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1 on. Just had Estate agent on with update. A solicitor is on holiday, and no-one checked the inbox. Form LR1 or LD1 !!!! reputedly, not been received by buyers solicitor, so it has now been sent direct to the buyer, who is going to print it off, and take it personally to the solicitors office. Date for moving now looks about 3rd August. Evidently all parties are desperate to move, but we are thwarted by bloody solicitor's office. As I said earlier, this form was supposed to have been sent Monday, buyer has been asking where the hell it we know >:(

We moved about four years ago and an incompetent solicitor two steps up the chain from us caused huge problems and a lot of bad feeling that exists even now. Everybody down the chain was stuck. Complicated by the fact I was buying two properties. There were threats to pull out, arguments down the telephone, tears in offices. Terrible. And there was no real reason for delay just incompetence. It ended up with simultaneous exchange and completion on our sale. So exchange and complete on the same day. Hair raising, as even at the very last minute before handing keys over it can all fall though.

We had a seller pull out on day of completion which was shit at the time as our house sale had already completed,turned out well though as the house we eventually bought was much bigger and better

General Car Chat / Re: Zafira A 2.0 DTi service
« on: Yesterday at 15:42:46 »

All Hdi Picasso's are Turbo equipped :y
I did not know that  :-[
with no intercooler , and no hope of ever getting to the back of the engine  ;D
It is a very good engine
just the rest of the car that's pants  :D

The 2.0 Hdi 90 never got an intercooler,the 110bhp version did but was never fitted to the picasso,the later 1.6Hdi was available with both outputs :y

General Car Chat / Re: Zafira A 2.0 DTi service
« on: Yesterday at 12:44:51 »
All the 100bhp ones are Y20DTH ;). But there are 2 different variants.

Do Halfords still do service parts like filters? Thought they had stopped.

Just 100 ponies  :o :o :o

Don't think I could ever drive something with so few horses under the bonnet.  ;D ;D  :P :P

Given how old it is, could have lost a few and have around 90!  :o
I'm not worried about the 100 BHP , or even 90 BHP because the crapasso was only 90 BHP to start with (non turbo 2.0 HDi 100k miles) plus I won't be driving it on a regular basis
with a new turbo core, good service,105 k on the clock , i doubt it will be far off 100 anyway
plus, it's for an OAP ,doubt he does many street races for pink slips  :y

My car had 90 when it left the factory 28 years ago. Dread to think how many have escaped during its 239,000 miles.  ;D
The secret is to get up to speed and then don't slow down if you can possibly avoid it.  :)
Indeed , my omega v6 carries lots of tools etc ,and is a heavy lard arse lump to begin with , so i "get up to speed and then don't slow down if I can possibly avoid it."  :y
plus , them brake pad things cost money  ;D

All Hdi Picasso's are Turbo equipped :y

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 16 July 2018, 09:30:29 »
Crawled under the BMW to investigate a rattle, and found a broken exhaust bracket.  ::)

Found it on ebay for £8!  :y

What,another broken one ::) :D :D

General Car Chat / Re: Hunter Hawkeye Kwik fit.
« on: 14 July 2018, 13:21:09 »
What are they charging these days?


Too much .... £60  ??? but it gets the interior cooler a lot faster  :)

you do know that's much less than the cost of the refrigerant has increased?

Yes,R134 has just about doubled in price :-\

Is that cos it's hot & everyone is topping up their air con? Supply & demand ....

