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The biggest PITA for me was that my original genuine VX rad had some plastic mouldings on the passenger side end tank that makes the rad wider than the A/C pipes above it where they connect to the A/C rad, so the flippin' thing wouldn't clear them to pull out. My A/C works great, so I had no intention of de-gassing and re-gassing to take both rads out together - which I suspect is how they go in at the factory.

In the end I had to take the air filter box out, and then there was enough angle of dangle to get the drivers side of the rad out of the guides and move over enough to lift it out. The rad itself always has some water and transmission fluid remaining in it, and with all this effin' and blindin', pushin' and shovin' that usually ends up going everywhere and making a real mess.

It's not a difficult job, just one that with a bit more thought at Russelsheim could have been so much easier.

Also is there a easy way to remove the radiator,

In a word, no.

Before you start, buy one of these (or similar). It's cheap, wont last long, but will save hours of faffing with mole grips trying to get the hose clamps on/off, and will reduce your blood pressure from eyeball bursting levels.

Drain the water from the engine. Remove the induction manifold (bagpipes), and the two screws that fix the A/C rad to the main rad. Disconnect all the pipes and unplug all the electrical connections. Unbolt the secondary air pump from the back of the rear fan. I also found it easier to remove the air filter air box completely. Finally, undo the auto box oil cooler banjo bolts. Then wiggle, jiggle and force the rad upwards - It comes out complete with the fan assembly still attached. It fouls on just about everything, including the A/C pipework.

Once out, transfer the fan assembly from the old rad to the new one. Two bolts IIRC.

Refitting is the reverse operation to removal... Except.. The new Rad may or may not come with the screw clamp fixings for the fan and A/C radiator. If it doesn't then transfer the ones off the old rad - assuming they'll come off. Also, the new Rad I bought had a different top edge which meant the fan assy didn't fit. Instead of the one ridge across the top middle like shown in your picture, the after market rad had two ridges - one front one rear. This means the top plastic bracket of the fan didn't fit, so it had to be re-engineered (bodged) with an angle grinder. Also, a good idea to use new copper crush washers on the auto box cooler banjo bolts. And finally, use good quality jubilee clips on refitting the water hoses.

Something that's a 15 minute job on my Carlton took about 4 hours on the Omega.

General Discussion Area / Re: Went to RIAT today
« on: 16 July 2018, 13:01:58 »
Went Friday by car, followed our own route in, initially on the Brown route, then jumped over to Green. Straight in @ 07:30, straight out @ 18:00. Never seen it so easy, and crowds significantly lower than any Sat or Sun that I've ever been to. Bit of a bummer about the Flypast being cancelled, but with thunderstorms rumbling away to the south it wasn't surprising. Shame - my last F-35 was one of the two that launched from Marham.

Saturday got a B2, but a duff one. More annoyingly I think my last LN F-15E was one of the two escorts.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Irmisher Rear Bumper.
« on: 14 July 2018, 18:20:57 »
To those who've expressed an interest. 3 of you.

I'll (hopefully) be on the Autobahnstormers stand, in my LC - Almost certainly the scruffiest LC there. Reg is H661, and I'm the George Cloony look alike  ;D

Robsey was first to ask, then Anni, then Cwill. Since I don't think I know any of you, I wont be able to hunt you down in any particular order. I have no way to be 'fair' about who gets it - perhaps a game of paper scissors, stone. Or a penalty shoot out. Or pistols at dawn.

Or more likely the first one to turn up with a fully loaded 99 stands a good chance of getting it.

General Discussion Area / Re: Had a call from EDF yesterday
« on: 12 July 2018, 14:09:10 »
Out of interest, I know I'm opening a can of worms here, but what are you reasons for rejecting a smart meter?

(I too have rejected them for over 10 years and have my reasons, I just wondered what yours were)

Turn the question around. Why should anyone accept a smart meter?

The technology makes it possible for the utilities to collect usage data from individual customers. If you want 'my' data, then you pay me, or you pay someone to sit on my drive looking at the meter 24/7.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Irmisher Rear Bumper.
« on: 11 July 2018, 23:11:10 »
Pm'd ya

And replied. I'll be there Sunday only though.

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 11 July 2018, 11:19:28 »
Treated to our own personal airshow at Tunnies Towers yesterday, 2 Apaches overhead for a hour or so, then what must have been all the Chinooks that took part.

We are right next door to Sandhurst Military Academy, I think they have approval for low
Flight? As they come in mega, mega low over our house.

They're practicing for the Trumpster, or more accurately what to do if any protesters get too close. Several reports of fast roping practice from Chinooks and the SAS Dauphins.

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 11 July 2018, 11:12:12 »
On Sunday at about middayish I heard loud aircraft noises so went out to see and there was what looked like an airliner and 2 fighter jets heading east.  It looked like they were escorting the airliner, but as I watched another large plane appeared and so there were 2 large planes and 2 fighters.

