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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Well, what great pics!  Takes me back to the days as a school kid where I used to spend entire summer holidays in a local scrappy taking engines apart - right at the back of the yard in a corner - never got disturbed and it was great fun.  Then the yard closed and all the others quickly followed...........

I think I will have to take a trip down there soon - those alloys on that CDX look excellent - a couple of the wheels on my car are not too great.

Thanks again for taking the time to do this Tunnie, as said in my Rear Blind thread - it is appreciated! [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

Thinking about this, I might even take a day off work this week to go!

Hi all

I, like others, would be happy to contribute say 15 - 30 towards the site.

I think that a tool bank purchased with any left over monies is also a great idea.

Just my two pennath.

General Discussion Area / Re: A good days work...
« on: 30 July 2006, 21:49:25 »
Nice progress that mate - it took me an ENTIRE day yesterday to fully valet my CDX.

That consisted of a full wash and polish and a total interior clean including feeding the leather.

Mine has come up very nicely - just like yours.  There is a nice collection of Omegas in the 5th pic and those wheels look great!

General Discussion Area / Re: Which gearbox
« on: 29 July 2006, 23:17:30 »
The Omega is the first car I have owned with an Auto box.  At first I hated it (the auto box not the car) but now have got used to it.  I would not say that I prefer the Auto but at least I don't keep searching for a peadle with my right foot any more or keep reaching for the gear stick when coming off the motorway!

General Discussion Area / Re:  Chaps
« on: 29 July 2006, 22:55:09 »
1.7 tons of car capable of in excess of 150+ could do as much damage as a scud missile in the wrong hands
That's pretty much what the bloke on the end of the phone said to me when I tried to insure my first 2.0 Cortina at the age of 19!!

He quoted me 1850 to insure a 350 car TPF&T!

It's a shame really!!

Education is the answer to reduce accidents, but the government doesn't seem to recognise that, they'd rather put speed cameras up instead!!

Tossers!!!  >:(


General Discussion Area / Re: Font size on this site
« on: 27 July 2006, 08:44:00 »
Fine as it is I reckon - I view on at 21" CRT (at work) and 15" laptop and a 17" LCD panel (at home) and it is perfectly readable on all of these.

Admittidly, I am blessed with good eyesight and I could see that users without good eyesight would have trouble.

One of my computer users at work would not be able to read this for example.  That being said, I would say that it si probably fine for around 90 - 95% of users.

General Discussion Area / Re: Today I will mostly be.......
« on: 24 July 2006, 22:03:31 »

Just wanted to add my congratulations upon your new arrival.

Well done to both mother and father.

Hi all

I have the Tom Tom Go 700 (i think it is the 700 model anyway).  It has the internal hard disk for those in the know.

TBH I always considered Sat Nav to be a bit of a gimmick and cheating somewhat (as a Cub Scout Leader I should (and can) be able to read a map I always thought).

However, due to a special offer at Maplin, I took the plunge and got the Tom Tom.  Only used 5 or 6 times, but each time I have it has worked without fault.

Only one time it did not - going to London and it tried to send me on to the M25 via a Police slipway!

A Humber Sceptre!  I would love to buy one of these - they come up on e-bay quite a lot.  Just no where to keep it.  The ones with the Holbay engine are the most desirable.

The Hunter (Arrow) range of cars were great and are, I think, STILL being made in Iran!


By saying rushed, I did'nt mean no good - if I came across as saying that then I apologise.  I blame Chrysler for the demise of Rootes and their total lack of interest in the marques that they inherited.

My mate had a Talbot Sunbeam (which was a rebadged Chrysler after Chrysler sold out to PSA in France) and I remember it sticking to the road like glue.  It also went very well for a 1.6 although not so good when the carb dashpot was empty of oil!!

The sunbeam sold well and, occasionally, I still see one locally along with a Hillman Hunter.

Meant to say above, there are two very good books about Rootes

1.   Cars of the Rootes Group by Robson (That is hte surname, can't remember the first name)
2.   The Rootes Brothers by Ian Bullock which is a biblography by the author who was hear of PR for Rootes

Hi Martin

I am talking about the Rootes Sunbeam like the Alpine & Tiger.

The Sunbeam that you are talking about was Chrysler (they have a LOT to answer for) inspired shortwheel base version of the Avenger which was a rushed project in order to compete with the new hatchbacks that were appearing at the time.  It was not, of course, a genuine hatch as only the window opened.  There was also a Lotus version.

I have fond memories of a 1967 Hillman Minx (the Hunter / Arrow shape) which my dad purchased new.  He used it in the day and mum used it at night as a district nurse.  That car went round the clock twice which was unheard of in those days!  The day my dad sold it, I cried.

Been attached to cars ever since which is wht I can't sell my Cavalier!

Hi one and all!

My name is Andrew and I was known as X20XEV on the other site.  I am 31.

As posted elsewhere I have owned (and still own) a Cavalier CDX for the past 9 years along with an Omega 2.5 CDX for the past 7 months.

Single, with 50 children!!  Not mine, I am a Cub and Beaver Scout Leader which is where my time goes.

Always had an interest in cars - particularly the big Vauxhalls.  I still remember sending off for the Senator brochure and marvelling at the electronic dash.  Always wanted a senator but never quite made it.  I am also a fan of the old Rootes Models (Hillman, Humber, Singer, Talbot, Sunbeam etc).  Some of you may remember these cars?

In my "spare" time, I maintain 2 transit minibuses one for my Scout Group and the other for my Scout District.  I also own my own transit van which I also maintain myself.

Consider myself to be reasonably knowledgble about cars - certinally not as good as others on here though!

That will do for know - bad habit of writing too much and used to be told off at school for this!

General Discussion Area / Re: Bloomin kids!
« on: 19 July 2006, 08:57:39 »
Sorry to hear about this mate.  Things like this are just typical of the general wanten destruction that most youngsters seem to think is acceptable these days.  No doubt they were wearing either baseball caps or hoods at the time.......................(not meaning to tar everyone with the same brush of course).

As you may have guessed things like this annoy me no end.

I hope that you can touch it in without too much bother.

General Discussion Area / Re: Congratulations
« on: 14 July 2006, 22:04:41 »
I whole heartedly agree with all the above and am very glad that all the combined knowledge of the experts is not lost.

The amount of work that must of gone into this site IS huge - I know as I run a computer network and manage a web programmer.

So a massive "pat on the back" for a job superbly done by you all.  As I have stated in another post, it was knowing that this site was being started up that helped me in my decision to keep my Omega.

Lets hope that the site continued to grow as I am sure it will.

My regards to you all


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