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General Discussion Area / Re: Where is Rods 2?
« on: Yesterday at 21:41:18 »
Mueller does not find any evidence of collusion between Trump's camp and Russia according to Attorney general Barr. Oh well, Rods, never mind.

AG hand picked by Trump to try & save his skin, who would have guessed this reaction. ::) ::) ::) A good judge will be if the republicans allow the publishing of the full report. Mueller has been invited to testify before congress which he has accepted. Mueller was basically the coordinator of the investigation which has now been handed over to a large number of federal & state teams to investigate further, indite & convict. If the evidence comes from intelligence sources then there has to be a trade off of prosecution v protection of intelligence sources. Traditionally protection of sources has always been a much higher priority than prosecutions. Spooks that have seen the evidence have inferred there is enough, if it can be used, to put him away for the rest of his life. So all in all it is now a wait & see game to see how things proceed from here. Mobster Trump & his clan are guilty of many crimes & the reopening of the convicted pedophile Epstein investigation for corruption of a Florida state prosecutor is now an ongoing case again where they thought they had got away with their crimes from going to his parties.

NY prosecutors office are still investigating Trump's numerous financial crimes including his bogus charitable foundation, which they shut a couple of months a go where it was being used as a vehicle for tax evasion. How much Trump gets away with will also depend upon his choices for replacing over 90 judges including having a republican majority on the Supreme Court.

General Discussion Area / A very easy mistake to make....
« on: Yesterday at 15:11:29 »
...accidently flying to Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf. I'm not talking about a confused passenger here but the regular London City to Dusseldorf BA flight. :-[ :-[ :-[ :o :o :o ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Where is Rods 2?
« on: 24 March 2019, 20:34:50 »
No Lizzie, I wasn't asking anyone who voted a particular way to explain their voting. Just making an observation that the reasons why people voted remain were never analysed to death like the reasons leave was.

I think you are right Varche and neither have the consequences of voting remain (or if indeed we end up staying in after all this) been examined either. ::)  I follow a facebook group, Devon For Europe and there are many on there for whom the EU is like a religion and get quite shirty if you dare critisise the EU.  ::)  I started a poll and the question was: Looking to the future if we end up remaining in the EU, which I think we will. Should the UK show solidarity with our European friends by giving up the rebate, joining the Euro and the Schengen zone?  There were 142 responses of which 73% said No. 

Personally I think that's pretty naive and think had we voted to remain, we'd have come under pressure to give up the rebate and join the Euro etc, but I think that if we end up staying in losing the rebate and taking the Euro in the not too distant future is inevitable. Not only that, but I think that the only way that the Euro can survive long term, is if all members of the EU join up, there is a common fiscal policy and mutualisation of national debts.  The Germans won't like the last bit, but will go for it if everyone does as, the Euro has been good for Germany.  ;)

Good point about the losses in the Civil War.  maybe that is the solution..... have a war.  :-[ There hasn't been one for about a year. Minister for War Dept Michael Gove anyone.

The EU have already caused a war in Ukraine and probably came close to causing a civil war in Greece!  ::)  Not to mention here!  ;D

Pardon :o :o

Do you not think Russia caused the main reason for it? ??? ???

It was the primary cause but the EU was a contributory factor & the trigger point, but in all honesty where Yanukovych was working hard to be a Putin mini-me & won the election with the help of Paul Manafort dirty tricks who was also Trump's campaign manager! Yanukovych was stealing too much in every sector of Ukraine to last the distance, but as Putin's man this was never going to end well with the electorate on Maiden forcing him out after his putin mini-me order to open fire & kill the Heavenly Hundred.

Paul Manafort for his corruption is now doing over 7 years inside as a convicted criminal. He tried to minimise his jail time by cutting a deal with Mueller that fell apart through lying. Over 7 years bird, I guess, is better than flying like a bird from a 7th floor hotel window where he has worked with Putin for too long, knows too much, & self preservation stops him talking about things that would upset his boss. :-[ :o 7 years is just the starter sentence as his collusion sentence is likely to be much longer & in all likelihood he will die in jail.

Putin declared Cold War 2.0 with the 2008 invasion of Georgia & the west has been slow to respond to the challenge. And respond we must when an unofficial war has been declared or by default we lose. Europe has done better than the US & some European countries much better than others, including the UK. He has already got his man in the White House & is steadily doing the same in Europe with both parties in Government in Greece, the same in Italy, he has loaned money to Le Pens party & she spouts his deza., is closely aligned with the Czech & Hungarian presidents, with AfD & the Social Democrats in Germany & has influence over UKIP which is why they have always voted against EU Russian sanction in the EU Parliament. He has his influences in the EU but considers them & NATO after the US as his major threats & he is trying hard to split US & Europe over NATO & the to speed up the failure & breakup of the EU (which will happen anyway without his help, but he may accelerate the process a bit). He biggest hope of getting his man installed in the UK is his Czech paid Soviet era Agent Comrade Corbyn. >:( >:( >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: Where is Rods 2?
« on: 24 March 2019, 00:18:20 »
Remoaniac replaced by an even bigger remoaniac who would have guessed it. Tory party are determined to destroy themselves like many political institutions have before them. :-[ :(

Samsung SSDs have a good reputation for reliability & i have had no problems with them or their SD cards to date. As well as Ebuyer also check out prices as they at times can be cheaper.

