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No, but given that estate agents are universally shite (in my experience, anyway); how much worse could they possibly be?

Some years ago (North London) we were in a position to move significantly upmarket. We knew the area we wanted to move to. Walked into Estate Agent right in that area. Told him what we wanted, and what we would be selling. He deterred me from absolutely every house I enquired about and didn't even want my contact details. He prejudged. We bought a house that was on his books but via a different agent. Years later we sold up to move to Wales. The same agent was still in business, but no way were we going to use him.

There are some good ones that are proactive and actually try to sell houses, but I agree most are a waste of space.

I had the same experience in the 1980's, going from living at home to buying a big detached house. The only two agents of seven that sent through details, one of them sold me my house at the full realistic asking price. Non-estate position down a small private road in the middle of Sandhurst at the same price as the equivalent open plan estate market grot, that I drove past and rejected. I've never had any regrets as it is a great place to live. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Brexit stockpiling
« on: Today at 04:15:34 »
If the channel ports are blocked through EU bloody mindedness then the biggest thing it will affect in March is fresh produce. I got the contacts and know the air routes, so there is $$$ to be made and why let George Soros make it all when I can earn a few s. I love change, I love innovation as an entrepreneur they all create new s opportunities, what is there not to like. ;) ;) ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Down to the nitty gritty
« on: Today at 04:00:41 »
Had ours on 2 months now, good amount of viewings but no offers yet. Doing good at 3 weeks, worth holding out for more  :y

That doesn't bode well for mine.

Location, Location, Location

In Sandhurst apart from a small amount of infill building, there is no building land, just protected meadow and heath land and a very good place to live with full amenities and a good community. Hence, if you have a place to rent: on the market at 9am, best renter selected by midday. Realistically priced property is typically sold in a day to a week, with the agent moaning he needs more like this and if not offering asking price you are ooing to be gazumped! :( :o

General Discussion Area / Re: Trump Rocking Theresa's Boat
« on: 15 July 2018, 23:37:15 »
I will make this clear with Theresa May's white paper #Brext there is NO #Brexit. Her threat to stop #Brexit if MPs don't fall into line is a meaningless lie. Likewise pretending she has some red lines is a bare faced lie. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( Now I will explain why:

The vital clause which means we never ever leave the EU are her weasels words of 'follow common rule book'. There is no such thing, only the EU rulebook and by implementing and complying with this now and in the future in its entirety means we don't ever leave the EU and become an independent country, we remain tied to Brussels and everyone of their rules and regulations with the deliberate trap of no representation on any EU rule changes. The EU as a political system is very adept in making new rules and regulations to suit their agenda and increasing the size and scope of regulations by area capture as part of their 'ever closer union' and don't think they won't do so to punish our #Brexit vote, they will, like all self-serving dictatorships it is in their DNA. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

We CANNOT negotiate any FTAs with the rest of the world, so #Trump and the US ambassador are quite right there will be no US trade deal with them or with anybody else. If the EU decides to solve the Irish border by making us charge EU import tariffs they can do so, if they say for 'frictionless' trade we must accept complete freedom of movement of people we will, both so called meaningless red lines of Traitor May. This is a total sellout of #Brexit, that Traitor May has been planning in secret with her traitor civil servants of her European Unit for the last year and don't mistake it as anything else. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

IMO where this will lead to next April is that Traitor May will apply for us to rejoin the EU, to 'regain representation within the EU' with NO opt outs which will mean the Euro, no rebate so we are the single biggest net contributor and full implementation of Schengen  which will mean regular 'awayday' terrorist attacks from terrorists based in mainland Europe, where the UK is known as 'little satan' by islamic terrorists and their biggest target after the US. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

Traitor May is a Remainer who fully intends to Remain. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( Make no mistake that this is anything other than the biggest betrayal of democracy and the electorate in our lifetime if allowed to stand. Personally, where I've come a political activist on social media over the last two years I understand how to use it and fully intend to do so with a campaign to punish the Conservative party for this betrayal of the 17.2m #Brexit majority. I fully understand how effective simple aims and slogans are in politics like Saatchi & Saatchi's "labour isn't working"  and don't lose sight that despite the full establishment's full use of resources to Remain, Leave's much more effective use of Social Media won the referendum, like it has #Trump his presidency. The aim at a minimum will be the Conservatives out of office for 28 years, like after Robert Peel (the ERM fiasco kept them out for 13 years from 1997-2010) or even better finish them for good like the Liberal party were after WWI and Lloyd George. They deserve this for this level of betrayal, if May does not face a leadership challenge over the next few weeks and this disgraceful and deceitful white paper is not overturned. >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

After CaMoron's deceit over saying he would give us a referendum on the Lisbon treaty and then backtracking as soon as elected. He never got my vote again, where I and many others tactically voted UKIP which forced his concession of the #Brexit referendum, we can do the same again. :y :y :y

This weekends poll's show the Cons down 6%, Liebour up 1% and UKIP up 5%, so this just punishment it is already starting and I will work with many others to make sure it gets much, much bigger. :y :y :y

Doh, a Lord Opti moment from my quick scan of topics and I missed the earlier post. :-[

General Discussion Area / Re: The British Public
« on: 14 July 2018, 13:08:45 »
If you don't accept the right for people to differ with you and the right to protest on an agenda you disagree with then you end up with the alternatives like Russia, China, DPRK, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia etc, etc where you have no rights and own nothing, it is all leased to you, including your life by the dictator and their state apparatus and any lease can be terminated without any notice or appeal at anytime. There is very little middle ground and very few countries between these two extremes, with Singapore the only one that springs to mind.