I assumed then that they were RAF?  :-\  ???

As I said, the RAF don't do weekends. The balloon would have to go up before they got out of bed on a Saturday or Sunday ;D

They were a French Navy Falcon 50 , and two French navy Rafale fighter jets. They left the airshow at Yeovilton on their way home together, and did a photo-shoot over Lyme Bay. 

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 09 July 2018, 22:05:43 »
Saw a 747 which looked as though it was flying into Mildenhall yesterday. Maybe a dry run for Donald, (unless he,s holed up there already). Also today there was a military chopper, (not sure what make :-[) very low over the A143 coming home from Diss.

Civil 747's are relatively common into Mildenhall - It's cheaper to hire them than the USAF using their own transport types (C-17/C-5). This one was nothing to do with "The Donald". The only known expected movement is the "Escape Jet" (A Military B757 09-0015) which arrived about an hour or so ago. They'll probably squirrel that away in a base hangar somewhere. "The Donald" is due into Brussels late Wednesday/Early Thursday on AF-1, and will fly later in the day to Stansted.

Can't help with the chopper over the A143 - there are dozens of them based at Wattisham.

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 09 July 2018, 20:36:22 »
Late again as usual :D The centenary was actually April 1st when the RAF officially came into being when the RFC[Royal Flying Corps]and RNAS[Royal Naval Air Service]were combined into one unified command.

April 1st this year was a Sunday. The RAF don't do weekends ;D

Navy later got its air arm back again re-branded the FAA[Fleet Air Arm]

Yes, because as one RAF Harrier pilot once told me, "I didn't join the Air Force to sail about on a boat".

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 09 July 2018, 17:11:47 »
We had a flight of helicopters come over us no idea what they were but it did include about 4 V2 ospreys . They went over just before 1500 then came back over about half hour later

3 Ospreys (168292, 168306 and 168324) plus 2 VH60's (perm any two from 163260/261/265). Temporary based at Northolt for the Trumpster later in the week. Today was the heli-convoy practice from Northolt up to Stansted, and back via a top secret military establishment beginning with Sand, and ending with Sir Geoff Hurst  8) . Expect a repeat appearance on Thursday/Friday, though this time the guns will probably be loaded.

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 09 July 2018, 15:05:45 »
Was planning to head to 7th floor of our new carpark for this and try to get some snaps, as we are parallel to the Heathrow flight path. (Osterley) But someone scheduled a meeting for this time  >:(

Normally I'd chance it, but it's a my project board one.  :(

Oops - I don't suppose you forgot to book the meeting room, so it'll have to be al-fresco on the roof?  ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 09 July 2018, 14:42:42 »
Have we got 100 serviceable aircraft or are some going to go around twice or maybe three times ?   ;D

We'll find that out tomorrow. So far, for the practices they've launched 26 Typhoons from Coningsby in order to be sure of getting 22 serviceable ones into the 'surprise' 100 formation. Add to that it's 9 Red Arrows, 8 BBMF (Spitfires/Hurricanes/Lancaster/Dacota), 9 Hawk T1's (Leeming based but operating Wittering->Boscombe down) 9 Hawk T2's (Valley based, operating Linton->Odiham), 9 Tucanos (Linton based, operating Wattisham->Linton), 7 Tornados (Marham->Marham), 3  F35's (Marham->Marham but if more than one goes tech expect Tonkas to fill in), a mix of about 12 choppers (Chinook, Puma, Juno, Jupiter), and then one each E3, Voyager, A400, C-17, Bae146, Sentinel and a few other bits and bobs and it should just about be do-able.

General Discussion Area / Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 09 July 2018, 11:49:53 »
If you're in the London area tomorrow (1:00 PM 10 July) then the RAF are having a centenary flypast over Buckingham Palace (assuming their navigational skills allow them to find it  ;D).

100 aircraft will form up over East Anglia, then fly in past Ipswich, Colchester, over London, and disperse to the west. Heathrow is going to 'pause' for up to 15 minutes to allow some of the formations to pass overhead. If you can read Aeronautical-ese, details are here :

Unlikely there will be this big a flypast (of manned aircraft anyway) over the smoke ever again.

Omega General Help / Re: Alarming clonking noise offside front
« on: 09 July 2018, 10:48:17 »
Incidentally, if you, or anyone else, attempts to tighten their drop links to 400NM, expect to be replacing them :o

Think you'll find that is the hub nut setting, and that drop links are 60NM ::) BFT is generally enough, but it does pay to recheck after a week or so :y

T'was a joke  :D

However, no reason why over tightening the nuts will affect the ball joints. IIRC they're M12, so anything up to 100Nm shouldn't be an issue (until you need to get them off again).

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