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General Car Chat / Re: Expert opinion
« on: Yesterday at 23:24:43 »
Does your alternator have the pulley with an overrun clutch built in?

I found an article (after I had changed SWMBOs alternator pulley) saying that both should be replaced ifwhen one fails.

(SWMBOs Galaxy has a 4cyl VW TDi engine - I don't know if they share any DNA with your Phaeton engine)

Cars for Sale & wanted / 2003 Red MV6 3.2 Estate - for sale
« on: 13 January 2019, 22:25:02 »
2003 3.2 MV6 Estate - MOT due 29th Nov 2019

This car puts a smile on my face every time I drive it but SWMBO refuses to drive it and I have bought a Galaxy :-( so it has to go.

I bought this car from JamesV6CDX who bought from MisterRog.

James replaced a coil pack to fix a misfire and replaced the front crank oil seal but didn't feel strong enough to change a rear wheel bearing which is why I got the chance to buy it. I drove it for a year and then fitted a new bearing to the nearside rear. There is still a slight leak from the front of the engine but I cannot see whether it is still the crank seal or from higher up :-\

Just before I took delivery the instruments failed so James fitted a spare instrument cluster. The old one shows 114857 miles. The first time I drove it the replacement showed 106454 miles so the displayed mileage is under by about 8500 miles.

The CCR2006 (radio/cassette/4 CD changer) has a loose front panel and doesn't auto tune. It occasionaly refuses to accept the CD cassette and needs to be reset by pulling it out briefly. MisterRog left a spare radio in the boot but I don't have a code for it.

The towing eye cover is missing from the front bumper.

Front and rear bumpers have the marks from 'nudge parking'

The passenger door has a matt finish to the paint - I was going to either replace the door or polish/respray it but never found time.

Being a 3.2 it brings up the 0420/0430 pre-cat efficiency codes on a fairly regular basis.

Price 700 - located on the Cornwall/Devon border

MOT result

Date tested 30 November 2018
Mileage 115,426 miles
MOT test number 4634 4862 7103
Test location
View test location
Expiry date 29 November 2019
Repair as soon as possible (minor defects):

    Offside Windscreen damaged but not adversely affecting driver's view (3.2 (a) (i))
    Nearside Windscreen wiper blade defective (3.4 (b) (i))
    Offside Windscreen wiper blade defective (3.4 (b) (i))

Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):

    Steering column top bearing slightly worn (2.2.2 (b))
    Nearside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e))
    Offside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge (5.2.3 (e))
    Oil leak, but not excessive close to excess (8.4.1 (a) (i))
    Nearside Rear Sub-frame pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement front bush to body (5.3.4 (a) (i))
    Offside Rear Sub-frame pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement front bush to body (5.3.4 (a) (i))
    Nearside Rear Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material (1.1.11 (c))
    Offside Rear Brake pipe corroded, covered in grease or other material (1.1.11 (c))
    Nearside Front Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened (1.1.14 (a) (ii))
    Offside Front Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened (1.1.14 (a) (ii))

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 13 January 2019, 16:11:24 »

Chimneys tomorrow then, or perhaps down a tin mine. :D


In this part of Cornwall they mined copper first. Then arsenic. What could possibly go wrong?

Cars for Sale & wanted / 2003 Elite 2.6 - No MOT
« on: 12 January 2019, 23:48:15 »
Back in May 2017 I got a fresh MOT on this car ready to sell it and then for all sorts of reasons didn't get a round tuit.

I drove it work  few times and then disconnected the battery and parked it. Mileage now 212660

Good bits
Cam belt changed at 200000 miles
Working BOSE sound system
working HIDs & level sensors
Straight panels
poly-bushed wishbones
Tow bar

Bad bits
Reverse slow to engage
rusty oil pan - drips oil
Noisy differential (or might be centre prop bearing)
rusty brake discs (been parked for 18 months)
Tires need replacing for MOT
Tyres lose pressure due to corrosion on wheel rims
Crusty wheel arches.
Air con needs re-gassing

Price 200 - buyer collects from Cornwall

Date tested 23 May 2017
Mileage 212,542 miles
MOT test number 1862 8981 6278
Test location
View test location
Expiry date 22 May 2018
Advisory notice item(s)

    Rear registration plate deteriorated but not likely to be misread (6.3.1d)
    Nearside Rear coil spring corroded (2.4.C.1b)
    Nearside Rear Sub-frame attachment slightly corroded (2.4.G.1)
    Offside Rear Sub-frame attachment slightly corroded (2.4.G.1)
    Nearside Front Sub-frame attachment slightly corroded (2.4.G.1)
    Offside Front Sub-frame attachment slightly corroded (2.4.G.1)
    Brake pipe slightly corroded Both front to rear (3.6.B.2c)
    Nearside Front brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened Inner face corroded (3.5.1i)
    Offside Front brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened Inner face corroded (3.5.1i)
    Oil leak Engine sump corroded ()
    Front Brakes imbalanced requirements only just met. It would appear that the braking system requires adjustment or repair. 24% inballance (3.7.B.5b)

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 12 January 2019, 22:39:27 »
Refitted the battery to the Elite (which has been parked up since May 2017). Started first turn of the key and purred into life without any unusual noise  :y

Drove it out of it's resting place and had some help washing it.

