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Omega General Help / Power Sounder Battery Replacement.
« on: 09 August 2006, 13:44:30 »
Can anyone supply instructions for power sounder battery replacement.

Now i've fixed the clicking door i'm compelled to hush the four chirps i get everytime i park up.

Makes it sound like i have one of those old Moss alarms fitted!   :-?

Omega General Help / Mounting height of reverse sensors
« on: 10 August 2006, 22:46:22 »
Would anyone know how low down you are able to fit reverse sensors without the ground affecting them.

I've seen Marks pic of where they should be, but the irmy back bumper has only one flat surface and that is below number plate level. Is this too low?

The rest of the bumper is curved downward so i don't think i could fit them as high as Mark has, cos the sensors would be pointing towards the ground. :(

Omega General Help / Leather cover replacement
« on: 09 August 2006, 18:39:06 »
I need to fit a replacement leather cover to my front drivers seat. Heater not working. >:(

I've got a brand new one, wires connectors and all ready for fitting.

Do i have to remove the seat for replacing, or can i do it while still fitted to the car. I assume the seat would have to be in the raised position for access underneath. It also looks like the memory seat buttons need to come off.

Has anyone already done this, and if so, what's the best way to proceed?

Would the battery also need to be disconnected to avoid upsetting the SRS?

Omega General Help / Coolant pipe removal from stat
« on: 03 August 2006, 21:19:32 »
Any suggestions for getting my coolant pipe out of the stat housing? X30XE.

Mine's is solid. Wiggling about slightly, but doesn't want to come out. Retaining bolt has been removed.

Omega General Help / Whats this pipe for then?
« on: 03 August 2006, 19:25:40 »
Hi All,

Just removed my plenum and there is a black pipe lurking around under there not attached to anything.  :(

Anyone any ideas where it's supposed to go? It's circled in the pic below. I'd like to know before i go any deeper, i definately didn't disconnect it.

It also doesn't have any marks on the end from clips, or having been pushed onto anything.

Omega General Help / Part No Help Req'd
« on: 27 July 2006, 20:05:18 »
Hi All,

Hopefully one of you guys will have the Vauxhall EPC and will be able to help me out here.

I'm about to change the stat on my Meega, a problem i've briefly spoke to Mark about. Thing is he said i will have to remove the bridge pipe to get access to it meaning i'd have to change the o-rings on said pipe.

So off i went to my local dealer, who, basically, didn't know what the part numbers were.

My car is a 2000 facelift but has the 3.0 v6, not the 3.2 It also has aircon, the guy reckoned it would make a difference. My engine number starts 0849----

If possible, can one of you kind chaps please tell me the part numbers for the following...

The thermostat...
The o-rings for the bridge pipe...
Temperature sensor (not the one for the fans in the rad, for the actual temp guage) (This was replaced last service as it was throwing up a fault on tech2)

Any other gaskets/seals i may need in the process.

I'd like to have everything i'll need there before i start, no ugly surprises as it were.  ;)


Omega Gallery / Kevs irmscher Elite 3.0 V6
« on: 28 July 2006, 20:56:38 »
Some pics of my baby...  8-)

More to follow.  :)

General Discussion Area / - A gallery for all?
« on: 01 November 2007, 20:05:24 »
I have been thinking of turning into a gallery site for us all to use for quite some time, too long in fact.  8-)

I'd be using CPG gallery software or similar, which would allow members to upload there own pics, descriptions, comments etc.

Both Jim and myself think it would make it easier to display your pride and joy, plus it would be a bit more structured and centralised than the gallery affair we have on the forum at present.

Features would include, thumbnails, latest additions, most popular etc.

Video clips could also be hosted.

It would of course be free to sign up, and image/video hosting would also be free. ;)
Thoughts appreciated. ::)

General Discussion Area / Baby Annabell on sale!!!
« on: 03 November 2007, 21:39:25 »
Just some info, in case anyone is interested....

Argos has a sale on and you can get the new version 4 Baby Annabell (for the uneducated, with v4 she turns her head to the direction of your voice, as well as crys etc.) for a cracking 25.85!! Saving at least a tenner!

There are also lots more BA stuff on sale, outfits, wardrobe etc.

I've just been, to show Santa the things we need.  ;)

I also came home with a boot full, so hopefully someone will be smiling on Christmas morning.  :y

The sales not on for long though, so you need to be quick.

General Discussion Area / I've Been...
« on: 10 December 2006, 09:03:21 »
I've been...

Away for a while, busy catching up with life. Spending lots and lots of time with my wee girl, and Mrs Kev, which i've really enjoyed. (I've also seen every episode of Peppa Pig, a must see.)

I've also been spending an unacceptable amount of time doing stuff around the house. My Kitchen has now been completely re-done, as has my living-room. But Mrs Kevs list just keeps gettin' bigger. ::)

I've missed this place though, so it's good to be back. :y

Markiec: Got your e-mail, thanks for your concern. That would have been me that was spotted by your good lady that day in the East End, I was probably on the way back from some DIY store no doubt.

Jaime: Got your e-mail about the #1 Google ranking of Kevs irmscher Elite and At last i'm famous for something.  :y

Jim was telling me about the changes around here, and how my God-like status had diminished somewhat. Suppose i'll have to make do with being a Knight in shining Omega for a while. ;)

Finally, Hat off and a BIG congratulations to AA on promotion to Global Mod, i'm sure your sharp manner and sense of humour will go down well, i've certainly missed it. ;D

General Discussion Area / There we've went all slow again...
« on: 30 September 2006, 21:31:17 »
Like the subject says....slow. Taking a while for the page to loooooad.

Is it just me? I reckon it was about the same time last night it happened. Spooky.  ::)

General Discussion Area / Are we slow?
« on: 28 September 2006, 22:11:04 »
Is it just me or is the forum running a bit slow tonight, header appears right away, followed by quite a pause before the threads appear.  :-?

General Discussion Area / Post counts...
« on: 28 September 2006, 21:09:52 »
I see people are starting useless topics just to expedite their post count.

I think that's bloomin' terrible, cos i would never do such a thing.  ::)

General Discussion Area / Gonad is safe everyone....
« on: 27 September 2006, 21:45:39 »
Hee Hee, i'll sleep easy tonight, my gonads are safe.  ;)

God has spoken and backed me up, see  [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

* Mental Note * Keep yer mooth shut in future, bet pints, not body parts.  ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Hotmail address
« on: 25 September 2006, 21:34:57 »
You'll probably get more than you bargained for putting your address like that on an open forum, spam bots etc.  ::)

A few weeks and your inbox will be bursting.  >:(

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