Countries like Russia flirted with the former and are now at the latter. Turkey is rapidly losing its freedom and democracy, Pakistan and India may joint them, along with the USA. Also never forget that the EEC & EU were always planned at the end of WWII as a dictatorship, by the French where they didn't and still don't trust democracy which is why the end journey of ever closer union is the EUSSR. If you think the EU being a dictatorship doesn't matter then I would suggest to study how the EU has treated Greece, where EU laws doesn't apply to the little, broke countries, if the upholding of the laws (and international law) hurts the big bullying EU countries of Germany and France economically.

This is especially true in DPRK, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia. This is where we were pre-1215AD and the Magna Carta with absolute rule by the monarch and his state upper class apparatus, but society and freedoms have evolved since then until we are where we are now. Personally, I think the left's absolute rights for minor minorities agenda while neglecting the majority has gone too far and is why in many ways we are where we are now, but that is another story.

The post-WWII international order is collapsing and where the West can't be bothered to defend ourselves (we also can't be bothered to breed enough to replace ourselves anymore either), so by default we will be taken over (probably without even a shot being fired) by one of the new empires, centred around China, Russia and Iran. All very nasty dictatorships, that want their big empires more than we want independence, freedom and democracy. Remainers show that 48% of the UK don't want democracy and are perfectly happy to live an ordered rule based life run as a dictatorship, until they get there of course, but by then it will be too late.

General Discussion Area / Re: Get ready for verbal fireworks
« on: 14 July 2018, 00:35:20 »
I think Trump and Boris are very similar in reality.  And I rate the pair of them. Both are what their respective countries need, though I think Boris would have more of a struggle and Trump to implement great ideas.

OOOOhhhh......I'm not convinced by Boris. A loud check suit, oversize shoes and a squirty flower, is all he needs to complete the picture. :)
I think he's a clever man acting stupid.

You're correct he openly admits he learn't that off good old Ronnie, good old Ronnie Reagan who got much more done politically by being underestimated. Personally, I think Boris over does it to the level of buffornary, but if he puts that and his female swordsmanship skills to one side (Lloyd George was better ::) ::) ::)), I still think he would make a good PM, by through good leadership and getting things done. :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Trump Rocking Theresa's Boat
« on: 13 July 2018, 21:14:24 »
In fairness Rods Heath  didn't take us into the EU he took us into the EEC which has over time steadily morphed into the EU which in turn if it continues will steadily morph into the German Empire.

Unless something changes it can't become anything than a German empire as economics always long term triumphs over politics. With the adoption of the Euro all Euro countries agreed a monetary expansion & corresponding inflation rate. France stuck to the letter on this while Germany deliberately cheated so most Euro countries had a deficit with Germany, which means that to balance their books they either owe Germany money or have to sell assets to them. The EEC agreement the UK had on joining the EEC did the same to the UK with an immediate and ever growing deficit for the same reason.

For those that don't think they were warned on what would happen if we joined the EEC, well we were as this Peter Shore video below shows and what he says still fully applies today and Treason-weasel May is doing all she can to make sure we stay as a province of the EU where they continue to make our laws, decide our immigration rules and numbers and enforce their will on us through ECJ judgements. >:( >:( >:(

2:48 short version

1:47.45 long version

General Discussion Area / Re: Trump Rocking Theresa's Boat
« on: 13 July 2018, 20:39:14 »
EU regulations allow chlorine washed pre-prepared salad and vegetables, so all the people too lazy to prepare salad and veg are probably already so ill, they will never be well enough to face chlorine washed chicken. ;D

All US foods must be trans fat free by 2020 and no new use of trans fat in foods has been allowed since 1st June 2018. These trans fats are primarily through Hydrogenated Oils and can cause lots of long term health problems by raising bad LDL and reducing good HDL cholesterol making heart disease and strokes more likely. I'm not aware of any similar EU regulation although some individual EU countries like Denmark have banned them. 

General Discussion Area / Re: Had a call from EDF yesterday
« on: 13 July 2018, 20:17:13 »
Indeed , 3 Kwh is how much electricity it takes to run a 3Kw appliance for 1 hour,(say a 13 amp kettle)
or a 1 Kw appliance for 3 hours

we use about 20 Kwh per day
probably a bit more than average because of the pumps,water treatment running 24/7 for the Koi
Don't leave the kettle on for an hour, it will boil dry. However, modern appliances have a safety device called a thermal cut out, so your kettle will be safe.
No need to thank me  :)

Asking for a friend: Does the thermal cutout prevent the plastic kettle from melting, if you stand it on a hot cooker? ::) ::) ::) :P :P :P

General Discussion Area / Re: The Press
« on: 13 July 2018, 19:53:21 »
This is when I change in my usual policy of not wanting to upset those of different religion and culture, trying hard to keep any racism that I inherited from past generations at bay.............................BUT..............................

at the risk of being racist, and for once I don't care if I am, why is it that families from Pakistan and India come to live in the UK because they want to, and apparently like life here, then insist certain young members of their family forget British culture and laws to undergo forced marriage within their past culture?

