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Omega General Help / I have a feeling....................
« on: 20 May 2007, 21:59:29 »
That my crank sensor is about to die.  Symptoms are as follows:

1.   Took three goes to start the car today.  Subsequent starts (2) were fine
2.   Sometimes the EML extinguishes immediately, on other occasions, like all the starts today, it takes            longer (around 3 - 5 seconds) to go out.

I have not done the paperclip test as yet.

Can anyone comment on my diagnosis please?

Omega General Help / Self Dimming Mirror & Windscreen Change
« on: 08 June 2007, 13:34:14 »
Just had the windscreen changed on the Megga.  Done through the insurance and Autoglass and a very hassle and pain free process!

For the first time last night, I was on the road at night fall.  Now the mirror does not self dim.  It adjusts itself electrically still though.  I spoke to the fitter about the mirror before he started work and he said that it slides off the bracket on the screen and it will hand by the wire.

I reckon that there is a loose connection in there.  Question.  Can you take the mirror apart and does the wiring loom terminate in a connector that plugs into the circuit board in the mirror?  Is there another hidden loom connector above the headlining (I hope not as access will be nigh on impossible)?

Omega General Help / Re: v6 ignition lead replacement HOW?
« on: 04 June 2007, 12:30:16 »
If you are removing the scuttle, you may find that you are unable to remove the wiper arms from the spindle.  If this is the case, you will need one of these:

I would try and remove the arms before you plan to do the job to see if you need the tool or not.  If you do, allow a few days for delivery!

Hope this helps

Omega General Help / Re: works manual
« on: 01 June 2007, 10:51:30 »
Do you know how different 2.6 is to 2.5 ?- I know they have the long plenum and drive by wire

No ICV, no DIS pack - the ignition coil is above the spark plug - are two other differences that I can think of.

Omega General Help / Re: Exhaust Quote
« on: 02 May 2007, 08:35:55 »
Looking at my pictures... its tempting to try cutting it you all think, if i cut the clamps it would seperate or will it be rusted together??

As has already been said - it would be far better to part with your 25 than attempt this.  I know from experience - thought I could do the job but had to admit defeat in the end. :-[

I will never attempt another exhaust again!!

Omega General Help / Re: Exhaust Quote
« on: 01 May 2007, 12:38:58 »
Dean, when you ask is it? [expensive] that all depends.

How corroded are the bolts that secure the clamps?  If it looks nasty, I would happily pay the 25 to get it done.  Having just attempted to change an exhaust myself, I would advise getting them to fit it to be honest unless the nuts and bolts look EASY to undo.  You could always soak them with plus gas or similar and try and undo them yourself.  if they undo, then you can fit the new part easily.  If not, then pay the 25 to get it done.  With hindsight, this is what I should have done.

Omega General Help / Re: help with air con
« on: 31 May 2007, 09:39:32 »
they connected it up and it came up with a fault ,but they could not tell what the fault was as there machine does not tell them

Typical Kwik fit  >:(

Of course the machine will not tell them where the fault is.  The machine deals with the removal, vacuum of the system and addition of the gas.  Your system has no gas which means that there is a leak somewhere.  I would suspect the condenser (the first radiator at the front of the car).

If I were you, I would go to an air con specialist (not Kwik Fit) and get them to pressure test the system which should be done with Nitrogen.  They should then be able to detect where the leak is coming from and replace the part.  I would get them to replace the receiver / dryer and then do a through vacuum.  When this has been done, they can then re gas the system.

When you have the system working again, be sure to run it at least twice a month (preferably more) for 10 minutes or more.  This will keep the oil circulating which will preserve the compressor and the various seals that are in the system.

Hope this helps.

Omega General Help / Re: Black fluff all over my seats
« on: 30 May 2007, 18:46:36 »
Get one of those rollers that are used to remove fluff from clothes.  I have seen them in cheap shops - you may well need a couple to do the seats though..

Omega General Help / Re: Cleaning the seat backs
« on: 30 May 2007, 14:03:27 »
I have always found Autoglym interior shampoo to be most effective.  Cleaned up the interior of my Omega a treat!

Omega General Help / Re: Saloon or Estate?
« on: 30 May 2007, 15:09:03 »
Trouble is once you have an estate everyone becomes your friend for moving stuff.

I know what you mean - I have a transit van and get called upon lots for dumping stuff, moving, picking up washing machines etc.

Back to the question - I would not have an estate (as I have the van) but I think that estates are prone to opportunist break ins as people tend to think that there is something good hiding under that load cover.

Another thing I have noticed on my travels is that the doors on the estates do not seem to be effected by the rust issue.

It is a question of do you need the extra load space?  If yes, then get the estate.  If no then get the saloon.

Hope this helps

Omega General Help / Re: Gear selector probs.....found cause!
« on: 18 May 2007, 23:19:08 »
Nice one - and I like the use of reclaimed materials!!  Sounds like the sort of thing that I would have done.  Will be interesting to see how long it lasts.  In the meantime, happy motoring!

Omega General Help / Re: Gear selector probs.....found cause!
« on: 18 May 2007, 11:54:06 »
give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Omega General Help / Re: Gear selector probs.....found cause!
« on: 17 May 2007, 23:33:27 »
Seeing as you have dismantled the switch - why not have a go at resoldering the tracks?  I reckon done carefully with some tinned copper wire laid down where the track should be you would get a few more miles or "selections".  It is worth a go if nothing else.

Omega General Help / Re: HELP!!! I need advice?
« on: 27 May 2007, 19:35:04 »
For all those commenting that you can get a newer/better car for the same 3k - yes, but obviously Darren made a choice of going to a reputable dealer, which in this case worked well for him as the dealer fixed the faults and agrees to full refund - now we all know that not all dealers are like that, and this is an understatement... so I think it's down to personal preference - pay a bit more and buy with warranty you can bank on, or rely on your own knowledge and look for a good cheap car yourself...

As for the state, yes it does seem to be facelift even though it is a V99, and this in turn also explains the price difference - it is common for car to drop in value when a new shape is launched even if it is mostly cosmetic.

So in short, considering that the dealer seems reliable, and that Darren is apparently happy to pay more and buy from a reliable source, I personally see no problem for him to get another car from the same dealer, though I do suggest that he does not feel pushed into it and only buys the car if he is happy with the spec/mileage etc.


Omega General Help / Re: CamShaft Sensor
« on: 25 May 2007, 08:16:46 »
How can he tell that "the timing is out by two teeth"?

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