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General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 18 November 2016, 20:51:32 »
Generally "Four Wheel Alignment" means hanging some gauges on rear wheels whilst shining a narrow beam of light or laser from front.  This isn't worth shit. Nothing. Zilch.

What you are generally after on an Omega, and certainly if the car is new to you, is a full geometry.  The front type shoulder wear is generally camber, although the long arms coupled with aggressive driving does tend to turn Omega fronts into a more, well, motorcycle profile.

Any such alignment specialist needs to understand that the original GM specs were a bit crap to start off with, and are utterly useless as all these cars have aged. So "computer says green, mate" ain't good enough either.  Fortunately, there are a handful of outlets around that actually understand what they are doing, not just do what the computer says.  We worked with Wheels-InMotion in Buckinghamshire to get a good baseline to work from.

That's what the guy at kwik fit done with the senator, all within tolerance (green) yet at least one front was still way out. I will give the guy his dues he was quite genuine and probably really didn't know much more than the manual and computer was telling him plus he seemed a bit confused about the model of car he was adjusting for.

I've been reading up various ideas on the alignment, here's one a guy done for lotus carlton, which is same principal applies to senator, and I guess probably the omega too.

I've got the official vx manuals online and it tells procedure there. This include loading up the front seats with 75kg, full tank of fuel, tightening knuckle bolt to certain torque then letting car weight on to it, tighten it higher torque etc. I'd probably end up doing that if I can't find a shop up here who really doesn't know how to do this, plus it's save me cash and I'd learn more!

When I drove it today it seemed quite straight and true on the road although I did at some point feel a little bit jittery when I hit a negative camber bit of road or a bumpy bit.  Probably the shagged tyres, potentially worn bushes/track ends didn't help things.

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Omega Owner Waiting in the Wings
« on: 18 November 2016, 20:38:00 »
Thanks all for the welcomes so far :y

General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 17 November 2016, 19:40:45 »
The worn tyres are a combination of bad wishbone bushes, worn track-rods and shock absorbers and consequent poor alignment.

These are typical Omega problems, and are why we suggest that you should always budget for a front end rebuild(wishbones, shocks and their bearings/top mounts, track rods all at the same time)  followed by  an alignment by someone who knows what they are doing, on any new-to-you example.

I guess it's easier to get the bushes rather than whole arms, so a set of bushes, top bearings, shocks and tracks. Are we talking the 4 wheel alignment? I got mine done at kwik fit on the senator, they front N/S is still well out as the tyre is scrubbing on the inside and it slides at the drop of a hat on a wet roundabout i.e. front lets go. In other words would it be wise to body swerve kwik fit and go to a specialist?

There is a "flap" in the n/s of the scuttle panel,which gives access to the pollen filter.In the bottom n/s corner of this space there is indeed a scuttle drain which empties to [obviously] the n/s.Check the drain isn't blocked-it doesn't sound like it is-as if the space fills with water it over flows into the car and generally takes the heater "hedgehog" out.

Bit scary that it drips onto the chassis leg and seems to run down inside it, I think there is drain hole below the ABS unit - think it was abs unit - could hear it draining down.

The Omega will sail through an MOT with knackered wishbone bushes because they are all but hidden inside the subframe. Budget to fit a pair of GM bushes at the rear of wishbones and a pair of polyurethane bushes at the front and be pleasantly surprised at the transformation.

Inner edge front tyre wear is caused by too much front camber. It is adjustable but garages either flat out refuse to adjust it or set it to the official figures (which are way out). Sort out the bushes first, then the camber then the toe then fit some new tyres.

If you are looking at a 2.6 or a 3.2 drive-by-wire I thing the whirring noise is the throttle doing a self test :-\ (I don't think a CD will have an air compressor for self levelling suspension)

My current 2.6 sounds slappy when it is cold but I don't know if it is pistons or cam followers or something else - it has done over 200,000 miles now and sounded exactly the same when I bought it at 115,000 miles.

You might see I mentioned my senator 4 wheel alignment above in reply to Nick. I only discovered the senny had this adjustment after I had removed the strut bolts, when I was refitting I noticed that with the top bolt in the hub the strut was still lurching back and forth until it hit the bolt. I had no marks on strut holes for bolt as it was new struts, oops. I wasn't sure of setting so I bought these offset bolts and got kwik fit guy to do 4 wheel alignment, where the front at least N/S is still well out even though his print out had the little green. I take it it is exact same set up on omega?

I did think that noise was some sort of self test, it did sound right on top where throttle body is. While on that subject I checked around engine fittings and none of the little torx screws look chewed up or anything as if it's been apart before, and no signs of bodging electrics or anything else, apart from a wee bit of tape round that vac pipe on brake servo pipe.

Well test drive tomorrow, see how that goes.

Many thanks for all your advice so far, appreciate it very much and is invaluable of course when setting out to buy a car you are n't that familiar with.

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.


General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 17 November 2016, 18:22:30 »
I did intend to pop in to have more of a look today at lunch time but the shop was shut so I came back about half 4 and he was there. First thing I done was shine the torch down the back of the chassis legs in the engine. Strange thing I seen down the N/S at the back was water coming down onto the chassis leg at the very back. It had been raining. There wasn't any rust but it looked like the water was coming out near the bulkhead. Is there a water drain there or has it found it's way from somewhere else?

Tyres on front are toast, the inner threads of the tyre are showing on the inner edges, and on the outer edges, while not exposing the carcass of the tyre, are baldy. There is a little tread on the middle but as I said they are well beyond legal. I'd said to him that likely the front arms need redone. He said he didn't hear anything while on the road, like any clunks. So would the worn tyres, on the inside especially, point to bushes worn out?

