipers can be set to a vertical position after switching off the ignition (with the key in the ignition hold down the wiper stalk for a few seconds and release it when they are in the right position).
17 - The manual is a mine of useful information
18 - If you unlock the car but do not open a door or the boot within about a minute the car will lock it's self again


General Car Chat / Re: Vectra C no. plate lights.
« on: 05 February 2019, 10:56:43 »
When i unlock the car the no. plate lights come on even though the lights are all switched off. Have any owners, past and present, had this?
I think its something to do with the "Boot now Unlocked", the early Veccy C's didnt do it, and they had Key Lock Button on the Boot as well as Boot release Button on the Drivers Door, Later Vec C's just have a Push Button on the Boot, no Key Lock.

Omega General Help / Re: LPG in our omega
« on: 04 February 2019, 20:51:53 »
I did around 70k I think on LPG, not V6, but 2.2 inline 4. Never had any issues  :y
Apart from it always switching back to petrol when driven hard. Which is the only way to drive a 2.2 Omega

But I personally would not go LPG again, not enough stations do it, quite a few are puling pumps out and the price difference is rubbish now, so really reduces the benefit.
Many supermarkets in the smoke sell LPG, and supermarkets are usually around 55p.  I'd be surprised if there wasn't one without a significant detour for you....

…now if you lived Aylesbury up to here, that's a different story, as there is a massive void.

If I lived/worked near a supermarket selling LPG, the Jag would be gone in an instant, and a good 3l Omega would be sort....

Nope, nothing close. Bare in mind even a 1 mile detour in London could add 30 mins easily to the commute.
I filled up down your way the other day Mark on the way back from Epsom, Sainsburys Cobham just off the M25 at 56p, I least I think thats down your way.  :-X

I should count myself lucky really, spoilt for choice around here, well on the way into London via M11 / East London anyway, 2 Morris,a Sainsburys and a Colar Gas being the cheapest at 55 to 58p, theres a couple of Shells that need to compete at around 61/63p if need be. another one I use on the North M25 is London Colney, Sainsburys at 54p  :y

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