General Discussion Area / Re: Where is Rods 2?
« on: 23 March 2019, 22:17:25 »
It's an Act of Parliament, not an international treaty and I believe that changing the necessary provision of European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 by Statutory Instrument is sufficient to delay our exit from the EU.  :(

The European Council, by unanimously agreeing an extension, have fulfilled their obligations to EU law as laid out by Article 50 to facilitate that extension.  Bastards!  ;D

May has signed a letter confirming the extension and the extension has been published in the official EU journal. Correct there is a provision in the act that an SI can change the leaving date. This will have to be done next week once we know what it is as a result of a vote or not on May's WA sellout.

Lots of Tweets this evening about a cabinet coup to force May to resign. There is so mush Tory disinformation at the moment I will only believe it when I see it.

General Discussion Area / Re: Where is Rods 2?
« on: 23 March 2019, 14:32:31 »
My local Tory MP Sir Oliver Letwin is another one, although rumour has it that he is off to the Lords soon to carry on his work for the Establishment dressed in ermine...  ::)

West Dorset is a solid Tory seat so it will be very interesting at the next election if we have a new Tory candidate given the current political situation and that the personal loyalties that Letwin has built up over the last 20 years or so will fall away.  :)

Watch your blood pressure though Rods!  ;)  :y

Just checked it 120/77 so it is fine. They haven't got to me yet! :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: I'm on tablets.
« on: 23 March 2019, 14:08:29 »
My laptop has suffered a mishap and is no more.😥......the less said the better. :'(

So, for now, I am using a ten inch Amazon Fire Tablet.

Once you get the hang of the smaller size and lack of keypad it's not too difficult to use. I paid £120 with a £30 money off voucher.

I may need help because I find myself strangely attracted to Alexa..... :-*

If it has bluetooth get youself a bluetooth qwerty keyboard off the bay of thieves for a few pounds. I've done this with my larger screen ipad, so typing is much quicker & you have the full screen for what you are doing.

Good to see your reactions are still first class M'lud and the laptop missed. ::) :-[ :o

General Discussion Area / Re: Where is Rods 2?
« on: 23 March 2019, 13:58:46 »
Unfortunately, EU Agent May last & this week cancelled our democracy in favour of a joint May/Brussels dictatorship which I & many others, especially the 17.4m leave voters she has just sh*t on, will not accept. There are going to be a whole range of civil disobedience measures from now onwards that started last night with the slow lorry / van driving on a few major roads, which has spread today to many major roads.

May is too stupid to remember the last PM who used Parliament to declared an ill advised war on the people with the poll tax and look how that ended for Margaret Thatcher's time in office. May's will end will be the same. She has also destroyed the electorates trust in the Tory party with our first chance in the May 2nd local elections to show by how much. I have never voted anything but Tory in these before but this time it will be along with many others anything but Tory. MPs are saying if she loses more than 1000 seats, she is toast, so we have a target now.

Mainland Europe is showing how much the Internet & social media is changing the political landscape with the rise of new parties. Many of these are anti-EU populist ones. A new Dutch anti-EU party have gone in their first election from nothing to the biggest party. It wouldn't surprise me if Nigel Farage's Brexit Party did the same. The vested-interests only incumbent parties of Labour/Conservative/LibDems have been shown up by Brexit for what they are. I expect the next few years to be a bumpy ride in UK politics but we will hopefully become a better country with a working democracy again.

Tory party members are also fighting back from the grass roots level with many local associations coordinating there efforts by targeting 50 remain MPs with votes of no confidence & deselection. How ironic Dominic Grieve's local party's no confidence vote is next Friday the 29th. Nick Boles is high up on the list for this to happen to as well. Any MP that clearly stated in the 2017 GE that they were backing remain like the Lib Dems I don't have a problem with, but I do with those that stood on a Brexit manifesto to sucker the electorates votes & have since shown their contempt by doing the opposite like my local MP Dr Phillip Lee who has constantly sided with Rudd, Soubry, Boles, Grieve, Cooper etc while trousering ~£250k pa in wages & expenses. >:( >:( >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: Where is Rods 2?
« on: 22 March 2019, 21:31:58 »
Apparently the Mueller report has just now been submitted to Trump'a Attorney General & the Department of Justice. Adam Schiff the newly appointed democrat as the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is well worth following as he is calling members of the Trump clan to appear before congress & is going to question them on the basis of what Mueller knows. The Republican Senate majority under leader McConnell are trying their best to stop the public release of the report, but personally I think they have more change in storing water in a cullendar than the press not getting their hands on many of the details.

