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Omega General Help / Re: o2 Sensors - is this ok?
« on: Yesterday at 23:42:23 »
EPC states this (90541930) is 'FOR LEADED FUEL MODIFICATIONS,GULF COUNTRIES' so thats possibly ended that, then....  ???

Omega Gallery / Re: Project Car
« on: 15 October 2018, 00:40:54 »
Cracking job so far mate. I've been there so know how long it takes  :)

I also have no driveway, or garage, nice to see a few of us on here dont either. I did my old 'Turbo Weasel' FL scabby sticky door trims in a 'piano black' which at the time the Astra VXR was pretty new out, and featured that look. Looked pretty good, and wore very well, i'd recommend to anyone with FL  :)

PS Dynax Underseal meant to be the best on the market, should you wish to put an extra layer of protection on the inner wings.

Omega General Help / Re: o2 Sensors - is this ok?
« on: 15 October 2018, 00:29:51 »
hmmm... what I was suspecting, then.. perfect example being the 'aforementioned' HTs, same thing, really.  :y

I might just go for this other 02 sensor, if noone can see any instance where it's going to be wrong. (looking at pics, cable length looks identical/near enough to Omega version)

Omega General Help / o2 Sensors - is this ok?
« on: 12 October 2018, 23:12:06 »
So digging around various parts sites I notice your PFL V6 o2 sensor p/n is 90509169, which corresponds to Bosch p/n 0258003447

However, theres also listed an o2 sensor which fits Vectra, Sintra and Calibra 2.5 V6s (Bosch p/n 0258003765, Vx p/n 855338 , 90541930 , 90570582)....anyone have any good reason why they shouldn't be interchangeable? I mean they're literally the same engine. All 3 wire, same multiplug by the looks of it.

EPC doesn't seem to have any cross-pollination, but my usual example is HT leads - Vectra B ones are a totally different p/n but they do fit, even though 'computer says no.'  :-\

Anyone got any thoughts?!  :y

I'm keeping my eye out mate, as I run on FL springs on my motor, so always on the lookout for 'spares' Nothing as yet, but I'm looking, would gladly give you first refusal.  :y

Ahh, I tried, haha.

But glad they did go to decent home.  ;)

doesnt that chappy with the PFL being broken on ebay have a set of springs for sale? Satin red, as I recall (and is/was a member on here) gtstylebaby wasnt it?

Probably old news and long since sold, but just in case....  :-\

Many thanks mate

Just deciding whether I go used, or new route. New of course means remove my original sensor and refit. Will be in touch  :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Time to leave the forum.
« on: 30 September 2018, 22:58:59 »
B n Q first employer in the UK to actively employ people over the 'usual employment age' ie: they have zero age discrimination policy.

Genuinely all the best in the near future, and I hope things do come good soon. At the end of every run of bad luck, there's some good luck.

i have a bag full of used (but  ok) HTs from V6s. I've kept them as spares, just in case I lose/damage one for any silly reason.

Want me to see what's in there? (Will mean a message to where they're stored ie: my old bedroom at my parents haha)

So, before i go ripping my knackered old cats off and replace them, i would like a spare 'just in case' I manage to snap/destroy the original sensor, or indeed I cant get the bleeder out!

I know they aren't the earth for brand new ones... at the same time if my original is working fine I see no need to throw it in the bin for the sake of it, nor waste money on a branny which will then lay 'on the shelf' forever and a day  :y

Hoping a known good 'uns kicking about somewhere. Thanks in advance.  :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: F/S V6 plug leads
« on: 25 September 2018, 22:33:31 »
....cough....  ;)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: A new 2.6 V6 to the forum!
« on: 23 September 2018, 15:58:32 »
welcome to the forum! Looks like most has been answered already, but looking forward to seeing how this pans out. Welcome!

General Discussion Area / Re: Student loans repaid
« on: 21 September 2018, 11:28:35 »
Doing the maths last night on a Master Degree, you don't start paying until you earn over 22k pa. That's on a 10k loan,... which accrues 6% interest per annum.

So, if you walked out of Uni into a 32k per year job (ie: 10 grand over the threshold) you'd pay back 600 a year.... identical to the amount you accrue in interest! So let's say you only ever earn 32k per year for the rest of your life, you'll spend all year paying off the interest, before starting back at square one again! Christ that made me swallow hard last night!

Ok, so if I earn 42k every year forever it'll take 16.66 years to pay my Masters off... (plus what I owe on my original BA Design degree off, of course., not even taking that into account!)

Then I suppose there's a house to own at some point. And people wonder why so many are benefits scroungers??

General Car Chat / Re: Reunited with old MV6
« on: 20 September 2018, 23:03:16 »
Fantastic. That is a story that you really, really, really don't hear very often.

Oh, you don't fancy selling it to me, do you?  :D ;D

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