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General Discussion Area / The 51st State
« on: 15 August 2012, 00:06:51 »
PFL Omega nil ....... Series III Jag 1  ??? ??? ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / what Olympic event could you be in?
« on: 05 August 2012, 21:09:04 »

I could be Reto Schenkel or Oriol Romeu
SWMBO is up against an American shot putter!  :-X :-X ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


and your parents are the very people you're supposed to feel safe with. Double standards too, because Dad he lived the western life to the full.  >:( >:( >:(

They've both got what they fully deserved.

Omega General Help / OOF link
« on: 02 August 2012, 20:56:43 »
Has anyone else had problems with the Owners manual link here?

It starts to load, but then locks up ....... is it just me?  :-\

General Discussion Area / Get him a rope!
« on: 02 August 2012, 12:45:22 »
Boris in the news again .......  ;D ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / RIP Twiggy/Onslo/Eddie Yates
« on: 28 July 2012, 21:04:25 »
RIP Geoff Hughes ....... How ever you remember him best.  :(

This was brilliant ......  ;D ;D

There must be some logic somewhere .........  ??? ??? ???

Quoted from one of the comments  :y
Buy a gun to protect yourself from a guy who bought a gun.
Logic at it's finest

General Discussion Area / sticker
« on: 15 July 2012, 20:25:00 »
I saw one in the rear window of a green prefacelift estate (N reg?) around the A38 jct of the M5 this afternoon as I was on my way north going home. I did flash, but I was towing with the Merc.  ::) ::)
Does it still belong to anyone here?  :-\ :y :y

General Discussion Area / Wet wet wet
« on: 13 July 2012, 00:01:12 »
France for us next year. We're in a very very wet field in Devon, today it's either rained or pissed it down. So much for summer!

General Car Chat / Would you complain?
« on: 26 June 2012, 22:28:00 »
Due to a lack of time I got a local tow bar 'specialist' to replace the 12N socket on my 'new' car with a 13 pin. Had a quick look in the boot area at what they'd done and straight off could see that 2 earths (zero volts for the pedants) had been made my drilling the body & using a self tapper!  >:( >:( >:( There was a proper 6mm stud within reach of the 2 wires!! Unfortunately though can't un-drill the hole.
If you want a job doing, do it yourself!  >:( >:(

 ??? ??? ???

This was just 2 minutes up the road from my parent's house, the blue railings are at the front of where I went to school!

General Car Chat / my new car
« on: 29 May 2012, 23:38:36 »
Well, after three weeks since I left my deposit, I'm still waiting to be able to collect it. After Swansea took their time in sorting out the old tax on the new disc, some numpty at MB sent it back to the previous owner .............. still no V5 so I can't tax it so can't drive it.  >:( >:( >:( >:(

Omega General Help / MAF meters
« on: 20 May 2012, 14:17:51 »
Does anyone know whether there's a difference between the MAF on a 2.5 & a 3.0  :-\

Pretty sure mine's goosed, but want to swap with Capt Zok's 2.5 to try.

General Discussion Area / Any cyclists around?
« on: 20 May 2012, 11:24:44 »
I bought a push bike via the Cycle-to-work scheme .......... it will be used for cycling to work - just not by me!  ::) ::)
Anyway, among the crappy universal tools that came with it is this ................

I've even looked through the destruction manual & can't find any reference to it  ??? ??? Anyone?  :-\ :-\

Omega General Help / Cam covers
« on: 14 May 2012, 14:23:39 »
I've an oil leak somewhere on my car. It's dripping off the front of the gearbox & making a nice slick on my drive. So suspecting the usuall culprit of cam covers I've had a look. Driver's side all bone dry, however there's a little oil around the front of the cover.
I replaced all seals on both cam covers last summer - OE from Andy C.  The easy side still has 3 dry plugs  :y  :y The slightly testing passenger side has 1 dry plug, 1 slightly damp & the No2 plug is just starting to paddle in oil.  :'( I've just removed the cover for a look-see. The gasket is still pliable & no signs of it having been trapped or twisted etc in its groove. Has anyone put a straight edge across their cam covers when they were off?
I'm starting to think the impossible ........ warped cover  :o :o

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