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General Discussion Area / Re: Value..
« on: 25 April 2013, 19:09:55 »
Ooo how embarrassing, My excuse I was very p****d off  :o :-[

Newbie Welcome Area / Back again...
« on: 25 April 2013, 18:58:24 »
Well this is embarrassing considering i left in a huff and a puff last night an all. But it was nothing anyone on here said or done was just so close to getting a mint 3.2 Omega the seller gave me his word he'd keep it till i could come down (only three days he had to wait) So I was very P*ssed off to say the least. Hope you all can forgive me   :-[:-\

That was the car i was after  :'(

Hey ho that's how it is i've calmed down a little now though  ;D...

Oh noooo 0 post count again  ::)

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