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The Government is seeking your opinions on the reform of MPs expenses - see

It's an interesting document

you can email your comments by 5 June to

El varche

PS I wonder if they will ever do anything about Euro MEP expenses. Now there is a job if you like a bit of travel!

We were talking about this the other day and I remembered being stuck behind a slow red 1100 with loaded roofrack going to the seaside. There was only one place for the next 20 miles i would get by him. So pressed sport on the Carlton and overtook. The stress of it all caused the exhaust to break in two and the back box to dance around all over the place under the car as I pulled back in. :-[

What to do? Well there was a pulling in spot about a mile on. The driver of the red car slowed to give me space thankfully and to my horror also pulled off to see if we were OK and to see if he could help and wasn't abusive. No said I and when it had cooled off I unhooked it and put it in the boot and continued my way miles behind the red car by this time.

What is your story?


General Discussion Area / Scrappage here at last
« on: 22 April 2009, 17:05:58 »
So the Brits have jumped on the Euro scrappage scheme. How is it going to do any good for the British economy? An old car gets taken off the road and a new one has to be made (causing pollution and using energy). Only 15% of cars bought in Britain are actually made in Britain so the chances are the buyer is helping jobs in another country.

What about the loss of jobs in Britain for the scrapped cars? My Omega alone must support at least 10 families in the parts used! I just hope the cars are broken for parts and not crushed.


General Discussion Area / Anyone on here a bodger or woodturner?
« on: 22 April 2009, 17:12:15 »
Not car bodger but wood badger! Every year I spend most of April sawing and stacking logs for fuel for a couple of winters time. Some are decent diameter olive wood from trees over a hundred years old.

Seems a shame just to burn it.  Where do you get your "chunks" of wood from for turning?

El varche

General Discussion Area / Labour spin doc goes, but?
« on: 13 April 2009, 11:33:24 »
Has anyone checked if he will be getting a fabulous immediate pension, tax free lump sum and ten years severance pay in lieue of notice etc.?

El Varche

Have got some 8x40 binoculars which are OK for close up stuff.

I would like to buy a telescope to look at cormorants, geese, herons and a fish eagle about 2 Km away. What should I look for to buy? Cheap but effective.

 I know nothing about telescopes. Had a look at some in a shop and was shocked to see the image upside down!

Seen these on EBay but don't understand about the magnification.


So how much time do you spend repairing/maintaining your Omega as opposed to driving it?

For me it seems about equal parts! More if you count loss of sleep over whatever is wrong with it that day.  :) :)


General Discussion Area / Uk Email contact for Belkin please!
« on: 02 March 2009, 16:00:13 »
I need to drop Belkin Uk an Email with details of a problem with a UPS.

Everytime I navigate to the UK support details it takes me to the Spanish support site as I am using a Spanish IP address.

Could some kind soul have a look on and let me know an Email address for UK support?


General Discussion Area / Scrappage
« on: 27 February 2009, 10:38:03 »
I can't help wonder at the sense in these government schemes to pay people (in Germany approx 2,000 euros) to scrap their car when they buy a new one. One in seven Germans work in the car industry! Apparently the UK is thinking about introducing this too.

Surely it would be better to reduce car production and keep the old car running a bit longer? Out of interest what actually happens to the old car being scrapped? Is it broken for parts (recycling) or deliberately obliterated and converted into ingots of metal etc?


Got my registered post notification of "not stopping at give way" back on 29th Oct - the day my gearbox expired. I remember driving along keeping the steady progress on country roads as the drive was slipping particularly setting off. I remember the junction. Huge open road with good visibility and no other traffic.

Further on there was a battalion of police and cars and pulled over motorists and overhead a helicopter which I then suspected was helping pull over speeding motorists. Of course in hindsight it was just a high profile exercise in "doing a bunch of people" me included. Fair enough I will pay the 150 euros or whatever fine and get penalty points. Funny thing is that I normally stop at every junction as you can't afford to be in an accident as an Expat!

I just wish that Spain would use some high tech on dragging itself into the first world instead of having electric supplies that go off at the drop of a hat and so on.

El Varche

I can only have a dial up connection where I live.

I have two PC's networked. The main one runs XP Pro and connects to the Internet fine (well as fine as a dial up connection can be). The slave runs XP Home and connects via the main using a crossover cable, cards and network setup using the Microsoft wizard.  The problem I find is that the slave connects and works very slowly on Internet pages.  I am using IE6 on the slave and Mozilla Firefox on the main.

Is it an XP firewall issue between the two PC's? I also wonder if something (maybe Microsoft ) is hogging what little bandwidth there is trying to look at the PC to do an update. Are there any tools on XP Home that I can use to see what is happening?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Oh and I sometimes get Microsoft error messages on the slave saying stuff like RDL27.tmp has encountered a problem and needs to close.


General Discussion Area / Anyone use Firefox as a Browser?
« on: 19 January 2009, 16:58:51 »
I have tried to drag our house into the modern era and now have two pc's both running WIN XP and networked via a cable. The main PC runs Firefox already installed and XP Pro and AVG free.

For a few days I have had problems with the browser suddenly closing and worse haven't been able to post on OOF! This post is via the slave PC which is incredibly slow. ( I think something has taken over the PC whenever it has an open Internet connection- maybe to auto dial up the PopCap games site). I am thinking of installing Zone alarm on the slave to try and stop that happening. Good idea or not?

Back to the Firefox problem. I have tried "tools" and clearing cache, history etc to no avail. Any suggestions on how to fix it would be appreciated.

El Varche

General Discussion Area / had to abandon Omega in snow!
« on: 11 January 2009, 12:37:01 »
Coming home last evening it was snowing following rain. Temp hovering between minus a half and plus a half. Perfect for black ice and snow on top.

Not much traffic around and apart from a problem in one village I thought we would make it. Wrong! Nearer we got home the worse the conditions and one particularly big hill that follows a hairpin did for us. Tried four times and each time managed less distance. It was quite scary as it was so slippy and steep that the car was sliding backwards(and sidewards) even with the footbrake on. Decided to reverse the 400 yards to the hairpin bend and abandon the car in a safe off the road position.

Two mins later along comes a front wheel drive Seat. Hop in says the local and he only managed 100 yards less than us up the hill. He decided it was unsafe to try and move it even to the side of the road as it was so icy and just abandoned it effectively blocking it off for all traffic.  

We walked home having a warm and a wee dram in the local bar on the way! I might get the car tomorrow as there is still six inches of snow on the roads.

El Varche  

General Discussion Area / My Omega passed its MOT!!
« on: 09 January 2009, 11:01:44 »
Did what prep and checking work I could (Oh and cleaned/polished it well as suggested by a fellow OOFer) took it down and it passed. I was pleasantly surprised. Got two advisories including drops of oil on those two Torx nuts on bottom of gearbox bellhousing.

Still have quite a few things I would like to fix but now can do them in my own time rather than within a fortnight.  :)

I can now get putting the car to work dragging loads of olives to the Co Operative after we have harvested them.

El Varche

General Discussion Area / 10 year health test for drivers?
« on: 30 December 2008, 15:04:12 »

What do you think? Good idea or just another money spinner.?

It maybe part of harmonising the situation across the EU. In Spain you have to have a medical at 50 and then every five years (I think) after that in order to keep a licence. The medical costs between 18 euros and 40 euros depending on where you go.

El Varche

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