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General Discussion Area / HGV tyre valves
« on: 11 April 2019, 23:45:08 »
I was pulled up alongside a huge Viridor wagon yesterday & noticed there were high pressure hoses from the tyre valves to the hub .... presumably to monitor/change tyre pressures to compensate for a change in weight.  :-\

I've just never seen them before on a road vehicle ... only on stupidly expensive stuff on Top Gear  :y :y

General Discussion Area / Thieving bar'stewards
« on: 02 April 2019, 17:10:46 »
One of my daughter's Uni mates got a taxi home last week end. Next morning she realised she no longer had her (Audi TT) car key and was pretty sure she'd left it in the taxi so phoned them to tell them. Naively she answered all  their questions of what make & model etc her car was ..... within the hour it'd gone from outside her house!!!!  >:( >:( >:( >:(

She's since been re-united with her car

General Discussion Area / Heinz
« on: 26 March 2019, 19:56:46 »

I've set up to record it  ...... it might look better on the telly  ;D  ;D

General Discussion Area / Harry's Heros
« on: 18 March 2019, 22:29:34 »
Who's watching Harry's Heros : The Full English?

I'm not really into football in general but this is brilliant.   ;D ;D ;D

How big is Razor Ruddock?  :o :o

General Car Chat / new (to me) car time soon
« on: 15 February 2019, 20:54:12 »
Time to replace my R320 soon. Replacement needs to be big enough to tow a 1850kg max caravan, I want a 'proper' torque converter auto. Big heavy stuff is becoming a dinosaur these days so the choice is getting limited. I'd like a Jaguar like Lord Opti but my wallet doesn't stretch that far.  ;)

I test drove a 16 plate Jeep Grand Cherokee today. Didn't seem too bad but the touch screen that seems to do everything kinda puts me off .... why can't there be a switch for the ???? instead of scrolling through various menus & sub menus? The FIAT bit puts me off too  :-\

I've a test drive booked next week in a 14 plate ML350 that surprisingly has quite a few bells & whistles.

Head or tails?  :-\ :-\ :-\

General Discussion Area / what is it?
« on: 19 January 2019, 12:57:48 »
A mate can't help himself at auctions etc & bought a load of stuff blind. In it is this .....

No idea what it is. It sits on two suckers and the 'eye' is on a gimbal inside.

Cheers  :)

General Discussion Area / Quick Jamie
« on: 06 December 2018, 22:49:18 »
Your heroine is on Question time ......  ::) ::) ::)

General Car Chat / 1.2 Corsa head gasket
« on: 02 December 2018, 13:06:47 »
How much would we reckon for a head gasket replacement on a 1200 Corsa? The daughter of a lad at work has been quoted 700 & 500 For the job. Does anyone know how many hours it should take? 1st quote seems a bit high though I suppose 500 isn't too bad ....  :-\

General Discussion Area / Euromillions ....
« on: 15 November 2018, 13:48:41 »
We've checked our pockets & down the back of the couch ...... Anyone?

76m lottery ticket holder -

General Car Chat / How much a H7 bulb
« on: 06 November 2018, 11:28:39 »
Though I've not had a Vauxhall in a while I still tend to use them for bulbs .... they last, they're not cheapo crappy things & they're 2 mins away. Last time I bought a H7 I bought 6 of them & I'm sure they were 5 or 6 each. Just called into today & he wanted to charge me 14 each ..... ??? ??? ??? Needless to say I walked empty handed.
Anyone else recently bought a Vauxhall H7 bulb?

General Car Chat / How much for a Focus battery?
« on: 04 October 2018, 22:23:55 »
Ford have been having their Ecotech engined cars back for a mod to do with the coolant level sensor, so a lad from work left his 1.6 Focus with them for the work to be done.
As is usual with all garages, he was given details of other work that needed doing when he collected it. One of these things was they said he needed a new battery.

Ford's quote to supply & fit was ........

218  :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

He declined their very kind offer.

General Discussion Area / The C word .....
« on: 03 October 2018, 20:38:51 »
Went to a local garden centre this afternoon.   ??? ??? ??? ???

General Discussion Area / Rob Delaney
« on: 21 September 2018, 21:53:44 »
For the old farts on here that listen to Radio 2 while Jeremy Vine is on, there was a bit where Rob Deleney read (a cleaned up version of) part of an essay he wrote while his son, Henry was ill. I'd just taken a car round the block to warm it up before an oil change. I finished listening to it on my drive as I had to finishing listen to it all .... I admit I was close to tears (my grand daughter is now the same age as his son was)

His son died.  :( :(

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