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Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Newbie from northwest
« on: 28 February 2014, 12:00:50 »
How do Looney, welcome to OOF!  :)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Just Registered
« on: 27 February 2014, 10:29:37 »
Welcome aboard mate!  :)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Excitable newbie :)
« on: 24 February 2014, 20:17:44 »
How do Kevin, welcome to OOF !  :)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: new chap here.
« on: 22 February 2014, 18:08:29 »
Hi, my name is James and I'm an alcoholic! Oooh! Sorry, wrong group! ;)

Ok although I'm not an Omega owner I do very much like these cars and would love a 3.0/3.2 Elite but, alas, my finances won't stretch to ownership of one at this present time sadly. That said I'm swear it'll not cost as much as my Vectra 2.2 CDX estate which is suffering running problems at the moment, poxy thing.

Anyway, may father has an Omega, he has a 51 plate, 2.2 cd but due to failing health issues he doesn't drive that much so I get to play with it occasionally, although at present it needs a cat as the current one is blowing badly. Any help on supplies there would be greatly appreciated. 

Anyhoo, I'm off to look round the site a bit more so will speak to you guys later.

 ;D ;D ;D :y How do funny guy , welcome aboard!  ;)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: hi from blackpool
« on: 22 February 2014, 18:06:49 »
How do Andy, welcome to oof!  :)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Newcomer!
« on: 19 February 2014, 13:58:38 »
Welcome aboard, Tom!  :)

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hey, new young guy
« on: 17 February 2014, 14:52:43 »
Yeah, insurance is crazy if you're less than 21!  :-\ My Dad has a Carlton 1.8 GL which I'd love to get off of him, but I think even with classic insurance it'd still be pretty crazy.

CD 2.2, I sense some sarcasm in your comment?...  :P Haha.

Certainly yes, James  ;D What a lucky guy you are with our age! Welcome to oof anyway!  :)

Laszlo,  Hungary

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: New Member
« on: 17 February 2014, 14:45:16 »
How do Ralph, welcome to OOF! :)


As I have constantly stated the origins of the First World War are complex, and as the original post demonstrated different historians have varying opinions and observations - I have been privileged enough to sit listening to their arguments. Alsace-Loraine to many is a side issue, and the Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913 are the crucial issue. The "Third Balkan War" which should have been kept a local conflict was allowed to develop into a full scale war by extremely poor diplomacy in the July of 1914. As I stated before, Russia's mobilization heightened the tensions, and coupled with the flawed diplomatic process going on around Europe, Germany acted and furthered the by then unstoppable path to full scale war.

Britain however could have stayed out of it all, but the aforementioned bad diplomacy resulted in terrible miscalculations in especially Berlin of what Britain would do, and just worsened an already awful situation. Britain put itself in the thick of it on August 4th 1914 by declaring war on Germany and mobilizing it's military forces, including a small standing army that was not ready for modern warfare. The German army was. All this was in the midst of political confusion in London, with emotions running high, and various cabinet ministers resigning over this progress into a war they could not agree to, although in principle Britain would support France in any conflict. Confusion led to telegrams being sent threatening war, and then being amended after the Foreign Office received false information of war being declared on Britain by Germany. A complete mess ended the awful diplomatic events of the last 13 days and Europe found itself at war. :'( :'(

Thanks for chatting Lizzie, I really enjoyed  :)  :y


Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hello all
« on: 15 February 2014, 08:15:55 »
How do Terry, welcome to OOF!  :)


It maybe strange, but in history these things happen. Sudetenland contained within Czechoslovakia after WWI is another similar example, which of course Hitler laid claim to in 1938, and which now is part of the Czech Republic, although devoid of a large part of it's German speakers that existed before 1938. This is what happens in history; war transpires and people's of certain nations, speaking their own language, end up being ruled by speakers of another tongue. The Soviet Union had the same situation within it's empire. Do not forget, closer to home, that the English ruled over Celtic masses in Wales, Scotland and Ireland to form Great Britain. It is therefore not unusual for the ruling nation to have many diverse cultures within it's mix. The Romans of course were masters of that!  :y

Alsace-Loraine was part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, so when that broke apart control over certain states dissipated, and that is just one factor in the complex mix of the origins of The Great War. :y

Lizzie, the countries mentioned above are artificially smithed formations that together never existed before. Very important question that people who live on a certain place whether where they want to belong to . Sudetanland does have mass of Germans, Alsace - Lorraine as well, the loss of them was pretty sure a real pain for the countries, which owned them possibly not for the people who lived there though. Czechoslovakia is also consisted of two countries, which were unable to exist beside each other so no wonder it had not been being too long. Soviet Union as well, Yugoslavia as well. The next war was coded off into such the Westphalian peace (that caused the WWI.) as the I. Versailles Treaty (that caused the WWII.) and the II. Versailles Treaty (that caused the civil war in Yugoslavia, and collapsing Czechoslovakia).  Rods2's article doesn't write about fault treaties but countries only.   :)


Yes, but the French considered that region as part of their empire and the loss of it back to Germany was very painful to them. It had been considered by the French as part of their natural territories since they started to acquire those lands back in the 17th century, and strengthened their hold on them during the 18th century, before Germany as such existed so claims of any justifiable ownership by them is extremely weak. It had caused embarrassment to them to lose such a strategic area and The French wanted it back.  All that only further backs my statement that Britain should have supported Germany and not engaged itself in a war on the side of the French. Europe could go it's own way as Britain could have just concentrated on the Empire.

Based on what if French is hardly spoken language over there...somewhere I red that looking of language using these areas have rather German speakers although looking of cultural ethnics or traditions these rather French.  :o It is uninterpretable for me. I can't imagine how can anybody be native German but have French traditions.  ??? Seems a bit dummy explanation.

Omega General Help / Re: Sometimes stalling
« on: 14 February 2014, 11:52:40 »
Good night.I'm driving a 2001 plate opel omega auto with a z22xe engine.There's no problem at all when the car is cold.But when the car warms up sometimes it tries to stall when turning the steering wheel, when putting the car from neutral to drive or when the cooling fan kicks in.It only stalls when i wait in neutral position for almost 1 minute and then try to put the gear in d.Otherwise it almost stalls but recovers quickly.And there's no problem at all when driving it pulls great, fuel consumption is ok and there's no anomaly in driving.But when idling with warm engine it sometimes tries to stall.Is there anyone who had these symptoms?I can only assume it can be related with maf or lambdas as it only happens when the car is in open loop.There's no flashing EML or fault code stored too.Thank you for you help.

Then check idle air control valve and related things. Im unfortunately not familiar with the engine of you but in my car idling is controlled also by vaccum system of wich harmness can influence the idling. Vaccum leak also might be somewhere. (False air sucking).

General Car Chat / Re: v6 thermostat
« on: 14 February 2014, 11:35:25 »
Seems to get worse when car parked on an incline as if coolant is running out of the back onto exhaust1.. The smell of coolant coming into car through vents2 makes me feel sick.

1 Steam onto the exhaust? Make compression rate measuring

2 a pressure check of coolant

If you have a spare coolant bottle cap, nip down the local tyre fitters and grab a shroader valve off them and fit it to your spare cap.

Swap with the one on your bottle and pressurise the coolant system with a few pumps of a bike pump.
If you have a leak, you should be able to see it pishing out  :y :y


Omega Gallery / Re: My MV6
« on: 14 February 2014, 11:09:21 »
Are you 'resting' the hand brake in the last pic :)

Looking god mate :y

 ;D Nice handbrake mate!  :y

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