General Car Chat / Re: Rare sight indeed
« on: 22 March 2019, 19:25:31 »
So many cars that were popular during my youth are now rarely seen.

I can't remember the last time I saw something as humble and common as a Cortina or Austin1100/1300.

I expect M'lud regrets getting rid of his Bentley like this one:

General Discussion Area / Re: Where is Rods 2?
« on: 22 March 2019, 19:08:32 »
Yes, saw Bobby three sticks' report is imminent but it is all based on supposition, where Mueller hasn't said anything where his security during the investigation being exceptionally good, so it is released when it is released. Republican in the Senate are working hard to stop it being placed in the public domain. Once it is finished this is only the end of the beginning as there are numerous other ongoing FBI investigations which are tasked with prosecutions. Over and above this there are various state investigations with the New York prosecutors being one to particularly watch as they are investigating the Trump mob finances. If Trump uses pardons for federal convictions (he can't do that for state ones) & where many of those heavily implicated are aged over 50, many are going to die in jail including Paul Manafort. In many states double jeopardy can be used so if pardoned at the federal level they can be tried and convicted for the same crimes at the state level. With this & the US tradition of long jail sentences many will die in jail. Life can be a bitch when you are caught up in the US wheels of justice. :y :y :y

I haven't been on here much for several reasons:

1. Got lots on work wise & being self-employed I get paid for what I do.
2. Having lots of fun on Twitter over Brexit & have now got almost 500 followers. Where I have strong views, for the first time ever I'm going on the Leave Means Leave London protest march on the 29th March. I think the size of the crowd will give an indication of how strong the opposition will be on the streets once May kills Brexit, over the next 3 weeks & sh*ts on 17.4m voters. I personally won't get involved in anything illegal but with the amount of electoral anger over EU Agent May's sellout I can't vouch for the others & we may well see the poll tax or French Yellow Jacket riots on steroids where people are not going to let May with the EU & her Remainiacs kill UK democracy without a fight. UK lorry drivers are talking about a go-slow during for the duration of any article 50 extension. Tory party members have now targeted 50 Remainer MPs for deselection.

On the health front where I've been getting chest pains & have a heart murmur (leaking heart valve) I've now had the results back from a CT scan which has shown slight calcification in two arteries but not enough to affect the blood flow and I have an echocardiogram in April which will hopefully reveal how bad the leaking valve is and whether I will just need 6 monthly checkups or heart surgery. It can be hereditary & my dad suffered the same with a heath murmur which for about 30 years it did not cause him any problems.

We all start off as females, this is why a man has a scar line on his scrotum where it was a female genital until the womb & ovaries grew out of the body to form male bits. It is fairly common, (about 1 in 4,000-5,000) for a woman to not have a womb (much rarer to not have ovaries but in cases where they have no womb it is not uncommon for the ovaries not to work) where the male bits didn't form properly. This happened to a daughter of a neighbour on mine and she had to have growth hormone as a child, but still only grew to about 4' 6" and female hormones as an adult. Sadly, she can't live a normal life and has never had a partner.

It is always easy for people to criticise people who are disabled, especially when the disability is not obvious like in cases like this, where we are all lucky as "with there for the grace of god go I". Yes, in the past where this issue has not been recognised and people discriminated against, it has now sadly been IMO hijacked by left-wing pressure groups, with an agenda of applying social pressure to force children at a young age to identify as LBGTQ. Modern society seems to be incapable of taking a sensible middle ground view on so many contemporary issues. Unfortunately, in UK the age of innocence not longer exits for children with sex education starting at 5 in schools, which includes LBGTQ discussions at this age.

One only has to see how children are now skiving from school to protest about climate change fraud to see how their left-wing teachers are brain wash them from a young age. As you know I haven't got much time for Mobster Trump but one of the positive things that is coming out of his pro-plant food bias is he is now pushing for balanced approach to climate science which I hope will depoliticise it, so good observations and experiments prove the good science that actually works and debunks the bad politicized stuff that doesn't but is heavily pushed to make good scare fables either for their smash Western capitalism agenda for the climate religion or to make vast fortunes like people like Al Gore's $1bn+ or Lord Denen's £millions. 16th century English philosopher description of science as 'absolute truths' need to come to the fore again and tbh it is starting to, where the climate fraud 30 year predictions in the late 1980's just haven't happened.

General Discussion Area / Re: Barnsley
« on: 16 March 2019, 19:32:03 »
I hope M'lud isn't disappointed with his Barnsley phone aka carrier pigeon & knows how to look after it. :-[ :P STEMO should be able to provide you with his rare, very valuable, out of print book on keeping pigeons for the right price. ::) I think secondhand on Amazon you are looking at over £100 or nearer a £1000 for a signed first edition. :-X I'm sure STEMO will let you know. :y

No, I put spoiler as the qualifying headline & link was on the top RHS of this page & I know there are those that don't want to know the result before they watch it on TV.

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