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I'd love too! But my photo bucket seems to be on the blink and I'm very rusty with forums. I'll try this evening  :y

Using amazon s3 hosting for photos now, photobucket is in the bucket, no problems at all, they do charge a little bit but it's pennies and you get whole chunk of free space when you start out.

So, I've decided to change the top mounts and bearings on the front struts.  I've only done one side so far and thought I'd got it all back together properly but when I took the car around the block to try it (and to test the back brakes I've just done), it was quickly apparent something wasn't right.  The strut is now creaking when I steer and is not turning smoothly when I steer.

Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong?  Thanks.

Never fitted an omega one but I remember something with cavalier ones if you don't line up notches on the top spring cup and plastic insert then it can end up crushing the bearings too much, that or something is either missing or not fitted quite right perhaps?.

The vilification of anyone over 30 seems to gathering pace, encouraging a we deserve everything younger generation. There also seems to be a myth going round that old people are causing all the bed blocking and pension problems. Total load of tosh, they paid in so deserve pension and care. A lot of younger people are living high off the hog and it's time they were thrown naked into the real world and see how they get on.

Omega Gallery / Re: Omega 24v Work in Progress
« on: 30 April 2018, 19:03:50 »
Valeted car, gutted the interior, polished inside including wood, done all the windows with vinegar/water, applied new seat covers and took it to a hot wash and rinse, then my missus gets in passenger side and leaves two big grit laden footprints and a big scuff on the kick plate of sill!

Also rust-treated little bit of rust under the passenger front door, where it turns up toward hinges.

Omega Gallery / Re: Omega 24v Work in Progress
« on: 29 April 2018, 18:52:16 »
So, got a friendly AA guy i know to plug his diagnostics in and check codes, from the list that popped up there was codes for a few other things inc. Tps, and for bank 2 sensor 1 and 2. Cleared all the codes and been fine ever since. Mpg seems a lot better, about 35 instead of 27 typical, and gearbox behaving itself too.

General Discussion Area / accessing car's computer tech2
« on: 27 April 2018, 13:36:16 »
I've read about every tech2 question in forum and still not sure exactly what it is you need. So starting with software, i know there is a lot of vendors, downloads, ones people are saying might work, or only work with certain cables certain operating systems, ones that can reset codes, ones that cant, ones that can read live data and not etc. etc.

I've got to a point where i've ordered a kit off ebay as i really dont know what it is i need, so bought a cheap 19 pound kit with cd, adapter cable.

I do have access to software from 0p com but hadn't a clue what cable i needed or an adapter. Can anyone clear up  what i actually need, i've a 64 bit laptop, not sure if it's got serial port,  if that is what i need, it has the other port with more pins, and of course usb ports. I want something that i can read live data and diagnose any sensor issues, both out of a diagnostic perspective and interest.



General Discussion Area / Re: Noisy neighbours
« on: 26 April 2018, 13:45:21 »
Irish Uilleann pipes good as well

Omega Gallery / Re: Omega 24v Work in Progress
« on: 24 April 2018, 23:02:41 »
Recently replaced the outside air temp sensor and temps now working! All I need to get done for the Summer (?) is air-con charged up, hope it holds charge!

General Discussion Area / Re: Hope prices don't go up
« on: 24 April 2018, 10:44:26 »
"How could anyone wash a car for 5 pound"

emm i would do it, fiver for 10 mins work not bad bunce!

Omega General Help / Re: 2.6 Auto gear box question
« on: 23 April 2018, 06:31:27 »
Found similar with my 2.6, occasionally it would take ages to change up. Other times it would change up and down like a sports car. I'd guess first step is check oil level and condition. Mine was fine but I reckon the box behaves like this as it controlled by computer and is adaptive. I find sometime I have to take revs up to 5500rpm and then it will change up.

Omega General Help / Re: torque convertor lock up
« on: 20 April 2018, 13:13:08 »
It happens at a lower speed. Usually just under 50mph ime.  :y

Now you say that i think it is same on senny, about 50. I do get a drop in rpm about then, wasn't sure if it it slotting into 4th and then lock up came a bit later.

Omega General Help / torque convertor lock up
« on: 20 April 2018, 10:37:53 »
On my old senator A, and my current senny B you feel the TC lock about 60 65 does the omega box do the same? I certainly cant feel anything or a noticeable drop in revs. It's 2.6 02 plate i have. I believe this gives a mechanic lock between engine and box.

Doen't sound too healthy addy, been up glennifer braea and all other hills around here and never had oil light come on (Fe%&in jinxed that now wait you see 😃 )

Omega General Help / Re: stalled
« on: 16 April 2018, 21:40:34 »
The plug that goes onto the maf (i think) was broke, i knew about this but it still slotted it quite firmly, is now tie wrapped tight into the plug & loanbehold the light on dash (eml) is now out!

Nope I had the plug off the throttle sensor I think so no wonder it wasn't working. Anyway the fault cleared - for a while - now it is back on. I will take off the MAF plug this time and see what happens.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: dimmer for dash flickering
« on: 11 April 2018, 21:32:44 »
The dimmer didn't work in my other estate and the instrument lights were permanently bright which never bothered me as such. but one day whilst switching on the lights a load of smoke poured out of the switch with the result that the lights wouldn't work again as there is some short direct to earth somewhere behind the dash. but I'm none the wiser as to where it may be and I resorted to connecting the instrument lights to another circuit (bodge). but it was the quickest time ever for me when it came to disconnecting the battery  :o.


I can't unread that now lol will keep 10mm spanner in my coin tray  ;D

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