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May well set a trend :y

Unfortunately, it was toast and got binned,no worries think I might be able find the odd car to use in the meantime. ;)

Makes me wonder wether the scrap moulding was fitted correctly in the first place,although the groove was pretty free of dirt etc ,and didn't put up much of a fight when taking it off. :-\

Thanks to all of you...for the advice, certainly food for thought.The screen in question is probably not the original being an ex cop car,but I've had the car for sixteen years and the screen hasn't been changed in my ownership,and the exterior trim was sun damaged, frayed on the edges and sticky to the touch,hence the welcom freebie. I'm now sort of regretting not thinking this one through.....Autoglass man said ''simple job''and it was certainly easy removing the old one.....jar of worms come to mind at the moment....with the limited options ::)

I'll probably do the same....this is one job that's going on the back burner until spring next year :y

Although the trim came packaged as Omega,I'm thinking perhaps it maybe a one size fits all item.....going to have a think on this one. :-\ Just don't want a load of grief and lies from the insurance company and Autoglass,like the last time with the white car. >:(

Sounds good, but would need to get someone to take the screen out,with the possibility of breaking it,and then having the six week wait for another one. Re the saga of the white car with Autoglass.I was thinking just settle the new trim in with a bead of suitable sealant,as it looks like that's doable. :-\

Omega General Help / New rubber trim for windscreen,fitting problem.
« on: 07 November 2020, 12:03:31 »
A few weeks back I had a new windscreen on the white 3.0 fitted by Autoglass,no probs with them at all. While they were working on the car, one of the guys noticed that the red 3.2 windscreen trim was looking a bit manky and gave me a new one for it...nice one! But having tried to make it fit tightly,it's not happening......I've read the previous posts on similar woes,and is Sikaflex still the preferred remedy for this problem? :-\

Omega Gallery / Re: Not an Omega but the replacement VXR8
« on: 30 October 2020, 08:33:18 »
Going to take it out this morning.....through the town first,wake the buggers up,and then  a quick blast down the M3 for a couple of point in doing the M4 as it's all 50mph in both directions......and then the usual fuel stop before tucking it back up ::)

Omega Gallery / Re: Not an Omega but the replacement VXR8
« on: 23 October 2020, 18:28:24 »
That'll be 12 points on your licence,in as many months,so best not to put temptation in your way, but that's very kind of you to offer :P Possibly could sell it and buy another 25 Omegas :-\ and that would also pee the neighbours off as well ::)

Omega Gallery / Re: Not an Omega but the replacement VXR8
« on: 23 October 2020, 15:44:42 »
To be honest,I'm a little wary about starting the car up 'out of hours' as it doesn't have the Bi Modal exhaust cut out,and this is one noisy car.Also being supercharged,the car likes a a couple of minutes to settle down from  a cold start, as it's a bit of a handful trying to drive it cold without the warm up......Don't get me wrong,it's  650 horses of scary fun,but with the Batflu affecting the shows and meets,there's not much fun driving it to nowhere at 15 MPG on I'm thinking to keep it on the road this winter,with the option of taking it out on a dry day perhaps once every couple of weeks,and wait and see to wether Boris and his mates can get a handle on the Batflu.Still going to keep the three Amigos,as they aren't the problem as they all get a couple runs a week on a rotation basis at 6 a.m,and that's where I'd like to use the V8....but it's going to pee the neighbours off..bigtime, guaranteed! ::) ;)

Omega Gallery / Re: Not an Omega but the replacement VXR8
« on: 23 October 2020, 12:23:02 »
Thinking of getting rid of mine......I did 88 miles this past year...not much point in keeping it. :-\

Omega General Help / Re: 2.2 not geting heat inside
« on: 17 October 2020, 11:34:21 »
Brand new one on Fleabay for 8.00 this morning.

Omega Gallery / Re: New ex-GMP MV6 purchase
« on: 22 September 2020, 19:33:23 »
Al (Dr G) has an impressive knowledge of the Omega, (and other makes)certainly knows his stuff :y

General Car Chat / Re: Decided to bite the Bullet...
« on: 29 August 2020, 21:28:39 »
Vinyl wrap......apparently this one was 2k....going to be 300 to remove it,plus any paint correction afterwards.....ouch! Just seen a very nice Holden Senator.....think there's a p/x deal to be had,more in keeping with my to old to be the fastest boy racer in town. ::)

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