Another thing I came across was in the engine bay. I turned ignition on, but didn't start, went round and opened bonnet, had a wee quick check before going to start it and I heard this buzz sound like an electric motor but a bit rougher, maybe like a stepper motor, from the top of the engine. Sort of like a fuel pump prime sound or something. What could that be. It did stop after a few seconds. It buzzed for a second, then off then again and then that was it.

What I did also notice when engine was cold running was it sounded a bit piston slappy when I gave it a little rev. I'm taking it these engines are not "BMW 6 cylinder" smooth, especially when cold? It didn't sound mechanically anything wrong just maybe a wee bit noisier than I'd expect from a newer type v6. I've no knowledge of these so nothing to base it on.

So got a test drive tomorrow - he can drive it with those tyres like that lol as I don't want my collar felt.

General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 17 November 2016, 18:09:04 »

What cavs are you running grifter ?

Hi EMD I'm running a 1.8 ls and have a diplomat 2.0 auto, which is garaged right now.

General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 17 November 2016, 18:07:43 »

Try holding button down for about 5 seconds, it,s caught a few people out, including me. ::)

That worked thanks!

General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 16 November 2016, 19:30:43 »
Try here

100% that is not the same one. The logbook says last owner from 2005 to 2015 was in Campbeltown, which is closer to Ireland then here in Central Belt.

I have the chance to try and contact the owner maybe find out anything more about it's history.

General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 16 November 2016, 19:19:47 »
So at lunch from work I went over and seen it. I never told the guy I was coming so he wouldn't preheat it. I know some people do this in case the engine is clanky when cold or struggle to start.

Got the key sat in it and looked at the dash. Obviously not very familiar with dash and display but I seen the abs lights and some other lights, then I started it, no worrying sounds or anything like that and lights went out. Popped the hood and had a look around, looked quite clean under bonnet, coolant looks fine and right on the level indicator, then after a wee bit more looking I came up with some things 1) Little vac pipe that goes into the 3 way valve for the brake servo, was hissing a wee bit, and had some tape round it. 2) Broken top headlight securing clip on O/S, 3) Little bit of corrosion starting on O/S inner wing where it meets chassis leg.

So after that I went back in and had a bit of a play about with the stuff on the dash, after a while I decided I don't know what I was doing so, instead of romanticising, decided to go and check the arches, under the sills and in the boot.

From what I could feel/see there didn't seem to be anything sinister hidden, wee tiny bit of bubbling starting on back door lip where it meets the arch on N/S, maybe a wee bit of flaking paint starting at the back of sills as is common with more or less all Vauxhalls I've had.

Then I went to the boot with key in hand and stood there saying ok where is key hole lol. Figured must be a release in car, and there is a big square button side of radio panel but no workie, the guy said use the key fob thing and that will get it. So in the boot and not much to see, very clean, looked unused and spare looked the original as well.

Back discs look well worn out as well. Plus there is no service history. Interior is immaculate and the overall condition of it reflects the relatively low mileage.

Never got chance to check speedo, going to go over tomorrow and have a better look with a torch in engine bay plus going to ask if he can let me take a ride round the block on Friday or something when I get out of work early.


General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 16 November 2016, 18:29:58 »
Could this low mileage example, be the same one another member from Scotland saw on gumtree, and walked away.

I don't know, do you a link or description?

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Omega Owner Waiting in the Wings
« on: 15 November 2016, 22:10:28 »
Hello and welcome to the forum  :y

Thanks m8, look forward to yet more car madness lol

General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 15 November 2016, 22:08:43 »
Check that the ABS and airbag indicator lamps illuminate (and then go out again) when the ignition is switched on. Check that the speedo works.

The ABS ecu has some tiny silver wires inside that can fracture and cause intermittent loss of speedo, ABS, servotronic power steering and traction control. (the last 2 weren't fitted to the CD models AFAIK).

If someone turns the ignition on with an airbag or sensor disconnected it will bring up a fault which can be cleared with Tech2 but often results in the bulb being removed instead.......



Great info Andy, will check that too. I'm also reading the various forums for common problems.

General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 15 November 2016, 20:17:25 »
Ok, will be taking my fine tooth comb too then  ;)

What about leccy stuff, anything I should watch for apart from obvious?

thanks guys

Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Omega Owner Waiting in the Wings
« on: 15 November 2016, 19:18:46 »
Hello and welcome to OOF,a wealth of knowledge/experience on here :y

Great, sounds like a deal, look forward to getting to know everyone  :y

General Car Chat / Re: Before I buy Help
« on: 15 November 2016, 19:15:43 »
Given the age, its fair to say it'll need some mechanical work.  Which sounds like you're more than capable of :y

Thus I'd be look for corrosion issues mainly, knowing that front suspension will need some work due to age...

I'll be sure to take my torch and maybe a sneaky screwdriver for prodding lol! What's the usual places, more or less same as senator i.e. everywhere! ?

General Car Chat / Re: Royale Coupe and MOT
« on: 15 November 2016, 19:03:09 »
Friend took it to his garage where he works-gave it a once over and it needs two bits of welding and a set of pads for the mot-booked in for the first week in Jan.
Better than I thought.

Other issues.

Will need a centre bearing and holder for the prop.

Speedo-the speedo is original Royale but the engine and box are Monza 3.0i-there is an electronic take off the box-any ideas on how to get a speedo working?

Heater not blowing hot or even luke warm-even when engine up to temp.

Gearbox rear seal leaking.

Strange feeling through the steering such as worn rubber mountings/bushes you can sometimes feel it through the wheel and hear it especially when on full lock-feels a bit similar to the front bush problems on mark 3 Granadas.

Any advice on the above would be more than welcome!


Hi Steve

Sweet car by the way. I had one exact same, still got a back badge and both back bumper steel corners if you want them.

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