Omega General Help / Re: Astra H SRi 2.0 Turbo brakes on Omega?
« on: 12 January 2019, 08:50:00 »
When I press the pedal smoothly the movement is quite long and I have a feeling of bad brakes. When I quickly release pedal and make another press the movement is much shorter and brakes are much more powerful. like the assistant worked more effectively in the first centimeters of the movement.
new discs, pads and a flush of the brake fluid should fix that

Omega General Help / Re: 3.0 V6 Auto Gearbox Problem
« on: 10 January 2019, 22:19:20 »
Ok, I might have to take it to Vauxhall
I would try to find someone with Tech2 who knows how to use it (either an enthusiast or an independent technician)

I can read the codes and live data for the gearbox in my 3.2 and my 2.6 using the "scanmyopel" app on my Android phone with a 15 bluetooth adapter. I don't know if that would work on your 3.0 :-\

One of the OOF admins was based in Scotland and was able to offer Tech2 services but I haven't seen him posting for a while - don't know if he still has his Tech2  :-\

Omega General Help / Re: What is an A Frame mount
« on: 02 January 2019, 04:49:26 »
Could also be the doughnut bushes

General Car Chat / Re: What's the best way....
« on: 01 January 2019, 22:50:44 »
Oops - my reply isn't going to help in getting the rear discs off a wrong wheel drive car ::)

General Car Chat / Re: What's the best way....
« on: 01 January 2019, 21:50:36 »
I had this problem on the MV6 last month.

I tried a little 'light persuasion' but I wasn't prepared to hit it hard enough to make it let go.

Plan B was to take out the retaining screw and wheel bolts - started the engine, stuck it in 'drive' and applied the brake repeatedly until the disc released it's grip on the hub.  :y

The disc can't go anywhere because the caliper is holding it in place.

Edit - the drag in the gearbox is enough to turn the wheels so no need to apply lots of throttle - just press the brake each time the disc starts turning at about walking pace until it eventually lets go.

Omega General Help / Re: Pipes at rear of plenum...
« on: 27 December 2018, 15:15:27 »
Assuming that the pipes are still a snug fit you can leave the clips off with no ill effects.

The pipes are all under a partial vacuum and get pulled on (rather than blown off) the spigots.

General Discussion Area / Re: death
« on: 23 December 2018, 13:33:45 »
I  think  he  had a Senator that was firebombed while parked outside his house overnight :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: Auto play videos
« on: 20 December 2018, 23:22:42 »
I use Firefox with the 'NoScript' plugin.

Often when I visit a new site I find that I have to allow some scripts before the site works as designed (for this site I have allowed scripts from ( is almost unique in not using scripts from outside

Some sites use supporting scripts (eg wordpress )that are also needed.

After that there are adverts and videos (which I don't usually allow) and then some site are using scripts from 20+ different sources. Once faced with list that long I tend to give up and close the page before something bad happens.....

General Discussion Area / Re: Gatwick
« on: 20 December 2018, 22:51:58 »
I suspect these boys...

On a serious note, if quadcopters are now cheap enough that you can throw hundreds of them at something, then all you need to do is plant a shedload of them in the fields around an airport and, each time it looks like it's in danger of opening, send another one up to fly up and down the runway trolling them until the battery gets low, then return to its field, all without any interaction or wireless comms needed beyond the initial "go".

You then get a dog walker to case the field with a Li-Po in his pocket. If the location hasn't been compromised, a quick battery swap and it's ready to go again. Repeat until bored.

They'll be better off looking for the flurry of digital comms that was used to coordinate this than to try following the drones or looking for the pilots, although that's probably well hidden in the dark web if they're thorough.
What do drones use for comms? (I assume they use a 3G mobile phone signal :-\)

Could the mobile operators be forced to switch off their 3G?

The local residents might whinge and would have to rely on old fashioned copper for their internet, not sure what the 10,000 passengers stuck in the terminals would use - does Gatwick have guest WiFi  :-\

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