Not sure why but it was before this hot spell

General Car Chat / Re: Zafira A 2.0 DTi service
« on: 14 July 2018, 10:07:50 »
but i guess the turbo needs replacement if oil in the intercooler and throtthe body etc
They do seem to allow a fair bit of oil into the inlet, possible one reason they are prone to the inlets getting sooted up when it meets the shit from the exhaust.  That DTM fella condemmed my original turbo due to sheer amount of play in it.

sump plug is well in and stripped of any hope of a torx fitting doing anything to undo it  :'(
Had that on tunnie's 2.2, so got a new plug, and just used waterpump pliers to remove old. Should be room to get similar in the DTi plug area

oil filter cover is stupid tight ,so i need to order a 36mm ? socket
Thanks for the info TB  :)

I ordered this crap kit for a tenner for the oil filter removal
it won't be done up stupid tight from now on , so the 36mm socket will be fine for future use

I have another sump plug and will get the old chewed one out ,just did not have it with me on the day and did not want to render the zaf un-usable (the hire car went back ,the crapasso is dead)

found a turbo core kit for £95 on your fave on-line auction site ,so i will check the turbo next week ,along with the service,strip brakes ,new n/s wheel bearing .

It's quite a nice ,well built motor with lots of toys , :)
 very tight under the bonnet to do work , but i'm use to not having skin on my knuckles  ;D
once again , thanks for your input  :y

Have the shower of shit that ruined it been taken to task yet ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Hunter Hawkeye Kwik fit.
« on: 14 July 2018, 00:32:10 »
What are they charging these days?


Too much .... £60  ??? but it gets the interior cooler a lot faster  :)

you do know that's much less than the cost of the refrigerant has increased?

Yes,R134 has just about doubled in price :-\

General Car Chat / Re: Hunter Hawkeye Kwik fit.
« on: 13 July 2018, 17:47:54 »
There is nothing wrong with the Hunter machine,its the knuckle draggers who'd be doing the adjustments I'd be afraid of

I've just had the car looked at by Kwik Fit (yes, I know  ::))

They used a Hunter Hawkeye......and want £75. Only thing is they say the camber is out at the front but the camber is not adjustable front or rear, so It has to stay wrong.

Camber can't be adjusted? Is this correct?

From Marks post earlier
"Its pretty bad but should be adjustable for half what the dealer want.....camber caster and toe can be adjusted."

Which means drive away from quikshit quick and don't look over your shoulder :-X

General Car Chat / Re: VW Passat
« on: 12 July 2018, 08:12:32 »
Heat will free the bolt but will knacker the balljoints in both arms although I'd change both anyway while you are there

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 11 July 2018, 17:12:06 »
Speaking of Chinooks, did I mention that I'm going for a jolly in one in a couple of weeks? :D

I'd have thought, as a glider pilot, you'd already know better than to get into anything where the wings are moving faster than the fuselage? ;D

 ;D ;D

I'd quite like one as a mum bus replacement  :D

Go for an Apache,its smaller but clears shit out of the way quicker :D :D

General Car Chat / Re: Zafira Engine Vibration
« on: 11 July 2018, 16:20:36 »
They clean and test a set of 4 for £85. A refurb is 130 per injector. Less testing fee. Struck me as a little dear. But not sure.

The one that wasnít in the box is cleaner than the other 2. Has indeed some of the markings rubbed off. And has blue paint on seal nut. So guess thatís the one to use.

Normally around 20 for an injector test so about right,how much are recon injectors from the likes of Euro

Omega General Help / Re: Understeer
« on: 11 July 2018, 10:33:19 »
Front 42, rear 44 psi.

I'm a race driver but I somehow think Omega is more complex than a tubural frame racing car, maybe the basics are the same but I believe we have exact Omega experts here :)

It will turn in sharp with high speed but once in corner it starts to understeer. It will also understeer when low speed and full throttle.

I'll get a better angle meter today or tomorrow so then we will have some results  :y

Another thing is mass,the omega is heavy and will behave/react differently to a lightly loaded racer

Omega General Help / Re: A nightmare journey
« on: 11 July 2018, 09:42:55 »
Some of those codes you posted are very likely due to the first breakdown when battery power was lost,its unlikely to get all those faults at once

General Discussion Area / Re: Kids in cave
« on: 10 July 2018, 13:25:33 »
All out  :y :y :y

 :y :y :y :y,really surprised that ended so well but good on them

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