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General Car Chat / who still has a paper driving licence?
« on: 08 January 2013, 11:52:44 »
Apart from the fact that the 'new' photo card driving licence only lasts for 10 yrs before you have to pay to renew it, it also mentioned......

The ten-year photocard licences will become mandatory in 2015 when the paper licences are officially phased out. A quarter of drivers are still using the old-style paper licences

DVLA wil have to send me mine, because I ain't requesting one!  ;) ;)

General Discussion Area / December's weather forecast
« on: 18 December 2012, 22:29:17 »
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Claridges on BBC
« on: 10 December 2012, 21:49:49 »
Anyone watching this now on BBC?
They have a suite that costs a mere ...............................

6900 per night!!!!!!  :o :o :o :o :o

or if that's a bit on the pricey side, you can have afternoon tea for just 50 per person!  ;D ;D ;D

General Car Chat / Omega battery
« on: 10 December 2012, 19:08:43 »
The battery fitted to my Omega was a 72AHr (it's just about coping with an ex Astra 55AHr at the moment)
Trade Club now offer 2 at 70 A/Hr and a 75 A/Hr at somewhat more expense than the other two.
Who has recently bought a battery? And is the 75 A/Hr of a similar physical to what should be fitted ie would if fit?

70 amp/hr; 510    93189922    72.50    66.34   58.63   

70 amp/hr; 640    93168886    80.50    72.45   63.91   

75 amp/hr; 680    93168573    132.00    118.80   104.73

General Car Chat / Ford bits
« on: 27 November 2012, 23:13:05 »
My Dad's 84 2.3 Granada went through its MOT today, passed with an advisory on a track rod end. Local 'trusted' back street garage in his attempt to change it managed to snap the end of the inner tie rod off.  ??? ??? HTF he managed that ...... no idea. The problem now seems to be getting hold of one for a MKII. Loads available for 85 onward MKIII's, there's even a pair of MKI available in the States, but none for his MKII  :'(
Any suggestions  of a supplier would be most appreciated!  :y :y

General Car Chat / Ford Ka
« on: 23 November 2012, 14:47:36 »
Anyone point me in the direction of the reverse light switch on a 05 Ka please. I don't fancy mauling around on the floor looking for it  ::)  ::)

General Discussion Area / new telly
« on: 22 November 2012, 19:24:36 »
Looking for a new telly for the bedroom. Any thoughts about this one?  ::) ::) ::) ::),cos_1.1,cos_1.1.1/142976

General Car Chat / auto locking
« on: 14 November 2012, 11:53:49 »
Is there such a thing as an after market auto door lock system like there is on my Merc & SWMBO's Smart? ie when you get to ??mph, the car locks itself.  :-\ My daughter's new job takes to one of the country's least desirable places ....... Moss Side  :o and although she says that she always locks her car when she's driving, if it was possible to fit such a thing, she'd not have to remember to lock it.

Omega General Help / auto box on the way out?
« on: 12 November 2012, 19:42:28 »
Just drove back home from work in the Omega (used it all week  :y) and as I was going slightly down hill, I was aware that it was rev'ing more than required for the speed. I didn't notice to start with cos the radio was loud-ish & I was miles away  :-\ :-\ but it then did it again going slightly up hill. I tried to make it do it again, but it wouldn't.  :-\ :-\ :-\
My first thoughts were low ATF, but it's recently had the rear crank shaft seal replaced & I supplied the garage the best part of a gallon of the stuff to top it up if required - I  know that's not a guarantee that hey actually checked it though.

Any thoughts other than the easy check of low ATF/  :-\ :-\

Omega General Help / Argh! Ignition lock
« on: 09 November 2012, 22:09:38 »
Looks like I be doing this and  this on Tuesday when I'm off. The locked up as I came home from work in it this evening. Couldn't turn the wheel cos the steering lock locked & I couldn't turn the key. Eventually got somewhere with a can of penetrating oil & a straw down the lock & around it. Never had the merest hint of problems with it before.  :(

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Another aerial want post
« on: 06 November 2012, 16:07:39 »
Anyone got a reasonably decent stumpy roof aerial for a 1999 Elite ie the one for the sat nav? Mine's looking past its best and the rubber bit is a bit perished & easily comes off the metal screw-in bit.
TIA  :y

General Car Chat / maintenance guide
« on: 05 November 2012, 20:54:18 »
In view of the thread about fitting the rear radius arm bushes, are the pictures still available for this guide? .....

I've a feeling mine are bu66ered, the car has a tendency to wander ....... funny how you don't notice these things when you use the car all the time, but when you compare it to a some what newer car  ;)

General Car Chat / Astra H 1.7 diesel
« on: 02 November 2012, 22:51:18 »
Starting another thread for clarity  ::)
0683 code by the pedal trick on a 1700 diesel Astra H
Googling says Glow Plug Control Module to PCM Communication Circuit anyone any ideas. My diesel Astra G gave a similar fault code which turned out to be a failed glow plug, but the car used to stutter a little for a minute after starting, this car though apparently is running fine from cold.
Suggestions on a post card please.  ;) ;)

General Car Chat / Astra H
« on: 02 November 2012, 17:13:38 »
Where's the diagnostic socket for an Astra H please? Same as Astra G under the handbrake?

General Discussion Area / Captn Zok
« on: 02 November 2012, 00:12:01 »
Happy Birthday Capt'n  :y :y

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