They have accepted they live in BRITAIN; their offspring are BRITISH, they live in OUR culture with OUR laws, so why the hell do they think it is right to force their BRITISH, born here, children who have adopted OUR culture and consider themselves BRITISH to suddenly revert to a culture they abandoned when moving here?  If they, the parents, really do still honour their old culture and contry then why don't they f'ck off back there?!!

It makes me so angry, and only rekindles the natural racism that lays dormant in many (most?) Brits.  We, well I, want a multicultural society where we all live peacefully together in Britain, with our laws, but whenever this type of 'problem' becomes apparent, I hear the ghosts of past generations saying what I heard constantly in the 1950's/60's, but not repeatable here! ::) ::) ::) >:(

"undergo forced marriage within their past culture":

1. Marrying cousins is traditional in Pakistan and the intermarriage causes many genetic problems, which in the UK the NHS has to deal with.
2. The cousin can then get a visa and right to live in the UK and earn much more money even on the minimum wage compared to Pakistani wages. The catering trade where 'Indian' restaurants are run and staffed by Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi staff are a popular area for employment. The cousin once established in the UK, can then get his parents / family to apply to reside in the UK. Our local 'Indian' restaurant have been in the local papers twice in the last few years where they have been raided by UK immigration, charged, convicted and fined and the offending staff have been deported.

Humans, other mammals and most animals are all afraid of the unknown as a defense and survival mechanism and that is where our natural racism comes from. It is largely against all the unknown. The natural human hierarchies are families, friends and neighbours, villages, towns, cities, counties and countries, where people of diverse but also common binding values have lived together. Local community self-defence was very important until the recent past to protect ourselves from the marauding hordes which in the UK particularly involved the vikings.

Fast massive changes in societies have traditionally been due to invasion, UK changed massively post-1066, with much slower changes through migration. IMO The problems occur when the migration happens at too fast rate as local communities get overwhelmed so people don't assimilate and the bigger the cultural differences the more difficult the integration. In the UK we have been suffering from this particularly badly since 1997, where migration was much more controlled before this. It has been easy to move to the UK with BLiar and Mandelscum openly admitting they scoured the world for people to invite to the UK to profoundly change our society and provide Liebour with their next generation of clientele and voters. >:(

Personally, I think this country, to its credit has done much better than most in the world in the integration of different people from a wide range of cultures. Countries like the US, France and other European countries have much bigger issues. :o

General Discussion Area / Re: Trump Rocking Theresa's Boat
« on: 13 July 2018, 18:48:09 »
Chicken used to be a treat for the middle class and an 'aspiration only' for the working class.

Now chicken is for everybody. About 3-4 for a medium sized bird.

I recently found out that the staple diet of the poor in London during the Victorian period was oysters
. It came as a surprise to me.

4 to 7.50 euros here. Supermarkets in the countryside cannot get away with selling the mass produced tasteless rubbish.

Fish too used to be cheap source of protein for the working class. My dad won't eat anything that sifts sewage for a living. Seems reasonable :o

.................and Eel pie became part of the staple East, and South East London diet during the early Victorian period, with hundreds of "pie men" walking the streets whilst plying their trade.  Pie n' mash shops gradually took over from the 1850's.

Eel was popular because it came out of the Thames that was by then highly polluted with little in the way of fish surviving, but the eel did!  Like oysters, they were readily available and cheap.  The Victorian poor though generally, in and outside London, relied heavily on bread and potatoes, with cheese when they could afford it.  It was not until the late 1800's that due to the food 'necessities' becoming about 30% cheaper, that the poor started to have a better and wider diet, with meat included.  But, if you had no money, no job, and in those days no welfare state to help you, you would go days without any food apart from that scrounged or stolen.. Hard times indeed!

The jelly the eels were within also kept them fresh for longer as this was before refrigeration. Refrigerated ships in the 1880s made meat cheaper and more plentiful where it was shipped from Australia and New Zealand. :y This continued until traitor Heath took us into the EU in the 1970s and will hopefully start again depending upon what Remoaner & traitor May does in trying to keep us as a province and vassel state of imperial Brussels. >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: Novichok claims first UK victim
« on: 13 July 2018, 18:31:13 »
Police have now released this statement where a small bottle containing novichok has been recovered from the male victims house.

General Discussion Area / Re: Get ready for verbal fireworks
« on: 12 July 2018, 19:11:13 »
Like the aerial photograph of Trump's motorcade in Canada where the the plan view of the surrounding bikes and riders is like a giant phalanx. ;D ;D ;D

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